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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Nethersteel-Lined Handwraps
10366HandsLooted Cloth
Nethersteel-Reinforced Gloves
10366HandsLooted Leather
Netherwing Defender's Shield
109Off HandQuest Shield
Netherwing Protector's Shield
109Off HandQuest Shield
Netherwing Sorceror's Charm
108Off HandQuest Off Hand
Netherwing Spiritualist's Charm
108Off HandQuest Off Hand
Neverdare Shoulders
46390ShouldersLooted Mail
Neverdare Shoulders
46390ShouldersLooted Mail
Neverdare Shoulders
41085ShouldersLooted Mail
Newt-Eye Ring
174FingerQuest Finger
Nexus-Bracers of Vigor
9764WristsLooted Plate
Nexus-Bracers of Vigor
97WristsLooted Plate
Nexus-Prince's Ring of Balance
100FingerLooted Finger
Nigh-Invulnerability Belt
109WaistCrafted Cloth
Night Prowler's Cloak
51590BackQuest, Vendor Back
Nightborne Stalker's Coif
800110HeadLooted Mail
Nightbrace Chestguard
55090ChestUnobtainable, Looted Leather
Nightbrace Tunic
6055Chest Leather
Nightfall Drape
5550BackLooted Back
Nightfall Gloves
56Hands Leather
Nightfall Slippers
800FeetVendor Cloth
Nightfallen Tabard
11098TabardVendor Tabard
Nightguard Stompers
800110FeetLooted Plate
Nightmare Egg Shell
820101TrinketLooted Trinket
Nightmare-Chain Bracers
620100WristsLooted Mail
Nightrend Choker
33385NeckLooted Neck
Nightshock Girdle
18778WaistCrafted Mail
Nightshock Hood
18778HeadCrafted Mail
Nightstone Choker
32582Neck Neck
Nightvale Cowl
680Head Entangled Dreams Cloth
Nightvale Footwraps
680FeetLooted, Quest Cloth
Nightvale Mantle
680Shoulders To Old Friends Cloth
Nightvale Robe
680Chest Entangled Dreams Cloth
Nimble Buckler
4540Off Hand Shield
Nimble Crystalline Pendant
650100Neck Neck
Nimblefinger Cloak
31Back Rider on the Storm Back
Nimble-Foot Ring
55592Finger Finger
Nimble-Foot Treads
11570FeetLooted Leather
Nimble-Foot Treads
115FeetLooted Leather
Nimbletoe Chestguard
46390ChestLooted Leather
Nimbletoe Chestguard
46390ChestLooted Leather
Nimbletoe Chestguard
41085ChestLooted Leather
Nixod's Chain-Threshed Spaulders
16677ShouldersLooted Mail
Njorndar Furywraps
174Wrists Not-So-Honorable Combat Leather
Noble's Robe
2520ChestLooted Cloth
Noble's Robe
2015Chest Marisa du'Paige Cloth
Nogg's Gold Ring
35Finger Nogg's Ring Redo Finger
Noise Machine
167TrinketCrafted Trinket
Nomad's Leggings
11570LegsVendor Leather
Nomad's Woven Cloak
97Back Bring Me The Egg! Back
Nova Band
34685FingerLooted Finger
Nova Band
33383FingerLooted Finger
Novice Rylak Hunter's Horn
57798TrinketLooted Trinket
Noxiia's Shackles
52591WristsLooted Cloth
Noxxion's Shackles
3732WristsLooted Plate
Nuke Resistant Gauntlets
24Hands Stormpike Apocalypse Mail
Numbing Handguards
34685HandsVendor Plate
Oakheart's Gnarled Root
820101TrinketLooted Trinket
Oakheart's Trunkwarmers
820101LegsLooted Cloth
Oasis Bracers
34685Wrists Leather
Oasis Bracers
34685WristsLooted Leather
Oasis Bracers
33383WristsLooted Leather
Oath-Bound Gauntlets
32584HandsLooted Plate
Oathsworn Amulet
610100Neck Neck
Oathsworn Armguards
610100Wrists Plate
Oathsworn Band of Might
610100Finger Finger
Oathsworn Band of Stoicism
610100Finger Finger
Oathsworn Breastplate
610100ChestLooted Plate
Oathsworn Bulwark
610100Off HandLooted Shield
Oathsworn Chestguard
610100Chest Plate
Oathsworn Cloak of Battle
610100Back Back
Oathsworn Cloak of Stoicism
610100Back Back
Oathsworn Defender Idol
610100Trinket Trinket
Oathsworn Defender Stone
610100Trinket Trinket
Oathsworn Faceguard
610100Head Plate
Oathsworn Gauntlets
610100HandsLooted Plate
Oathsworn Girdle
610100WaistLooted Plate
Oathsworn Greaves
610100Feet Plate
Oathsworn Handguards
610100Hands Plate
Oathsworn Helm
610100HeadLooted Plate
Oathsworn Idol of Battle
610100Trinket Trinket
Oathsworn Legguards
610100Legs Plate
Oathsworn Legplates
610100LegsLooted Plate
Oathsworn Pauldrons
610100ShouldersLooted Plate
Oathsworn Pendant
610100Neck Neck
Oathsworn Ring of Might
610100Finger Finger
Oathsworn Ring of Stoicism
610100Finger Finger
Oathsworn Sabatons
610100FeetLooted Plate
Oathsworn Shoulderguards
610100Shoulders Plate
Oathsworn Stone of Battle
610100Trinket Trinket
Oathsworn Vambraces
610100WristsLooted Plate
Oathsworn Waistband
610100Waist Plate
Obelisk of the Void
820101TrinketLooted Trinket
Observer's Shield
4944Off HandLooted Shield
Observer's Shirt
1Shirt Agile Brawler's Purse Shirt
Obsidian Bauble
4540Off Hand Off Hand
Obsidian Citadel Necklace
158NeckLooted Neck
Obsidian Clodstompers
11570FeetLooted Plate
Obsidian Greaves
4240FeetLooted Plate
Obsidian Scaled Leggings
7460LegsLooted Mail