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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Stable Master's Breeches
17174LegsLooted Cloth
Tharon'ja's Aegis
17174Off HandLooted Shield
Brilliant Saronite Legplates
16374LegsCrafted Plate
Tempered Saronite Belt
16374WaistCrafted Plate
Tempered Saronite Legplates
16374LegsCrafted Plate
Cameo Ring
15874FingerLooted Finger
Caribou Skin Cloak
15874BackLooted Back
Facetted Orb
15874Off HandLooted Off Hand
Jormungar Bracers
15874WristsLooted Plate
Jormungar Breastplate
15874ChestLooted Plate
Jormungar Gauntlets
15874HandsLooted Plate
Jormungar Girdle
15874WaistLooted Plate
Jormungar Helmet
15874HeadLooted Plate
Jormungar Legplates
15874LegsLooted Plate
Jormungar Pauldrons
15874ShouldersLooted Plate
Jormungar Sabatons
15874FeetLooted Plate
Muradin Belt
15874WaistLooted Leather
Muradin Bindings
15874WristsLooted Leather
Muradin Boots
15874FeetLooted Leather
Muradin Chestpiece
15874ChestLooted Leather
Muradin Gloves
15874HandsLooted Leather
Muradin Hood
15874HeadLooted Leather
Muradin Pants
15874LegsLooted Leather
Muradin Shoulders
15874ShouldersLooted Leather
Shark-Toothed Necklace
15874NeckLooted Neck
Shoveltusk Bindings
15874WristsLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Breastplate
15874ChestLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Gauntlets
15874HandsLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Greaves
15874FeetLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Helmet
15874HeadLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Legguards
15874LegsLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Mantle
15874ShouldersLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Waistband
15874WaistLooted Mail
Spiked Cobalt Belt
15874WaistCrafted Plate
Spiked Cobalt Legplates
15874LegsCrafted Plate
Spoke Shield
15874Off HandLooted Shield
Tethys Bracelets
15874WristsLooted Cloth
Tethys Gloves
15874HandsLooted Cloth
Tethys Hood
15874HeadLooted Cloth
Tethys Leggings
15874LegsLooted Cloth
Tethys Mantle
15874ShouldersLooted Cloth
Tethys Robe
15874ChestLooted Cloth
Tethys Sash
15874WaistLooted Cloth
Tethys Slippers
15874FeetLooted Cloth
Arcane Revitalizer
15074Trinket Trinket
Bounty Procurement Enhancer
15074Trinket Trinket
Bracers of Accurate Fire
15074WristsLooted Mail
Cloak of the Moon
15074BackCrafted Back
Goblin Repetition Reducer
15074Trinket Trinket
Leggings of the Water Moccasin
15074LegsLooted Leather
Legguards of the Forlorn Seas
15074LegsLooted Plate
Mystic Frostwoven Robe
15074ChestCrafted Cloth
Oil-Stained Tarp
15074Back Back
Raine's Signet of Blasting
15074FingerLooted Finger
Thick Goblin Back Protector
15074Back Back
Venture Bay Buccaneer's Cape
15074Back Back
Zoe's Comforting Cape
15074BackLooted Back
Arctic Helm
15074HeadCrafted Leather
Arctic Wristguards
15074WristsCrafted Leather
Frostscale Bracers
15074WristsCrafted Mail
Frostscale Helm
15074HeadCrafted Mail
Iceborne Helm
15074HeadCrafted Leather
Iceborne Wristguards
15074WristsCrafted Leather
Nerubian Bracers
15074WristsCrafted Mail
Nerubian Helm
15074HeadCrafted Mail
Ahn'kahar Handwraps
16773HandsLooted Leather
Battlechest of the Twilight Cult
16773ChestLooted Plate
Cloak of the Darkcaster
16773BackLooted Back
Crawler-Emblem Belt
16773WaistLooted Plate
Gloves of the Blood Prince
16773HandsLooted Cloth
Glowworm Cavern Bindings
16773WristsLooted Mail
Jedoga's Greatring
16773FingerLooted Finger
Mantle of Echoing Bats
16773ShouldersLooted Cloth
Pyramid Embossed Belt
16773WaistLooted Leather
Slasher's Amulet
16773NeckLooted Neck
Spored Tendrils Spaulders
16773ShouldersLooted Mail
Talisman of Scourge Command
16773Off HandLooted Off Hand
Volazj's Sabatons
16773FeetLooted Plate
Cloak of Harsh Winds
15973BackCrafted Back
Jade Ring of Slaying
15973FingerCrafted Finger
Saronite Defender
15973Off HandCrafted Shield
Saronite Protector
15973Off HandCrafted Shield
Bloodmar Breastplate
15473ChestLooted Plate
Bloodmar Gauntlets
15473HandsLooted Plate
Bloodmar Girdle
15473WaistLooted Plate
Bloodmar Helm
15473HeadLooted Plate
Bloodmar Legplates
15473LegsLooted Plate
Bloodmar Pauldrons
15473ShouldersLooted Plate
Bloodmar Sabatons
15473FeetLooted Plate
Bloodmar Vambraces
15473WristsLooted Plate
Crushed Velvet Cloak
15473BackLooted Back
Evergreen Branch
15473Off HandLooted Off Hand
Figaro Chain
15473NeckLooted Neck
Icemist Bracelets
15473WristsLooted Cloth
Icemist Circlet
15473HeadLooted Cloth
Icemist Gloves
15473HandsLooted Cloth
Icemist Mantle
15473ShouldersLooted Cloth
Icemist Pants
15473LegsLooted Cloth
Icemist Robe
15473ChestLooted Cloth
Icemist Sash
15473WaistLooted Cloth