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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
King's Bulwark
102Off HandQuest Shield
Knight's Crest
3934Off HandLooted Shield
Lambent Scale Shield
2722Off HandLooted Shield
Landslide Buckler
81Off HandQuest Shield
Light's Shield
42Off Hand Just a Drop in the Bucket Shield
Lightsteel Shield
38485Off HandCrafted Shield
Loa-Binder Disc
42990Off HandLooted Shield
Lofty Shield
5752Off HandLooted Shield
Lord's Crest
5348Off HandLooted Shield
Lunar Buckler
40Off Hand Shield
Lupine Buckler
1712Off HandLooted Shield
Magnificent Guard
6257Off HandLooted Shield
Marauder's Crest
4035Off HandLooted Shield
Marine's Boarding Plank
372Off Hand Regroup! Shield
Masterwork Shield
6560Off HandLooted Shield
Merciless Shield
5752Off HandLooted Shield
Mercurial Guard
6459Off HandLooted Shield
Militia Buckler
10Off Hand Shield
Miner Shield
39085Off HandLooted Shield
Modani War-Shield
9662Off HandLooted Shield
Modified Spell Shield
37Off Hand Ogre Abduction Shield
Modified Spell Shield
37Off Hand Ogre Abduction Shield
Monstrous Shield
21Off Hand Freedom for Lydon Shield
Mountainscaler Barrier
39387Off HandVendor Shield
Mountainscaler Shield
39387Off HandVendor Shield
Munificent Bulwark
138Off HandQuest Shield
Myrmidon's Defender
5146Off HandLooted Shield
Nefarious Buckler
3429Off Hand Nefaru Shield
Nerubian Inner Husk
138Off HandQuest Shield
Northman's Shield
8157Off HandLooted Shield
Oathsworn Bulwark
48390Off Hand Shield
Oil Bailer's Shield
49Off Hand It's Time to Oil Up Shield
Optomatic Deflector
51Off Hand Rescue OOX-17/TN! Shield
Ornate Shield
5853Off HandLooted Shield
Outland Shield
10264Off HandLooted Shield
Outrunner's Shield
2217Off HandLooted Shield
Overlord's Shield
5247Off HandLooted Shield
Owl's Disk
2318Off HandVendor Shield
Pathfinder Guard
3025Off HandLooted Shield
Peacekeeper's Buckler
17Off Hand WANTED: Deathclaw Shield
Pewter Slab
32Off Hand Siegebreaker Shield
Pewter Slab
32Off Hand Marching On Our Stomachs Shield
Phalanx Shield
3429Off HandLooted Shield
Pillager's Shield
3732Off HandLooted Shield
Plague Cauldron Lid
36Off Hand Who Needs Cauldrons? Shield
Plainkeeper Blockade
138Off Hand Nedar, Lord of Rhinos... Shield
Plated Bulwark
17077Off HandLooted Shield
Portable Lap Desk
20Off Hand Welcome to the Machine Shield
Professor's Sandwich Plate
18Off Hand The Titans' Terminal Shield
Prospector's Buckler
2116Off HandLooted Shield
Protector Buckler
5449Off HandLooted Shield
Raider's Shield
1914Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Ravager's Shield
4439Off HandLooted Shield
Ravencrest Shield
30082Off HandLooted Shield
Raynewood Shield
23Off Hand Defend the Tree! Shield
Reaper's Buckler
10Off Hand A Little Oomph Shield
Recovery Team Shield
372Off Hand Critical Condition Shield
Reforged Quel'dorei Crest
20Off Hand Dar'Khan's Lieutenants Shield
Renegade Shield
3732Off HandLooted Shield
Rethban Shield
27878Off HandLooted Shield
Revenant Deflector
5449Off HandLooted Shield
Rigid Buckler
2318Off HandLooted Shield
Ritualistic Shield
158Off Hand You Reap What You Sow Shield
Riveted Shield
13067Off HandLooted Shield
Robust Buckler
2823Off HandLooted Shield
Royal Treasury Courier's Shield
23Off Hand The Mosshide Job Shield
Ruga's Bulwark
20Off Hand Shield
Safari Defender
399Off Hand Mushan Mastery: Darkhide Shield
Salbac Shield
45Off Hand Shield
Saltstone Shield
4136Off HandLooted Shield
Sand-Scoured Protector
272Off Hand Hopelessly Gearless Shield
Sand-Scoured Protector
272Off Hand Hopelessly Gearless Shield
Scaled Shield
3227Off HandLooted Shield
Scavenger's Barrier
372Off Hand Shield
Scavenger's Shield
372Off Hand Shield
Scorched Shield
15Off Hand Mutual Aid Shield
Scouting Buckler
2217Off HandLooted Shield
Scrap Metal Shield
14Off Hand Read the Manual Shield
Screaming Shield
9361Off HandLooted Shield
Secretion-Coated Carapace
39Off Hand Stinglasher Shield
Secretion-Coated Carapace
39Off Hand Stinglasher Shield
Seedfilter Deflector
272Off Hand Seeds of Their Demise Shield
Sentinel Buckler
3833Off HandLooted Shield
Sentry Buckler
28Off Hand Shield
Sentry's Shield
3126Off HandLooted Shield
Shield of Battlescar Valley
30Off Hand To Battlescar! Shield
Shield of Control
28Off Hand Schemin' That Sabotage Shield
Shield of Darkshire
24Off Hand Cry For The Moon Shield
Shield of Inner Glow
15Off Hand Shield
Shield of Orbiss
429Off Hand The Death of Me Shield
Shield of the Faith
30Off Hand Shield
Shield of the Lesson
16Off Hand Lake Everstill Clean Up Shield
Shield of the Lurking Mist
429Off Hand The Death of Me Shield
Shield of the Panther
28Off Hand Panther Mastery Shield
Shield of the Returning Prince
312Off Hand The Pit of Scales Shield
Shield of the Wakener
437Off Hand The Scent of Blood Shield
Shizzle's Drizzle Blocker
55Off Hand Shield
Shizzle's Drizzle Stopper
53Off Hand Shizzle's Flyer Shield
Shomi's Shield
414Off Hand Make A Fighter Out of Me Shield
Shomi's Ward
414Off Hand Make A Fighter Out of Me Shield