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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Shroud of the Drowned Adherent
890110BackLooted Back
Sinew-Stitched Wristguards
890110WristsLooted Leather
Si'vashi Guard's Breastplate
890110ChestLooted Plate
Slippers of Enduring Vigilance
890110FeetLooted Cloth
Soul Queen's Ceremonial Robes
890110ChestLooted Cloth
Soul-Rattle Ribcage
890110ChestLooted Mail
Soul-Render's Greatbelt
890110WaistLooted Plate
Spaulders of Forgotten Worlds
890110ShouldersLooted Cloth
Specter of Betrayal
890110TrinketLooted, Vendor Trinket
Spectral Thurible
890110TrinketLooted Trinket
Spiked Terrorwake Greatboots
890110FeetLooted Plate
Spirebreaker Harness
890110ChestLooted Leather
Star-Stalker Treads
890110FeetLooted Mail
Steadfast Purifier's Warboots
890110FeetLooted Plate
Stormheart Drape
890110BackLooted, Vendor Back
Stormheart Gloves
890110HandsLooted, Vendor Leather
Stormheart Headdress
890110HeadLooted, Vendor Leather
Stormheart Legguards
890110LegsLooted, Vendor Leather
Stormheart Mantle
890110ShouldersLooted, Vendor Leather
Stormheart Tunic
890110ChestLooted Leather
Strife-Riddled Cinch
890110WaistLooted Cloth
String of Extracted Incisors
890110NeckLooted Neck
Talisman of the Shal'dorei
890110NeckLooted, Quest Neck
Taloned Brain-Scrapers
890110HandsLooted Mail
Tarnished Sentinel Medallion
890110TrinketLooted, Vendor Trinket
Terror From Below
890110TrinketLooted, Vendor Trinket
The Deceiver's Grand Design
890110TrinketLooted, Vendor Trinket
Titanic Onslaught Breastplate
890110ChestLooted, Vendor Plate
Titanic Onslaught Cloak
890110BackLooted, Vendor Back
Titanic Onslaught Greathelm
890110HeadLooted, Vendor Plate
Titanic Onslaught Greaves
890110LegsLooted Plate
Titanic Onslaught Handguards
890110HandsLooted, Vendor Plate
Titanic Onslaught Pauldrons
890110ShouldersLooted, Vendor Plate
Tome of Unraveling Sanity
890110TrinketLooted, Vendor Trinket
Treads of Disorderly Retreat
890110FeetLooted Mail
Treads of Panicked Escape
890110FeetLooted Mail
Treads of Violent Intrusion
890110FeetLooted Leather
Umbral Moonglaives
890110TrinketLooted, Vendor Trinket
Vambraces of Resolute Justice
890110WristsUnobtainable Plate
Vial of Ceaseless Toxins
890110TrinketLooted, Vendor Trinket
Vicegrip of the Unrepentant
890110HandsLooted Mail
Violent Zealot's Shoulderpads
890110ShouldersLooted Leather
Waistguard of Interminable Unity
890110WaistLooted Mail
Waistguard of Profane Duplicity
890110WaistLooted Leather
Wakening Horror Spaulders
890110ShouldersLooted Leather
Wave-Hammered Breastplate
890110ChestLooted Plate
Wildstalker Cape
890110BackLooted, Vendor Back
Wildstalker Chestguard
890110ChestLooted, Vendor Mail
Wildstalker Gauntlets
890110HandsLooted, Vendor Mail
Wildstalker Helmet
890110HeadLooted, Vendor Mail
Wildstalker Leggings
890110LegsLooted, Vendor Mail
Wildstalker Spaulders
890110ShouldersLooted, Vendor Mail
Xuen's Cloak
890110BackLooted, Vendor Back
Xuen's Gauntlets
890110HandsLooted, Vendor Leather
Xuen's Helm
890110HeadLooted, Vendor Leather
Xuen's Legguards
890110LegsLooted Leather
Xuen's Shoulderguards
890110ShouldersLooted, Vendor Leather
Xuen's Tunic
890110ChestLooted, Vendor Leather
Yathae's Thumb Ring
890110FingerLooted Finger
Astral Alchemist Stone
885110TrinketCrafted, Created Trinket
Empyrial Breastplate
885110ChestCrafted Plate
Empyrial Cosmic Crown
885110HeadCrafted Cloth
Empyrial Deep Crown
885110HeadCrafted Leather
Empyrial Elemental Crown
885110HeadCrafted Mail
Empyrial Titan Crown
885110HeadCrafted Plate
Fiendish Shoulderguards
885110ShouldersCrafted Leather
Fiendish Spaulders
885110ShouldersCrafted Mail
Lightweave Breeches
885110LegsCrafted Cloth
Chain Skullblasters
880110HeadCrafted Mail
Heavy Skullblasters
880110HeadCrafted Plate
Rugged Skullblasters
880110HeadCrafted Leather
Tailored Skullblasters
880110HeadCrafted Cloth
Ancient Augari Pendant
880110NeckLooted Neck
Arinor Keeper's Armbands
880110WristsLooted Leather
Arinor Keeper's Belt
880110WaistLooted Leather
Arinor Keeper's Grips
880110HandsLooted Leather
Arinor Keeper's Headgear
880110HeadLooted Leather
Arinor Keeper's Spaulders
880110ShouldersLooted Leather
Arinor Keeper's Treads
880110FeetLooted Leather
Arinor Keeper's Trousers
880110Legs Unsullied Leather Trousers Leather
Arinor Keeper's Tunic
880110ChestLooted Leather
Augari Wakener's Circlet
880110Head Augari-Runed Chest Cloth
Augari Wakener's Cord
880110Waist Augari Secret Stash Cloth
Augari Wakener's Cuffs
880110Wrists Student's Surprising Surplus Cloth
Augari Wakener's Handwraps
880110Hands Augari Goods Cloth
Augari Wakener's Leggings
880110Legs Secret Augari Chest Cloth
Augari Wakener's Mantle
880110Shoulders Missing Augari Chest Cloth
Augari Wakener's Treads
880110Feet Long-Lost Augari Treasure Cloth
Augari Wakener's Vestments
880110Chest Precious Augari Keepsakes Cloth
Azurelight Sage's Cap
880110HeadLooted Cloth
Azurelight Sage's Cuffs
880110WristsLooted Cloth
Azurelight Sage's Leggings
880110Legs Unsullied Cloth Leggings Cloth
Azurelight Sage's Mantle
880110ShouldersLooted Cloth
Azurelight Sage's Mitts
880110HandsLooted Cloth
Azurelight Sage's Robes
880110ChestLooted Cloth
Azurelight Sage's Sash
880110WaistLooted Cloth
Azurelight Sage's Slippers
880110FeetLooted Cloth
Conservatory Ward's Drape
880110BackLooted Back
Doomed Exarch's Memento
880110TrinketLooted Trinket
Forgotten Conservatory Amice
880110ShouldersLooted Cloth