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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Giant's Toewrap
18376Wrists Putridus the Ancient Leather
Hollow Geode Helm
18377HeadLooted Mail
Ironshaper's Legplates
18377LegsLooted Plate
Leggings of Burning Gleam
18377LegsLooted Cloth
Linked Armor of the Sphere
18377ChestLooted Mail
Mechanized Snow Goggles
183HeadCrafted Leather
Mechanized Snow Goggles
183HeadCrafted Mail
Mechanized Snow Goggles
183HeadCrafted Plate
Mechanized Snow Goggles
183HeadCrafted Cloth
Palladium Ring
18377FingerLooted Finger
Ringlet of Repose
18377FingerLooted Finger
Robes of Refrained Celebration
183Chest Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge Cloth
Rune Giant Bindings
18377WristsLooted Cloth
Static Cowl
18377HeadLooted Cloth
Time-Forward Talisman
18376Neck Neck
Titanium Brain-Gear
18376Finger Dirkee Finger
Tunic of the Unduly Victorious
183Chest Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge Leather
Val'kyr Vestments
18376Chest Hildana Deathstealer Mail
Carved Rod
18280Off HandLooted Off Hand
Coldwraith Bindings
18280WristsLooted Cloth
Coldwraith Boots
18280FeetLooted Cloth
Coldwraith Cowl
18280HeadLooted Cloth
Coldwraith Handwraps
18280HandsLooted Cloth
Coldwraith Mantle
18280ShouldersLooted Cloth
Coldwraith Pants
18280LegsLooted Cloth
Coldwraith Robe
18280ChestLooted Cloth
Coldwraith Sash
18280WaistLooted Cloth
Frozen Shield
18280Off HandLooted Shield
Geist Belt
18280WaistLooted Leather
Geist Boots
18280FeetLooted Leather
Geist Gloves
18280HandsLooted Leather
Geist Hood
18280HeadLooted Leather
Geist Legguards
18280LegsLooted Leather
Geist Shoulders
18280ShouldersLooted Leather
Geist Tunic
18280ChestLooted Leather
Geist Wristguards
18280WristsLooted Leather
Ice Encrusted Amulet
18280NeckLooted Neck
Necropolis Breastplate
18280ChestLooted Plate
Necropolis Epaulets
18280ShouldersLooted Plate
Necropolis Girdle
18280WaistLooted Plate
Necropolis Gloves
18280HandsLooted Plate
Necropolis Helm
18280HeadLooted Plate
Necropolis Legplates
18280LegsLooted Plate
Necropolis Sabatons
18280FeetLooted Plate
Necropolis Vambraces
18280WristsLooted Plate
Puzzle Ring
18280FingerLooted Finger
Regal Cloak
18280BackLooted, Gathered Back
Spectral Armor
18280ChestLooted Mail
Spectral Bracelets
18280WristsLooted Mail
Spectral Gauntlets
18280HandsLooted Mail
Spectral Greaves
18280FeetLooted Mail
Spectral Helmet
18280HeadLooted Mail
Spectral Legwraps
18280LegsLooted Mail
Spectral Mantle
18280ShouldersLooted Mail
Spectral Waistband
18280WaistLooted, Mined Mail
Moist Mail Armor
18085ChestLooted Mail
Moist Mail Belt
18085WaistLooted Mail
Moist Mail Boots
18085FeetLooted Mail
Moist Mail Bracers
18085WristsLooted Mail
Moist Mail Circlet
18085HeadLooted Mail
Moist Mail Gloves
18085HandsLooted Mail
Moist Mail Pants
18085LegsLooted Mail
Moist Mail Shoulderpads
18085ShouldersLooted Mail
Mudsoaked Armor
18085ChestLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Belt
18085WaistLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Boots
18085FeetLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Bracers
18085WristsLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Gloves
18085HandsLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Leather Helmet
18085HeadLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Pants
18085LegsLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Shoulderpads
18085ShouldersLooted Leather
Slipshod Plate Belt
18085WaistLooted Plate
Slipshod Plate Boots
18085FeetLooted Plate
Slipshod Plate Bracers
18085WristsLooted Plate
Slipshod Plate Chestpiece
18085ChestLooted Plate
Slipshod Plate Gloves
18085HandsLooted Plate
Slipshod Plate Helmet
18085HeadLooted Plate
Slipshod Plate Pants
18085LegsLooted Plate
Slipshod Plate Shoulderpads
18085ShouldersLooted Plate
Vermin-Gnawed Cloth Belt
18085WaistLooted Cloth
Vermin-Gnawed Cloth Boots
18085FeetLooted Cloth
Vermin-Gnawed Cloth Bracers
18085WristsLooted Cloth
Vermin-Gnawed Cloth Gloves
18085HandsLooted Cloth
Vermin-Gnawed Cloth Pants
18085LegsLooted Cloth
Vermin-Gnawed Cloth Shoulderpads
18085ShouldersLooted Cloth
Vermin-Gnawed Cloth Vest
18085ChestLooted Cloth
Vermin-Gnawed Hat
18085HeadLooted Cloth
Amulet of the Stampede
17976NeckLooted Neck
Amulet of the Stampede
179NeckLooted Neck
Arcane Focal Signet
17976FingerLooted Finger
Arcane Focal Signet
179FingerLooted Finger
Brilliant Saronite Breastplate
17978ChestCrafted Plate
Brilliant Saronite Helm
17978HeadCrafted Plate
Cannibal's Legguards
17976LegsLooted Mail
Cannibal's Legguards
179LegsLooted Mail
Chestplate of Conquest
17978ChestCrafted Plate
Embroidered Gown of Zul'Drak
17976ChestLooted Cloth
Embroidered Gown of Zul'Drak
179ChestLooted Cloth
Forlorn Breastplate of War
17976ChestLooted Plate
Forlorn Breastplate of War
179ChestLooted Plate