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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Lieutenant Commander's Satin Mantle
7160ShouldersVendor Cloth
Lieutenant Commander's Silk Cowl
7160HeadVendor Cloth
Lieutenant Commander's Silk Mantle
7160ShouldersVendor Cloth
Lieutenant Commander's Silk Spaulders
6358Shoulders Cloth
Lieutenant's Signet of Lordaeron
11570FingerLooted Finger
Life Bearer's Gauntlets
11570HandsLooted Plate
Lifeblood Amulet
4944NeckLooted Neck
Lifeblood Belt
11070WaistCrafted Cloth
Lifeblood Bracers
11269WristsCrafted Cloth
Lifeblood Leggings
10667LegsCrafted Cloth
Lifegiver Britches
8560LegsLooted Cloth
Life-Light Pauldrons
158Shoulders The Storm King's Vengeance Plate
Lifewarden's Breastplate
106Chest Destroy Naberius! Leather
Light Blessed Mittens
18780HandsCrafted Cloth
Light Obsidian Belt
6860WaistCrafted Mail
Light Scribe Bands
11570WristsLooted Cloth
Lightbinder Cover
630100HeadLooted Cloth
Lightbinder Girdle
630100WaistLooted Cloth
Lightbinder Gloves
630100HandsLooted Cloth
Lightbinder Leggings
630100LegsLooted Cloth
Lightbinder Robes
630100ChestLooted Cloth
Lightbinder Shoulderpads
630100ShouldersLooted Cloth
Lightbinder Treads
630100FeetLooted Cloth
Lightbinder Wristwraps
630100WristsLooted Cloth
Lightblade Bracer
46390WristsLooted Leather
Lightblade Bracer
46390WristsLooted Leather
Lightblade Bracer
3128WristsLooted Leather
Lightdrinker Band of Onslaught
610100Finger Finger
Lightdrinker Bindings
610100WristsLooted Leather
Lightdrinker Boots
610100FeetLooted Leather
Lightdrinker Britches
610100LegsLooted Leather
Lightdrinker Choker
610100Neck Neck
Lightdrinker Cloak of Rage
610100Back Back
Lightdrinker Gloves
610100HandsLooted Leather
Lightdrinker Hood
610100HeadLooted Leather
Lightdrinker Idol of Rage
610100Trinket Trinket
Lightdrinker Jerkin
610100ChestLooted Leather
Lightdrinker Ring of Onslaught
610100Finger Finger
Lightdrinker Shoulders
610100ShouldersLooted Leather
Lightdrinker Stone of Rage
610100Trinket Trinket
Lightdrinker Waistband
610100WaistLooted Leather
Lightforge Belt
5853WaistLooted Plate
Lightforge Boots
5954Feet Plate
Lightforge Bracers
5752Wrists Plate
Lightforge Breastplate
6358Chest Plate
Lightforge Gauntlets
5954Hands Plate
Lightforge Helm
6257Head Plate
Lightforge Legplates
6156Legs Plate
Lightforge Spaulders
6055Shoulders Plate
Lightning Infused Mantle
174Shoulders Diametrically Opposed Cloth
Lightningbringer's Hauberk
187Chest Whatever it Takes! Mail
Lightning-Charged Gloves
20080HandsLooted Mail
Lightning-Rod Pauldrons
9764ShouldersLooted Mail
Lightning-Rod Pauldrons
97ShouldersLooted Mail
Light-Sealed Casque
44284HeadLooted Plate
Light-Touched Breastplate
8560ChestLooted Plate
Lightwarden's Band
11570FingerVendor Finger
Lightwarden's Girdle
109Waist Deathblow to the Legion Plate
Lightwarper Vestments
39785ChestVendor Cloth
Light-Woven Slippers
11268FeetLooted Cloth
Lime-Rimmed Signet
46390FingerLooted Finger
Lime-Rimmed Signet
46390FingerLooted Finger
Linked Armor of the Sphere
18377ChestLooted Mail
Link-Lashed Spaulders
820101ShouldersLooted Mail
Links of Righteous Persecution
146WaistQuest Mail
Links of the Terrified Deity
158Chest Convocation at Zol'Heb Plate
Links of Unquenched Savagery
20080WaistVendor Mail
Lion's Head Ring
175FingerQuest Finger
Lionsfall Ring
45090FingerCrafted Finger
Living Band
10970FingerLooted Finger
Living Breastplate
6055ChestCrafted Leather
Living Cloak
10970BackLooted Back
Living Crystal Breastplate
10065ChestCrafted Leather
Living Emerald Pendant
5853NeckCrafted Neck
Living Leggings
5752LegsCrafted Leather
Living Mojo Belt
20080WaistLooted Cloth
Living Mojo Belt
200WaistLooted Cloth
Living Ruby Pendant
11370NeckCrafted Neck
Living Shoulders
5449ShouldersCrafted Leather
Llorian's Dress Leggings
800110Legs Llorian's Supplies Leather
Locket of Crackling Lightning
55592Neck Neck
Locust Swarm Legguards
48990LegsVendor Mail
26480HandsVendor Mail
Loksey's Lost Belt
440Waist Just for Safekeeping, Of Course Leather
Lonetree's Circle
35Finger Finger
Longstrider's Loop
9764FingerLooted Finger
Longstrider's Loop
97FingerLooted Finger
Longstrider's Vest
26480ChestVendor Mail
Loomguard Armbraces
4540Wrists Mail
Loop of Chipped Crystal
630100Finger Finger
Loop of Drowned Souls
620100FingerLooted Finger
Loop of Eightfold Eyes
820101FingerLooted Finger
Loop of Frozen Leaves
615100Finger Finger
Loop of Inner Clarity
390Finger Tranquil Satchel of Helpful Goods Finger
Loop of Soothing Visions
630100Finger Shared Turbulent Ring Finger
Loop of Vile Lesions
519Finger Gleaming Ring Finger
Loop of Vitriolic Intent
820101FingerLooted Finger
Loque'Nahak's Pelt
17574BackLooted, Skinned Back
Loque'Nahak's Severed Fang
17574Neck Loque'nahak Neck
Lord Blackwood's Buckler
6257Off HandUnobtainable Shield