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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Impenetrable Helmet
6055HeadLooted Mail
Impenetrable Legguards
6055LegsLooted Mail
Impenetrable Pauldrons
5954ShouldersLooted Mail
Impenetrable Sabatons
5954FeetLooted Mail
Impenetrable Wall
6156Off HandLooted Shield
Imperial Cloak
4136BackLooted Back
Imperial Leather Belt
4237WaistLooted Leather
Imperial Leather Boots
4338FeetLooted Leather
Imperial Leather Bracers
4237WristsLooted Leather
Imperial Leather Breastplate
4641ChestLooted Leather
Imperial Leather Gloves
4338HandsLooted Leather
Imperial Leather Helm
4338HeadLooted Leather
Imperial Leather Pants
4540LegsLooted Leather
Imperial Leather Spaulders
4439ShouldersLooted Leather
Imperial Lotus Cape
399Back The Stoneplow Convoy Back
Imperial Lotus Cloak
399Back The Stoneplow Convoy Back
Imperial Lotus Drape
399Back The Stoneplow Convoy Back
Imperial Lotus Manteau
399Back The Stoneplow Convoy Back
Imperial Lotus Shawl
399Back The Stoneplow Convoy Back
Imperial Plate Belt
5347WaistCrafted Plate
Imperial Plate Boots
5954FeetCrafted Plate
Imperial Plate Bracers
5449WristsCrafted Plate
Imperial Plate Chest
6055ChestCrafted Plate
Imperial Plate Helm
5954HeadCrafted Plate
Imperial Plate Leggings
6156LegsCrafted Plate
Imperial Plate Shoulders
5347ShouldersCrafted Plate
Imperial Red Boots
5247FeetLooted, Fished Cloth
Imperial Red Bracers
5146WristsLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Circlet
5348HeadLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Cloak
5045BackLooted Back
Imperial Red Gloves
5247HandsLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Mantle
5247ShouldersLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Pants
5449LegsLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Robe
5651ChestLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Sash
5146WaistLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Scepter
5651Off HandLooted Chest
Imperial Red Tunic
5651ChestLooted Cloth
Imperious Worghide Cap
138HeadQuest Leather
Impish Boots
46Feet See the Invisible Plate
Imported Bracers
12Wrists The Kodo's Return Cloth
Imported Helmet
52Head In With a Bang Mail
Imposing Bandana
4843HeadLooted Leather
Imposing Belt
4338WaistLooted Leather
Imposing Boots
4540FeetLooted Leather
Imposing Bracers
4338WristsLooted Leather
Imposing Cape
4237BackLooted Back
Imposing Gloves
4540HandsLooted Leather
Imposing Pants
4540LegsLooted Leather
Imposing Shoulders
4439ShouldersLooted Leather
Imposing Vest
4742ChestLooted Leather
Imposter's Mask
48Head The Fall of Tichondrius Leather
Impressive Greaves
272Feet Trial By Fire Mail
Improvisational Historian's Cloak
272Back An Occupation of Time Back
Improvisational Historian's Cloak
272Back An Occupation of Time Back
Improvised Breastplate
50Chest Taking the Horn For Ourselves Mail
Improvised Breastplate
50Chest Taking the Horn For Ourselves Mail
Incendosaur Gloves
49Hands The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard Mail
Incinerator's Gauntlets
26Hands Barrier to Entry Leather
Inconspicuous Pantaloons
18Legs A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Cloth
Incorporeal Sandals
289Feet All Our Friends Are Dead Cloth
Incorruptable Shawl
18Back The Devourer of Darkshore Back
Indigo Robe of Replenishment
138ChestQuest Cloth
Indomitable Armguards
5954WristsLooted Leather
Indomitable Belt
6055WaistLooted Leather
Indomitable Boots
6257FeetLooted Leather
Indomitable Cloak
5954BackLooted Back
Indomitable Epaulets
6156ShouldersLooted Leather
Indomitable Gauntlets
6257HandsLooted Leather
Indomitable Headdress
6358HeadLooted Leather
Indomitable Leggings
6257LegsLooted Leather
Indomitable Vest
6459ChestLooted Leather
Inescapable Girdle
138WaistQuest Mail
Infantry Leggings
127LegsLooted, Fished Mail
Infantry Shield
116Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Infantry Tunic
138ChestLooted, Fished Mail
Infectis Incher Leggings
42Legs Frederick's Fish Fancy Cloth
Infectis Puffer Gloves
42Hands Frederick's Fish Fancy Leather
Infectis Scuttler Helm
42Head Frederick's Fish Fancy Plate
Infernal Breastplate
48Chest The Core of Kroshius Plate
Inferno Cloak
2520BackVendor Back
Infested Breastplate
30Chest Spy Infestation Mail
Infiltrator Armor
3530ChestLooted Leather
Infiltrator Boots
3328FeetLooted Leather
Infiltrator Bracers
3126WristsLooted Leather
Infiltrator Buckler
3328Off HandLooted Shield
Infiltrator Cap
3328HeadLooted Leather
Infiltrator Cloak
3126BackLooted Back
Infiltrator Cord
3227WaistLooted Leather
Infiltrator Gloves
3227HandsLooted Leather
Infiltrator Pants
3429LegsLooted Leather
Infiltrator Shoulders
3328ShouldersLooted Leather
Infiltrator's Cloak
90Back Zeth'Gor Must Burn! Back
Infiltrator's Shield
158Off Hand So Far, So Bad Shield
Informant's Gloves
33Hands Details of the Attack Cloth
Infused Coldstone Rune
138TrinketQuest Trinket
Ingot-Handler Gloves
23Hands The Mosshide Job Leather
Initiate's Shirt
1ShirtAchievement, Vendor Shirt
Injured Trapper's Cloak
154BackQuest Back
Inkling's Leggings
108Legs Whelps of the Wyrmcult Plate
Inlaid Malachite Ring
2015FingerCrafted Finger