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Name Level Req. Level Source Type
Yellow Rose Firework
20Looted, Vendor Other
Yellow Rose Firework
1Vendor Other
Yan-Zhu's Blazing Brew
8685Vendor Food & Drink
Yance's Special Burger Patty
33 A Giant's Feast Food & Drink
Yak Cheese Curds
8685Crafted, Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
1Garrison Mission Other
XD-57 "Bullseye" Guided Rocket Kit
1Looted Other
Xavren's Thorn
1 Xavren's Thorn Other
Wu Kao Smoke Bomb
1 Bag of Wu Kao Supplies Other
Wu Kao Dart of Lethargy
1 Bag of Wu Kao Supplies Other
Wriggling Food
1 Food & Drink
Wriggling Drink
1 Food & Drink
Wrath of the Titans
1Looted Other
Wrath of the Titans
1Looted Other
Wrath Elixir
8070Crafted, Created, Looted Elixir
Wormstalk Mushroom
98Vendor Other
Worm Supreme
100Looted, Fished Other
Worm Delight
7070Crafted Food & Drink
Worgen Male Mask
1Looted, Vendor Other
Worgen Female Mask
1Looted, Vendor Other
Worg Tooth Oatmeal Stout
1Quest, Vendor Other
Worg Tartare
7070Crafted Food & Drink
Wool Bandage
1Crafted Bandage
Wizbang's Special Brew
15 Food & Drink
Wizard Oil
5040Crafted Other
Witchberry Seeds
1Vendor Other
Wish Crystal
10098Vendor Other
Winterfin Horn of Distress
138Vendor Other
Winterfin "Depth Charge"
1Vendor Food & Drink
Winterfall Firewater
5045Looted Elixir
Winter Veil Roast
55Looted Food & Drink
Winter Veil Eggnog
55Looted Other
Winter Veil Egg Nog
1Crafted Food & Drink
Winter Veil Cookie
55Looted Food & Drink
Winter Squid
3535Fished Food & Drink
Winter Kimchi
4545Vendor Food & Drink
Winning Hand
1Vendor Other
Windwool Bandage
8685 Bandage
Windwool Bandage
8685Crafted Bandage
Windshear Cactus Seed
1Looted, Vendor Other
Windblossom Berries
5545Created Other
Wind Break
1 Other
Wildvine Potion
4535Crafted, Looted Potion
Wildfowl Roast
8685Crafted Food & Drink
Wildfowl Ginseng Soup
8787Crafted Food & Drink
Wild Winter Pilsner
5 Other
Wild Winter Pilsner
5 Other
Wild Ricecake
2525Vendor Food & Drink
Wild Poached Emperor Salmon
7575Vendor Food & Drink
Wild Mana Wand
1Vendor Other
Wild Hog Shank
2525Looted, Vendor, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Widowsister Contract
1Vendor Other
Wicked Wikket
8585Vendor Food & Drink
Whitecrest Gumbo
8180Crafted Food & Drink
White Turnip Seeds
1Looted, Vendor Other
White Smoke Flare
1Crafted, Looted, Vendor Other
Whiptail Fillet
10091Crafted Food & Drink
Whipper Root Tuber
4545Created Food & Drink
Whimsical Skull Mask
1 Other
Whale Shark Caviar
9090Vendor Food & Drink
Westfall Stew
1515Crafted Food & Drink
Westfall Mud Pie
12 Feast or Famine Food & Drink
Well-Wrapped Package
1 Other
Well Water
12Vendor Food & Drink
Weird Food
1 Food & Drink
Weird Drink
1 Food & Drink
Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern
1Looted, Quest Other
Weak Troll's Blood Elixir
8Crafted, Looted, Quest Elixir
Wayward Lamb
1 Other
Waterlogged Zandalari Journal
1Looted Other
Waterlogged Journal
1Looted Other
Watered-down Beer
1 Food & Drink
Water Spirit
90Gathered Other
Water Sapta
1 Other
Water Elementals
1 Other
Water Bucket
1Unobtainable, Created Other
Warsong Gulch Silk Bandage
3525Vendor Bandage
Warsong Gulch Runecloth Bandage
5545Vendor Bandage
Warsong Gulch Mageweave Bandage
4535Vendor Bandage
Warsong Gulch Iron Ration
4535Vendor Other
Warsong Gulch Field Ration
3525Vendor Other
Warsong Gulch Enriched Ration
5545Vendor Other
Warp-Attuned Orb
1 Other
Warp Burger
5555Crafted Food & Drink
Warosh's Mojo
1 Other
Warm Nightpear Cider
110100Vendor Food & Drink
Warm Goren Egg
1Looted Other
War of the Satyr
1 Other
War Horn Mouthpiece
1 Other
1Vendor Explosives and Devices
Wall Fortification
1 Other
Wailing Essence
1 Other
Vrykul Male Mask
1Vendor Other
Vrykul Female Mask
1Vendor Other
Voren'thal's Package
1 Other
Voodoo Skull
1Created Other
Volcanic Spring Water
55Vendor Food & Drink
Volcanic Potion
8580Crafted, Looted Potion
Volatile Seaforium Blastpack
81Crafted Explosives and Devices
Volatile Rum
1Looted, Vendor Food & Drink