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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Steadfast Buckler
4338Off HandLooted Shield
Steamscar Shaman's Barrier
530Off HandQuest Shield
Steamscar Shield
530Off HandQuest Shield
Steelcap Shield
20Off Hand Shield
Steelgrill Shield
31885Off HandLooted Shield
Sternhorn's Shield
32Off Hand A Line in the Dirt Shield
Stillpine Defender
12Off Hand The Prophecy of Akida Shield
Stonebreaker Shield
53895Off HandLooted Shield
Stonecrag Shield
593100Off HandLooted Shield
Stonewrought Shield
30683Off HandLooted Shield
Stormbinder Aegis
23280Off HandVendor Shield
Stormbinder Shield
23280Off HandVendor Shield
Stormforged Shield
32582Off HandCrafted Shield
Strapped Heater Shield
15072Off HandLooted Shield
Streamtalker Aegis
48390Off Hand Shield
Streamtalker Aegis
48390Off Hand Shield
Streamtalker Shield
48390Off Hand Shield
Streamtalker Shield
48390Off Hand Shield
Studded Ring Shield
38Off Hand Shield
Sunscale Shield
5449Off HandLooted Shield
Sunsoul Bulwark
48390Off Hand Shield
Sunsoul Bulwark
48390Off Hand Shield
Sunsoul Shield
48390Off Hand Shield
Sunsoul Shield
48390Off Hand Shield
Superior Buckler
2621Off HandLooted, Skinned Shield
Symbolic Crest
4338Off HandLooted Shield
Talon Guard Shield
57198Off HandLooted Shield
Telaari Shield
8759Off HandLooted Shield
Templar Shield
5853Off HandLooted Shield
Temple Shield
42988Off HandLooted, Mined Shield
Tharg's Disk
41Off HandQuest Shield
Thick Scale Shield
3631Off HandLooted Shield
Town-In-A-Box Lid Fragment
8Off Hand Town-In-A-Box: Under Attack Shield
Trickster's Protector
3934Off HandLooted Shield
Triumphant Shield
6560Off HandLooted Shield
Tyrant's Shield
4843Off HandLooted Shield
Valiant Bulwark
23280Off HandVendor Shield
Valorous Shield
5146Off HandLooted Shield
Vanguard Shield
5954Off HandLooted Shield
Veteran Shield
1510Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Vile Protector
41Off Hand Shield
Visionary Buckler
38Off Hand Galen's Escape Shield
Vrykul Shield
14671Off HandLooted Shield
Wall Shield
36483Off HandLooted Shield
War Paint Shield
2015Off HandLooted Shield
War Torn Shield
127Off HandLooted Shield
Warbringer's Shield
4641Off HandLooted Shield
Ward of Despair
399Off Hand Ahead on the Way Shield
Ward of the Vale
27Off Hand Shield
Warleader's Shield
6358Off HandLooted Shield
Warlockbane Shield
48Off Hand The Core of Kroshius Shield
Warlords Intro Zone - Str Shield
500Off Hand Shield
Warlords Intro Zone PH Shield - Shield Int
500Off Hand Shield
Warmonger's Buckler
5045Off HandLooted Shield
Warstrike Buckler
6459Off HandLooted Shield
Wasteland Barrier
40888Off HandVendor Shield
Wasteland Shield
40888Off HandVendor Shield
Wax Catcher
11Off Hand "I TAKE Candle!" Shield
Welding Shield
16Off Hand Shield
Well Hammered Shield
45Off Hand Something to Wear Shield
Wheel of the Lost Hope
19Off Hand Ending the Bloodcurse Shield
Wicked Chain Shield
3429Off HandLooted Shield
Wildlife Defender
272Off Hand The Bears Up There Shield
Wolfslayer's Crest
154Off Hand Sasha's Hunt Shield
Wrangler's Buckler
2722Off HandLooted Shield
Zangari Shield
9963Off HandLooted Shield
Zealous Bulwark
23280Off HandVendor Shield
Zealous Shield
23280Off HandVendor Shield
Zeth'Gor Shield
11769Off HandLooted Shield
Banded Buckler
1712Off Hand Shield
Banded Buckler
149Off HandVendor Shield
Battle Shield
94Off HandLooted Shield
Bloodhoof War Shield
8Off Hand Thunderhorn Cleansing Shield
Bone Buckler
12Off Hand Shield
Brunnhildar Shield
8575Off HandVendor Shield
Burnt Buckler
83Off HandLooted, Fished, Skinned Shield
Charger's Shield
83Off HandLooted Shield
Charging Buckler
9Off Hand Shield
Crested Heater Shield
5045Off HandVendor Shield
Deathguard Buckler
5Off Hand Assault on the Rotbrain Encampment Shield
Dented Buckler
5Off Hand Shield
Dented Buckler
3Off HandVendor Shield
Dull Heater Shield
105Off HandVendor Shield
Dwarven Kite Shield
5Off Hand Shield
Farstrider's Buckler
9Off Hand The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll Shield
Heavy Pavise
3732Off HandVendor Shield
Jade Shield
7Off Hand Stronger Than Bone Shield
Kite Shield
2722Off HandVendor Shield
Large Metal Shield
2217Off HandVendor Shield
Large Round Shield
5Off HandVendor Shield
Large Shield
5Off HandVendor Shield
Large Wooden Shield
5Off HandVendor Shield
Layered Bone Shield
9070Off HandVendor Shield
Light Guard
3Off HandVendor Shield
Medium Guard
5Off Hand Shield
Metal Buckler
3732Off Hand Shield
Metal Buckler
3429Off HandVendor Shield
Ornate Buckler
4742Off HandVendor Shield
Pikeman Shield
5Off Hand Report to Goldshire Shield
Pioneer Buckler
94Off HandLooted, Fished Shield