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Name Level Req. Level Source Type
Contract: Arakkoa Outcasts Follower
1 Other
Conqueror's Tribute
85 Other
1 Other
Conjured Water
1 Food & Drink
Conjured Sweet Roll
4545 Food & Drink
Conjured Spring Water
2525 Food & Drink
Conjured Sparkling Water
4545 Food & Drink
Conjured Sourdough
3535 Food & Drink
Conjured Rye
1515 Food & Drink
Conjured Purified Water
1515 Food & Drink
Conjured Pumpernickel
2525 Food & Drink
Conjured Muffin
1Created Food & Drink
Conjured Mountain Spring Water
6060 Food & Drink
Conjured Mineral Water
3535 Food & Drink
Conjured Mana Strudel
80Created Food & Drink
Conjured Mana Pudding
90Created Food & Drink
Conjured Mana Pie
74Created Food & Drink
Conjured Mana Lollipop
64Created Food & Drink
Conjured Mana Fritter
90 Food & Drink
Conjured Mana Cupcake
54Created Food & Drink
Conjured Mana Cookie
34Created Food & Drink
Conjured Mana Cake
85Created Food & Drink
Conjured Mana Bun
100Created, Looted Food & Drink
Conjured Mana Brownie
44Created Food & Drink
Conjured Mana Biscuit
6565 Food & Drink
Conjured Glacier Water
6565 Food & Drink
Conjured Fresh Water
55 Food & Drink
Conjured Crystal Water
5555 Food & Drink
Conjured Croissant
6565 Food & Drink
Conjured Cinnamon Roll
5555 Food & Drink
Conjured Bread
55 Food & Drink
Congealed Cranberry Chutney
1 Pilgrim's Bounty Food & Drink
Cone of Cold
1010 Food & Drink
Cone of Cold
1010 Food & Drink
Condensed Mana Sparks
11095Looted, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Condensed Mana Powder
1Looted Other
Concentrated Solvent
1 Other
Compact Harvest Reaper Kit
3530Crafted Explosives and Devices
Commander's Draenic Versatility Potion
10090Looted, Quest Potion
Commander's Draenic Swiftness Potion
9090Looted, Quest Potion
Commander's Draenic Strength Potion
10090Looted, Quest Potion
Commander's Draenic Invisibility Potion
9090Looted, Quest Potion
Commander's Draenic Intellect Potion
10090Looted, Quest Potion
Commander's Draenic Agility Potion
10090Looted, Quest Potion
Commander Domitille's Helm
1Looted Explosives and Devices
Commander Ansela
1 Other
Comfortable Insoles
60Crafted Other
Combat Mana Potion
5141Vendor Potion
Combat Healing Potion
4535Vendor Potion
Colossal Parachute
25Vendor Other
Coliseum Champion's Spoils
1 Fight, Kill, Salute! Other
Coilfang Reserve
1 Food & Drink
Codex of the Tranquil Mind
10015Crafted Other
Codex of the Clear Mind
10015Crafted Other
Coded Message
1Looted, Pick Pocketed Other
Cocoa Flatcakes
10090Vendor Food & Drink
Cobo Cola
9090Vendor Food & Drink
Cobalt Frag Bomb
71Crafted Explosives and Devices
Coarse Weightstone
155Crafted Other
Coarse Stone Statue
20Crafted Other
Coarse Sharpening Stone
155Crafted, Quest Other
Coarse Dynamite
20Crafted Explosives and Devices
Coal Tar
1 Barrel of Coal Tar Other
Cluster Rocket Recipes
1Quest, Vendor Other
Clothes Chest: Molten Core
1Crafted Other
Clothes Chest: Karazhan Opera House
1Crafted Other
Clothes Chest: Dalaran Citizens
1Crafted Other
Clefthoof Sausages
10091Crafted Food & Drink
Clefthoof Ribs
6565Vendor Food & Drink
Clefthoof Milk
10090Vendor Food & Drink
Clefhoof Pot Roast
10090Unobtainable Food & Drink
Cleansing Vial
1 Other
Claw-Marked Brawler's Purse
1 Other
Clamlette Magnifique
3535Crafted Food & Drink
Clam Chowder
1515Crafted Food & Drink
Clam Bar
5555Crafted Food & Drink
Chun Tian Spring Rolls
9090Crafted, Looted Food & Drink
Chuganpug's Delight
8575Vendor Other
1Created Other
Chronicler Elrianne
1 Other
8585 Food & Drink
Chocolate Square
1 Food & Drink
Chocolate Cookie
80Crafted, Vendor Food & Drink
Chocolate Celebration Cake
7570Vendor Other
Chocolate Cake Slice
7070Created Food & Drink
Chipped Power Core
1 Arcane Reaver Other
Chilton Stilton
9090Vendor Food & Drink
Chillwind Omelet
4545 You Gotta Have Eggs Food & Drink
Chilled Conjured Water
110105 Food & Drink
Chewy Fel Taffy
1Looted, Vendor Other
Cherry Grog
2525Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Cheery Cherry Pie
15Vendor Food & Drink
Cheap Beer
1Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Charred Wolf Meat
1Crafted Food & Drink
Charred Staff Fragment
1 Charred Staff Fragment Other
Charred Granite Chips
1 Charred Granite Outcropping Other
Charred Bear Kabobs
4545Crafted Food & Drink
Charged Spellbomb
110 Llorian's Supplies Explosives and Devices
Charged Soulstone
8Unobtainable Explosives and Devices
Charcoaled Elderhorn
10595Vendor Food & Drink