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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Demoniac Soul Prison
87Off Hand The Demoniac Scryer Off Hand
Dirigible Crash Helmet
87Head In Case of Emergency... Leather
Draenethyst Chaplet
87NeckQuest Neck
Emblem of Perseverance
87Trinket Trinket
Enforcer's Chain
87NeckQuest Neck
Finely Wrought Chain
87NeckQuest Neck
Flintlocke's Piloting Pants
87Legs In Case of Emergency... Plate
Foreman's Sash
87Waist The Mastermind Cloth
Glowing Alabaster Ring
87FingerQuest Finger
Heavy Miner's Belt
87Waist The Mastermind Mail
Hellfire Cloak
8759BackLooted Back
Ikeyen's Boots
87Feet A Damp, Dark Place Cloth
Ikeyen's Pauldrons
87Shoulders A Damp, Dark Place Mail
Imbued Chain
87Neck A Job for an Intelligent Man Neck
Laughing Skull Orb
8759Off HandLooted Off Hand
Miner's Brace
87Shoulders The Mastermind Leather
Mud Encrusted Boots
87Feet A Damp, Dark Place Leather
Netherstalker Armor
8759ChestLooted, Skinned Mail
Netherstalker Belt
8759WaistLooted Mail
Netherstalker Bracer
8759WristsLooted Mail
Netherstalker Gloves
8759HandsLooted Mail
Netherstalker Greaves
8759FeetLooted Mail
Netherstalker Helmet
8759HeadLooted Mail
Netherstalker Legguards
8759LegsLooted Mail
Netherstalker Mantle
8759ShouldersLooted Mail
Refuge Armor
87Chest A Damp, Dark Place Plate
Rune of Force
87Trinket Trinket
Spined Ring
8759FingerLooted, Skinned Finger
Star of Sha'naar
87Trinket Trinket
Starfire Circlet
8759HeadLooted Cloth
Starfire Gloves
8759HandsLooted Cloth
Starfire Mantle
8759ShouldersLooted Cloth
Starfire Sandals
8759FeetLooted Cloth
Starfire Sash
8759WaistLooted Cloth
Starfire Trousers
8759LegsLooted Cloth
Starfire Vest
8759ChestLooted Cloth
Starfire Wristwraps
8759WristsLooted Cloth
Sunstone Necklace
8759NeckLooted Neck
Telaari Shield
8759Off HandLooted Shield
Vengeance Bands
8759WristsLooted Leather
Vengeance Belt
8759WaistLooted Leather
Vengeance Boots
8759FeetLooted Leather
Vengeance Chestpiece
8759ChestLooted Leather
Vengeance Gloves
8759HandsLooted, Skinned Leather
Vengeance Helm
8759HeadLooted Leather
Vengeance Legguards
8759LegsLooted Leather
Vengeance Pauldrons
8759ShouldersLooted Leather
Bonescythe Pauldrons
8660ShouldersLooted, Black Market AH Leather
Bonescythe Sabatons
8660FeetLooted, Black Market AH Leather
Cryptstalker Boots
8660FeetLooted, Black Market AH Mail
Cryptstalker Spaulders
8660ShouldersLooted, Black Market AH Mail
Dreadnaught Pauldrons
8660ShouldersLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Dreadnaught Sabatons
8660FeetBlack Market AH Plate
Dreamwalker Boots
8660FeetLooted, Black Market AH Leather
Dreamwalker Spaulders
8660ShouldersBlack Market AH Leather
Earthshatter Boots
8660FeetLooted, Black Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Spaulders
8660ShouldersLooted, Black Market AH Mail
Frostfire Sandals
8660FeetLooted, Black Market AH Cloth
Frostfire Shoulderpads
8660ShouldersBlack Market AH Cloth
Plagueheart Sandals
8660FeetBlack Market AH Cloth
Plagueheart Shoulderpads
8660ShouldersLooted, Black Market AH Cloth
Redemption Boots
8660FeetBlack Market AH Plate
Redemption Spaulders
8660ShouldersLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Sandals of Faith
8660FeetBlack Market AH Cloth
Shoulderpads of Faith
8660ShouldersLooted, Black Market AH Cloth
PH Plate Ramparts Reward
86Head Plate
Band of Unnatural Forces
8560Finger Finger
Belt of the Grand Crusader
8560WaistLooted Plate
Crystal Webbed Robe
8560Chest Cloth
Eye of Diminution
8560Trinket Trinket
Girdle of Elemental Fury
8560Waist Mail
Girdle of the Mentor
8560Waist Plate
Kiss of the Spider
8560Trinket Trinket
Leggings of Elemental Fury
8560Legs Mail
Leggings of Polarity
8560Legs Cloth
Leggings of the Grand Crusader
8560Legs Plate
Loatheb's Reflection
8560Trinket Trinket
Necro-Knight's Garb
8560Chest Cloth
Pauldrons of Elemental Fury
8560Shoulders Mail
Pendant of Forgotten Names
8560Neck Neck
Plated Abomination Ribcage
8560Chest Plate
Ring of Spiritual Fervor
8560Finger Finger
Seal of the Damned
8560Finger Finger
Spaulders of the Grand Crusader
8560Shoulders Plate
Band of Renewal
8560FingerLooted Finger
Bloodstained Ravager Gauntlets
8560HandsLooted Mail
Bonechewer Berserker's Vest
85ChestQuest Mail
Book of Clever Tricks
8560Off HandCrafted Off Hand
Boots of the Decimator
8560FeetLooted Plate
Bracers of Finesse
8560WristsLooted, Skinned Leather
Farseer's Band
8560FingerVendor Finger
Fleshripper's Bladed Chestplate
85Chest Plate
Garrote-String Necklace
8560NeckLooted Neck
Gilded Crimson Chestplate
85ChestQuest Plate
Gloves of Ferocity
8560HandsLooted Leather
Goldweave Tunic
85ChestQuest Cloth
Handguards of Precision
85HandsQuest Mail
Hauberk of Totemic Rage
8560ChestLooted Mail
Heartblood Prayer Beads
8560NeckLooted Neck
Hellfire Tome
8560Off HandCrafted Off Hand