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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Eroded Warsong Pendant
602NeckQuest Head
Escalation Britches
16Legs Yowler Must Die! Cloth
Eschewal Greaves
54Feet Plate
Essential Pantaloons
48Legs Recon Essentials Leather
Eternal Bindings
6156WristsLooted Cloth
Eternal Boots
6257FeetLooted Cloth
Eternal Chestguard
6560ChestLooted Cloth
Eternal Cloak
5853BackLooted Back
Eternal Cord
6156WaistLooted Cloth
Eternal Crown
6459HeadLooted Cloth
Eternal Gloves
6358HandsLooted Cloth
Eternal Rod
6560Off HandLooted Chest
Eternal Sarong
6358LegsLooted Cloth
Eternal Spaulders
6358ShouldersLooted Cloth
Eternal Wraps
6560Chest Cloth
Ethereal Gloves
114Hands Surveying the Ruins Cloth
Ethereal Healing Pendant
99Neck A Personal Favor Head
Ethereal Hood
154Head Subject to Interpretation Cloth
Ethereal Mist Cape
56Back Back
Ethereal Sash
105Waist Gava'xi Cloth
Ethical Epaulettes
138Shoulders Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer Mail
Eva's Strap
114Waist The Cipher of Damnation - The Second Fragment Recovered Leather
Everglowing Robe
49Chest Cloth
Evergreen Branch
15473Off HandLooted Chest
Evergreen Gloves
18Hands Cloth
Evergrove Ranger's Cloak
108Back You're Fired! Back
Everlast Boots
36Feet Cloth
Everlook Snow Shoes
52Feet Yetiphobia Cloth
Evermorn Amulet
51693NeckLooted Head
Evermorn Cloak
51693Back Back
Evermorn Cloak
51693Back Back
Evermorn Ring
51693FingerLooted Finger
Evermorn Twig
51693Off HandLooted Chest
Everstill Breastplate
18Chest Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform Mail
Everstill Cord
30082WaistLooted Cloth
Everstill Cowl
30082HeadLooted Cloth
Everstill Handwraps
30082HandsLooted Cloth
Everstill Leggings
30082LegsLooted Cloth
Everstill Robe
30082ChestLooted Cloth
Everstill Sandals
30082FeetLooted Cloth
Everstill Shoulderpads
30082ShouldersLooted Cloth
Everstill Wristwraps
30082WristsLooted Cloth
Everwarm Handwraps
48Hands Cloth
Evidence Collection Gloves
14Hands Evidence Collection Cloth
Evil Dolly's Cuffs
42Wrists With a Little Help... Cloth
Evonice's Landin' Pilla
50Trinket Look at the Size of It! Trinket
Exalted Armsplints
5954WristsLooted Plate
Exalted Epaulets
6257ShouldersLooted Plate
Exalted Gauntlets
6156HandsLooted Plate
Exalted Girdle
6055WaistLooted Plate
Exalted Harness
6560ChestLooted Plate
Exalted Helmet
6459HeadLooted Plate
Exalted Legplates
6358LegsLooted Plate
Exalted Sabatons
6358FeetLooted Plate
Exalted Shield
6560Off HandLooted Shield
Examiner's Monnions
49Shoulders Ancient Obstacles Leather
Excavated Bracers
55Wrists A Tale of Two Shovels Plate
Excavated Highmaul Doohickey
588Trinket A Lesson in Teamwork Trinket
Excavated Highmaul Knicknack
588Trinket A Lesson in Teamwork Trinket
Excavated Highmaul Thingamabob
588Trinket A Lesson in Teamwork Trinket
Excavation Bracers
46Wrists It's Not About History, It's About Power Leather
Excavation Bracers
46Wrists All's Fair in Love, War, and Archaeology Leather
Excavator's Quarry Belt
53Waist Roll the Bones Leather
Excavator's Utility Belt
55Waist Leather
Excelsior Waders
28Feet Excelsior Leather
Executor's Breastplate
10Chest A Daughter's Embrace Mail
Exiled Dabbler's Bracer
42990WristsLooted Cloth
Exiled Dabbler's Cinch
42990WaistLooted Cloth
Exiled Dabbler's Gloves
42990HandsLooted Cloth
Exiled Dabbler's Leggings
42990LegsLooted Cloth
Exiled Dabbler's Mantle
42990ShouldersLooted Cloth
Exiled Dabbler's Robe
42990ChestLooted Cloth
Exotic Spiked Shoulders
108Shoulders Wanted: Annihilator Servo! Mail
Expedition Boots
11769FeetLooted Leather
Expedition Bracers
11769WristsLooted Leather
Expedition Caster's Band
93Finger Drain Schematics Finger
Expedition Defender's Shoulders
105Shoulders ...and a Time for Action Plate
Expedition Footgear
93Feet Leader of the Bloodscale Plate
Expedition Forager Leggings
90Legs Saving the Sporeloks Mail
Expedition Girdle
11769WaistLooted Leather
Expedition Gloves
11769HandsLooted Leather
Expedition Hood
11769HeadLooted Leather
Expedition Mantle
93Shoulders Leader of the Darkcrest Plate
Expedition Pants
11769LegsLooted Leather
Expedition Pendant
108Neck You're Fired! Head
Expedition Scouting Gear
25Chest Stopping Kurzen's Legacy Leather
Expedition Shoulderguards
11769ShouldersLooted Leather
Expedition Tunic
11769ChestLooted Leather
Expensive Tunic
52Chest In With a Bang Leather
Experimental Utility Belt
146Waist Harp on This! Plate
Explorer's Bands
90Wrists An Unnatural Drought Leather
Explorer's Boots
102Feet Into the Draenethyst Mine Plate
Explorers' League Commendation
41Neck Head
Explorer's Leggings
93Legs Escape from Umbrafen Leather
Explorer's Vest
13Chest Mail
Explosive Barrel
414TrinketQuest Trinket
Explosively Decompressed Stompers
272Feet Here Fishie Fishie 2: Eel-Egg-Trick Boogaloo Plate
Explosively Decompressed Stompers
272Feet The Brothers Digsong 2: Eel-Egg-Trick Boogaloo Plate
Ex-Stealer's Gloves
12Hands What Kind of Name is Chip, Anyway? Cloth
Ex-Stealer's Gloves
12Hands What Kind of Name is Candy, Anyway? Cloth