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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Jade Greaves
4944FeetLooted Plate
Jadefire Cloak
4944BackLooted Back
Keeper's Cord
4944WaistLooted Leather
Khan's Buckler
4944Off HandLooted Shield
Khan's Chestpiece
4944ChestLooted Mail
K'Vlar Vest
49Chest They Build a Better Bullet Plate
Leggings of Mischief
49Legs The Chieftain's Key Cloth
Lizard Skin Boots
49Feet The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard Leather
Lord's Armguards
4944WristsLooted Mail
Mountain-Lord's Legguards
49Legs Operation: Stir the Cauldron Plate
Myrmidon's Gauntlets
4944HandsLooted Mail
Myrmidon's Girdle
4944WaistLooted Mail
Myrmidon's Greaves
4944FeetLooted Mail
Oil Bailer's Shield
49Off Hand It's Time to Oil Up Shield
Oil Gush Leggings
49Legs Slap and Cap Leather
Oilfoot Slippers
49Feet Slap and Cap Cloth
Oilfoot Slippers
49Feet Borrowed Bombs Cloth
Opulent Bracers
4944WristsLooted Cloth
Ornate Mithril Boots
4944FeetCrafted Plate
Ornate Mithril Helm
4944HeadCrafted Plate
Overlord's Crown
4944HeadLooted Plate
Overlord's Gauntlets
4944HandsLooted Plate
Overworked Shoulders
49Shoulders It's Time to Oil Up Leather
Packrunner's Spaulders
49Shoulders Enemy at our Roots Leather
Potent Shoulders
4944ShouldersLooted Leather
Protector Armguards
4944WristsLooted Mail
Rageclaw Leggings
4944LegsLooted Leather
Rendan's Signet
49Finger They Build a Better Bullet Finger
Revenant Bracers
4944WristsLooted Plate
Righteous Bracers
4944WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Righteous Cloak
4944BackLooted Back
Righteous Waistguard
4944WaistLooted Leather
Rosy Tablet Belt
49Waist The Grand Tablet Plate
Rosy Tablet Belt
49Waist The Grand Tablet Plate
Sandstone Pauldrons
49Shoulders Ancient Obstacles Mail
Sandstone Pauldrons
49Shoulders Ancient Obstacles Mail
Scorpashi Breastplate
4944ChestLooted Leather
Scorpashi Skullcap
4944HeadLooted Leather
Seared Mail Girdle
49Waist Mail
Shadoweave Mask
4944HeadCrafted Cloth
Shredder Operator's Helmet
49Head It's Time to Oil Up Mail
Slag Pit Bracers
49Wrists Operation: Stir the Cauldron Mail
Slagplate Gauntlets
49Hands Plate
Stormcloth Shoulders
4944ShouldersCrafted Cloth
Sunscale Belt
4944WaistLooted Plate
Suntara Spaulders
49Shoulders Rise, Obsidion Leather
The Aquamarine Ward
4944FingerCrafted Finger
Timbermaw Boots
49Feet Disarming Bears Mail
Timbermaw Bracers
49Wrists Disarming Bears Cloth
Timbermaw Breastplate
49Chest Disarming Bears Plate
Timbermaw Leggings
49Legs Disarming Bears Leather
Topaz Ring
4944FingerLooted Finger
Tough Scorpid Leggings
4944LegsCrafted Mail
Translation Boots
49Feet The Grand Tablet Mail
Translation Boots
49Feet The Grand Tablet Mail
Valorous Legguards
4944LegsLooted Plate
Venomshroud Mantle
4944ShouldersLooted Cloth
Venomshroud Mitts
4944HandsLooted Cloth
Vest of Sobbing
49Chest The Chieftain's Key Leather
Vinehedge Cinch
49Waist Leather
Warmonger's Leggings
4944LegsLooted Mail
Warmonger's Pauldrons
4944ShouldersLooted Mail
Wild Leather Boots
4944FeetCrafted Leather
Windchaser Orb
4944Off HandLooted Off Hand
Windchaser Robes
4944ChestLooted Cloth
Windchaser Wraps
4944ChestLooted Cloth
Workforce Chestguard
49Chest Slap and Cap Mail
Crochet Shoulderpads
4944ShouldersLooted, Skinned, Pick Pocketed Cloth
Overlinked Chain Cloak
4944BackLooted, Skinned Back
Thick Leather Gloves
4944HandsLooted Leather
Belt of the Deep
48Waist A Fool's Errand Leather
Bilgewhizzle's Armbands
48Wrists A Fool's Errand Cloth
Demon Heart Pendant
48Neck Navarax's Gambit Neck
Electrified Leggings
48Legs A Fool's Errand Mail
Giantslayer Bracers
4843WristsLooted Plate
Navarax's Signet
48Finger Navarax's Gambit Finger
Pauldrons of Zul'Farrak
48Shoulders A Fool's Errand Plate
Selura's Cloak
48Back Navarax's Gambit Back
Winged Helm
4843HeadLooted Leather
"Smart Bracers"
48Wrists You Too, Brute? Leather
Abjurer's Bands
4843WristsLooted Cloth
Abjurer's Cloak
4843BackLooted Back
Abjurer's Sash
4843WaistLooted Cloth
Admiral's Hat
4843HeadCrafted Cloth
Amulet of Living Wood
48Neck Rejoining the Forest Neck
Ancient Seed Casing
48Trinket Seeking Soil Trinket
Band of the Unicorn
4843FingerLooted Finger
Belt of the Den Watcher
48Waist Mail
Big Voodoo Cloak
4843BackCrafted Back
Bilgewater Brooch
48Neck Sandscraper Neck
Bloodwoven Mask
4843HeadLooted Cloth
Bloodwoven Pants
4843LegsLooted Cloth
Brutish Helmet
4843HeadLooted Plate
Brutish Legguards
4843LegsLooted Plate
Cabalist Leggings
4843LegsLooted Leather
Chainlink Towel
48Back Rescue OOX-22/FE! Back
Champion's Armor
4843ChestLooted Mail
Champion's Leggings
4843LegsLooted Mail
Champion's Wall Shield
4843Off HandLooted Shield
Chieftain's Belt
4843WaistLooted Leather