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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Daggercap Waistband
13067WaistLooted Leather
Farshire Belt
13067WaistLooted Cloth
Farshire Cuffs
13067WristsLooted Cloth
Farshire Footpads
13067FeetLooted Cloth
Farshire Gloves
13067HandsLooted Cloth
Farshire Hood
13067HeadLooted Cloth
Farshire Pants
13067LegsLooted, Pick Pocketed Cloth
Farshire Robe
13067ChestLooted Cloth
Farshire Shoulderpads
13067ShouldersLooted Cloth
Garmaul Bracers
13067WristsLooted Mail
Garmaul Chestpiece
13067ChestLooted Mail
Garmaul Fists
13067HandsLooted Mail
Garmaul Footwraps
13067FeetLooted Mail
Garmaul Helmet
13067HeadLooted Mail
Garmaul Legguards
13067LegsLooted Mail
Garmaul Shoulderguards
13067ShouldersLooted Mail
Garmaul Waistband
13067WaistLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Icy Orb
13067Off HandLooted Off Hand
Oval Ring
13067FingerLooted Finger
Painted Wooden Beads
13067NeckLooted Neck
Riding Cloak
13067BackLooted Back
Riveted Shield
13067Off HandLooted Shield
Westguard Armor
13067ChestLooted Plate
Westguard Belt
13067WaistLooted Plate
Westguard Bracers
13067WristsLooted Plate
Westguard Epaulets
13067ShouldersLooted Plate
Westguard Gloves
13067HandsLooted Plate
Westguard Greaves
13067FeetLooted Plate
Westguard Helm
13067HeadLooted Plate
Westguard Legplates
13067LegsLooted Plate
Achromic Trousers of the Naaru
12870LegsVendor Cloth
Amani Mask of Death
12870HeadVendor Plate
Ancestral Ring of Conquest
12870FingerLooted Finger
Armwraps of the Kaldorei Protector
12870WristsVendor Leather
Arrow-Fall Chestguard
12870Chest Mail
Avalanche Leggings
12870Legs Mail
Balebrew Charm
12870Trinket Trinket
Band of Al'ar
12870FingerLooted Finger
Band of Eternity
128Finger Defender's Pledge Finger
Band of Eternity
128Finger Champion's Pledge Finger
Band of Eternity
128Finger Restorer's Pledge Finger
Band of Eternity
128Finger Sage's Pledge Finger
Band of the Swift Paw
12870WristsVendor Leather
Band of the Vigilant
12870FingerLooted Finger
Band of Vile Aggression
12870FingerLooted Finger
Bands of the Celestial Archer
12870WristsLooted Mail
Bark-Gloves of Ancient Wisdom
12870HandsLooted Leather
Belt of Blasting
12870WaistCrafted Cloth
Belt of Deep Shadow
12870WaistCrafted Leather
Belt of Natural Power
12870WaistCrafted Leather
Belt of the Black Eagle
12870WaistCrafted Mail
Belt of the Guardian
12870WaistCrafted Plate
Belt of the Long Road
12870WaistCrafted Cloth
Blackfathom Warbands
12870WristsLooted Mail
Bladeangel's Money Belt
12870Waist Leather
Blessed Elunite Coverings
12870ChestVendor Leather
Bloodsea Brigand's Vest
12870ChestLooted Leather
Bloodstained Elven Battlevest
12870Chest Plate
Bloodthirster's Wargreaves
12870LegsVendor Plate
Bonefist Gauntlets
12870HandsVendor Plate
Boots of Blasting
12870FeetCrafted Cloth
Boots of Courage Unending
12870FeetLooted Plate
Boots of Effortless Striking
12870FeetLooted Leather
Boots of Natural Grace
12870FeetCrafted Leather
Boots of the Crimson Hawk
12870FeetCrafted Mail
Boots of the Long Road
12870FeetCrafted Cloth
Boots of the Protector
12870FeetCrafted Plate
Boots of the Resilient
12870FeetLooted Plate
Boots of the Shifting Nightmare
12870FeetLooted Cloth
Boots of Utter Darkness
12870FeetCrafted Leather
Bracers of Eradication
12870WristsLooted Plate
Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx
12870WristsVendor Plate
Brightbrew Charm
12870Trinket Trinket
Brighthelm of Justice
12870HeadLooted Plate
Brooch of Deftness
12870NeckVendor Neck
Chain of Unleashed Rage
12870WaistVendor Plate
Chestguard of Hidden Purpose
12870Chest Plate
Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian
12870ChestVendor Plate
Choker of Animalistic Fury
12870NeckLooted Neck
Cloak of Ancient Rituals
12870Back Back
Cloak of Fiends
12870Back Back
Coral-Barbed Shoulderpads
12870ShouldersLooted Mail
Cord of Braided Troll Hair
12870Waist Cloth
Cord of Screaming Terrors
12870WaistLooted Cloth
Cowl of the Grand Engineer
12870HeadLooted Cloth
Earring of Soulful Meditation
12870TrinketLooted Trinket
Earthquake Bracers
12870WristsVendor Mail
Elunite Imbued Leggings
12870Legs Leather
Enamelled Disc of Mojo
12870Off Hand Shield
Eternium Rage-Shackles
12870WristsVendor Plate
Fathom-Brooch of the Tidewalker
12870TrinketLooted Trinket
12870Off HandLooted Off Hand
Fel Reaver's Piston
12870TrinketLooted Trinket
Fel-Steel Warhelm
12870HeadLooted Plate
Fetish of the Primal Gods
12870Off HandVendor Off Hand
Fire Crest Breastplate
12870ChestLooted Mail
Fire-Cord of the Magus
12870WaistLooted Cloth
Footpads of Madness
12870Feet Cloth
Footwraps of Wild Encroachment
12870FeetVendor Leather
Frayed Tether of the Drowned
12870NeckLooted Neck