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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Bogslayer Legplates
9361Legs Plate
Bogslayer Pauldrons
9361Shoulders Plate
Bogslayer Sabatons
9361Feet Plate
Dementia Armguards
9361Wrists Leather
Dementia Boots
9361Feet Leather
Dementia Cord
9361Waist Leather
Dementia Gloves
9361Hands Leather
Dementia Hood
9361Head Leather
Dementia Shoulderguards
9361Shoulders Leather
Dementia Trousers
9361Legs Leather
Dementia Vest
9361Chest Leather
Elementalist Cloak
9361Back Back
Fel Iron Blood Ring
9361Finger Finger
Fel Iron Chain Gloves
9361Hands Mail
Felscale Boots
9361Feet Mail
Golden Draenite Ring
9361Finger Finger
Netherweave Belt
9361Waist Cloth
Netherweave Bracers
9361Wrists Cloth
Scaled Draenic Gloves
9361Hands Mail
Screaming Shield
9361Off Hand Shield
Slavehandler Rod
9361Off Hand Off Hand
Smoky Quartz Ring
9361Finger Finger
Vindicator Belt
9361Waist Cloth
Vindicator Boots
9361Feet Cloth
Vindicator Bracers
9361Wrists Cloth
Vindicator Cap
9361Head Cloth
Vindicator Gloves
9361Hands Cloth
Vindicator Pants
9361Legs Cloth
Vindicator Shoulderpads
9361Shoulders Cloth
Vindicator Tunic
9361Chest Cloth
Wild Draenish Gloves
9361Hands Leather
Wrathfin Armor
9361Chest Mail
Wrathfin Bindings
9361Wrists Mail
Wrathfin Gloves
9361Hands Mail
Wrathfin Greaves
9361Feet Mail
Wrathfin Helmet
9361Head Mail
Wrathfin Legguards
9361Legs Mail
Wrathfin Mantle
9361Shoulders Mail
Wrathfin Waistband
9361Waist Mail
Zircon Amulet
9361Neck Neck
Demon Hide Spaulders
9161Shoulders Leather
Fel Iron Plate Belt
9061Waist Plate
Fel Iron Plate Gloves
9061Hands Plate
Arcing Bracers
8861Wrists Cloth
Auslese's Light Channeler
8861Trinket Trinket
Bloody Surgeon's Mitts
8861Hands Cloth
Bog Epaulets
8861Shoulders Mail
Bog Mantle
8861Shoulders Cloth
Bog Pauldrons
8861Shoulders Plate
Bog Spaulders
8861Shoulders Leather
Breastplate of Blade Turning
8861Chest Plate
Cloak of Entropy
8861Back Back
Gauntlets of Purification
8861Hands Plate
Girdle of the Gale Storm
8861Waist Mail
Ironblade Gauntlets
8861Hands Plate
Kilt of the Night Strider
8861Legs Leather
Mantle of the Dusk-Dweller
8861Shoulders Leather
Mindfire Waistband
8861Waist Cloth
Nagahide Leggings
8861Legs Cloth
Nagahide Pants
8861Legs Leather
Nagascale Legguards
8861Legs Mail
Nagascale Legplates
8861Legs Plate
Pendant of Battle-Lust
8861Neck Neck
Raiments of Divine Authority
8861Chest Cloth
Storm Lord's Girdle
8861Waist Mail
Vest of Vengeance
8861Chest Leather
Eroded Mail Armor
6661Chest Mail
Eroded Mail Belt
6661Waist Mail
Eroded Mail Boots
6661Feet Mail
Eroded Mail Bracers
6661Wrists Mail
Eroded Mail Circlet
6661Head Mail
Eroded Mail Gloves
6661Hands Mail
Eroded Mail Pants
6661Legs Mail
Eroded Mail Shoulderpads
6661Shoulders Mail
Loosely Threaded Belt
6661Waist Cloth
Loosely Threaded Boots
6661Feet Cloth
Loosely Threaded Bracers
6661Wrists Cloth
Loosely Threaded Gloves
6661Hands Cloth
Loosely Threaded Hat
6661Head Cloth
Loosely Threaded Pants
6661Legs Cloth
Loosely Threaded Shoulderpads
6661Shoulders Cloth
Loosely Threaded Vest
6661Chest Cloth
Mesh Armor
6661Chest Cloth
Moldy Leather Armor
6661Chest Leather
Moldy Leather Belt
6661Waist Leather
Moldy Leather Boots
6661Feet Leather
Moldy Leather Bracers
6661Wrists Leather
Moldy Leather Gloves
6661Hands Leather
Moldy Leather Helmet
6661Head Leather
Moldy Leather Pants
6661Legs Leather
Moldy Leather Shoulderpads
6661Shoulders Leather
Sterling Chain Bracers
6661Wrists Mail
Strapped Pants
6661Legs Leather
Tarnished Plate Belt
6661Waist Plate
Tarnished Plate Boots
6661Feet Plate
Tarnished Plate Bracers
6661Wrists Plate
Tarnished Plate Chestpiece
6661Chest Plate
Tarnished Plate Gloves
6661Hands Plate
Tarnished Plate Helmet
6661Head Plate
Tarnished Plate Pants
6661Legs Plate