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Name Level Req. Level Source Type
Intact Plague Container
1 Plague Container Consumable
Intravenous Healing Potion
8575Vendor Consumable
Intricately-Painted Egg
1Vendor Consumable
Invigorating Pineapple Punch
8585Created Food & Drink
Invisibility Potion
4737Crafted Potion
Iron Counterweight
33Crafted Item Enhancement
Iron Explorer Notes
1 Consumable
Iron Horde Rations
9090Looted Food & Drink
Iron Horde Rejuvenation Potion
9090Looted Potion
Iron Shield Spike
30Crafted Item Enhancement
Iron-Bound Zandalari Journal
1Looted Consumable
Ironforge Portal Shard
1 Other
Ironpeel Plantain
10090Looted Food & Drink
Ironshield Potion
7360Crafted Potion
Ironvine Seeds
1 Consumable
Ithis' Findings
1 Consumable
Izzard's Ever Flavor
5Vendor Consumable
Izzard's Ever Flavor
5 Consumable
Jade Blossom Firework
1Crafted, Looted Other
Jade Blossom Firework
1Vendor Other
Jade Squash Seeds
1Vendor Consumable
Jade Witch Brew
8787Crafted, Looted Food & Drink
Jademoon Leaf
1 Jademoon Consumable
Jasmine Tea
55Vendor Food & Drink
Jawless Skulker Bait
9090Looted, Fished Other
Jessen's Special Slop
5555Vendor Food & Drink
1Created Consumable
Jillian's Genius Juice
6855 Potion
Jillian's Gourmet Fish Feast
7070 Food & Drink
Jillian's Savior Sauce
6555 Potion
Jillian's Tonic of Endless Rage
8575 Flask
Jillian's Tonic of Pure Mojo
8575 Flask
Joseph's Wedding Ring
1 Consumable
Jug of Badlands Bourbon
35Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Jug of Ironwine
9090Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Juggling Torch
1Created, Quest, Vendor Consumable
Juicy Bear Burger
4545Crafted Food & Drink
Juicycrunch Carrot Seeds
1Looted, Vendor Consumable
Jumbo Sea Dog
10091Crafted Food & Drink
Jungle Remedy
3222 Potion
Jungle River Water
3525Quest, Vendor Consumable
Jungle Stew
2525Crafted Food & Drink
Junglevine Wine
1Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Juniper Berries
1 Juniper Berries Consumable
9090Looted, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Kael's Vial Remnant
1Looted Consumable
Kafa'kota Berry
1Looted, Gathered Consumable
Kaldorei Spider Kabob
1Crafted Food & Drink
Keenbean Kafa
8585Quest Food & Drink
Keg of Thunderbrew Lager
15 Consumable
Kibler's Bits
1Crafted Food & Drink
Kickable Keg
85Unobtainable Other
Knothide Armor Kit
6050Crafted Item Enhancement
Kodo Bone
1Looted Consumable
Kor'kron Helmet
1 Kor'kron Reaver Consumable
Krasarang Fritters
8685Crafted Food & Drink
Kravel's Crate
1 Consumable
Krennan's Potion of Stealth
1 Consumable
Kul Tiras Treasure
1 Kul Tiras Treasure Consumable
7575Crafted, Looted, Quest Food & Drink
Kun-Lai Kicker
8685Vendor Food & Drink
Lagrave Stout
8585Vendor Food & Drink
Large Cluster Rocket Recipes
1Quest, Vendor Consumable
Large Raw Mightfish
4545Fished Food & Drink
Large Rocket Recipes
1Quest, Vendor Consumable
Large Rope Net
122 Murloc Netter Consumable
Last Week's Mammoth
80Crafted Food & Drink
Lavascale Fillet
8180Crafted Food & Drink
Lavascale Minestrone
8180Crafted Food & Drink
Lavastone Jack
1 Blingtron 5000 Gift Package Consumable
Lavastone Pale
1 Blingtron 5000 Gift Package Consumable
Lean Venison
1515Crafted Food & Drink
Lean Wolf Steak
1515Crafted Food & Drink
Leather Beach Ball
1 Consumable
Leftover Boar Meat
1 Coldridge Mountaineer's Pouch Food & Drink
Leftover Boar Meat
1 Leftover Boar Meat Consumable
Leg Meat
1Looted Food & Drink
Legacy of the Mountain King
1Looted Other
Legion Chili
10090Garrison Mission Food & Drink
Lemon Flower Pudding
9090 Food & Drink
Lemon Herb Filet
1Crafted Food & Drink
Lesser Flask of Toughness
8070Crafted Flask
Lesser Healing Potion
133Crafted, Looted, Fished, Quest, Vendor, Pick Pocketed Potion
Lesser Healthstone
2212 Other
Lesser Healthstone
2212 Other
Lesser Healthstone
2212 Other
Lesser Invisibility Potion
3323Crafted Potion
Lesser Mana Oil
5040Crafted Other
Lesser Mana Potion
2414Crafted, Looted, Fished, Vendor, Skinned, Pick Pocketed Potion
Lesser Mark of the Dawn
60Created Consumable
Lesser Pet Treat
1Looted, Vendor Consumable
Lesser Rune of Warding
6555Crafted Other
Lesser Soulstone
30 Consumable
Lesser Stoneshield Potion
4333Crafted Potion
Lesser Ward of Shielding
6555Crafted Other
Lesser Wizard Oil
4030Crafted Other
Li Li's Wishing-Stone
1 Consumable
Life Spirit
90Gathered Other
Lifegiving Seed
85Looted, Gathered Other
Light Armor Kit
5Crafted, Looted Item Enhancement