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Name Level Req. Level Source Type
Sunfury Arcanist Robes
1 Sunfury Arcanist Consumable
Sunfury Disguise
1 Consumable
Sunfury Guardsman Medallion
1 Sunfury Guardsman Consumable
Sunfury Researcher Gloves
1 Sunfury Researcher Consumable
Sunkissed Wine
1Looted, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Sunspring Carp
5555Looted, Vendor, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Suntouched Special Reserve
1 Suntouched Special Reserve Consumable
Super Healing Potion
6555Crafted, Looted, Quest, Vendor, Skinned, Pick Pocketed Potion
Super Mana Potion
6855Crafted, Looted, Quest, Vendor Potion
Super Rejuvenation Potion
7565Crafted, Looted, Quest Potion
Super Snuff
1 Other
Superior Healing Draught
4535Looted, PvP (Honor) Potion
Superior Healing Potion
4535Crafted, Looted, Fished, Vendor, Skinned, Pick Pocketed Potion
Superior Mana Draught
4535Looted, PvP (Honor) Potion
Superior Mana Oil
6252Crafted Other
Superior Mana Potion
5141Crafted, Looted, Fished, Vendor Potion
Superior Wizard Oil
6858Crafted Other
Sweet Drink
1 Food & Drink
Sweet Food
1 Food & Drink
Sweet Nectar
2525Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Sweet Potato Bread
7575Vendor, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Sweet Surprise
1 Consumable
Sweet Tea
3535 The Battle of Darrowshire Food & Drink
Sweetened Goat's Milk
6565Vendor Food & Drink
Swiftness Potion
155Crafted, Looted Potion
Swim Speed Potion
2010Crafted, Looted, Quest Potion
Swirling Mist Soup
8685Crafted Food & Drink
Tabetha's Instructions
1 Consumable
Tahret Dynasty Mallet
83 Consumable
Talbuk Steak
5555Crafted Food & Drink
Talisman of Flame Ascendancy
1 Consumable
Tallstalk Mushroom
5040Vendor Other
Tally's Waiver (Unsigned)
1 Consumable
Tangy Southfury Cranberries
1Vendor Food & Drink
Tangy Wetland Cranberries
1Vendor Food & Drink
Tangy Yogurt
9090Crafted, Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Tara's Tar Scraper
1 Consumable
Tara's Tar Scraper
1 Consumable
Tarblossom Blossom
1 Tarblossom Consumable
Tarp Collected Dew
1Vendor Food & Drink
Tasty Cupcake
80Crafted Food & Drink
Tasty Lion Steak
2525Crafted Food & Drink
Tasty Puffball
7575Vendor Food & Drink
Tattered Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket
1Quest Consumable
Tauren Female Mask
1Looted, Vendor Consumable
Tauren Male Mask
1Looted, Vendor Consumable
Tears of the Goddess
1 Consumable
Telaari Grapes
6565Vendor, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Tel'Abim Banana
55Looted, Vendor, Skinned, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Teldrassil Sweet Potato
1Vendor Food & Drink
Teldrassil Tenderloin
55Vendor Food & Drink
Temple Rat
1Created Consumable
Tender Baked Turtle
8180Crafted Food & Drink
Tender Shoveltusk Steak
7070Crafted Food & Drink
Tender Wolf Steak
4040Crafted Food & Drink
Terrapin Oil Sample
1 Consumable
Test Stationery
1 Other
The Burning Litanies
1 Burning Litanies Consumable
The Cypher of Keset
1 Raider Lord Havat Consumable
The Essential Brewfest Pretzel
5 Consumable
The Gatewatcher's Talisman
1Looted Consumable
The Golden Link
7565 Consumable
70Created Other
The Upper World Pillar Fragment
1 The First Fragment of the World Pillar Consumable
Thick Armor Kit
4030Crafted, Looted Item Enhancement
Thick-Cut Bacon
9090Vendor Food & Drink
Thistle Tea
55Crafted Food & Drink
Tholo's Horn
1 Consumable
Thonk's Spyglass
1 Consumable
Thorim's Sigil
1Looted Consumable
Thorim's Sigil
1Looted Consumable
Thornling Seed
4039Looted Consumable
Thrallmar Favor
60Created, Quest, Vendor Consumable
Thrice-Spiced Crunchy Stew
55Vendor Food & Drink
Throwing Starfish
1Created Consumable
Thunder 45
3525Quest, Vendor Consumable
Thunder Ale
1Vendor Food & Drink
Thunder Bluff Banner
1Vendor Consumable
Thunder Bluff Portal Shard
1 Other
Thunderbrew Ale
4535Vendor Consumable
Thunderbrew Stout
5545Vendor Consumable
Thunderbrew's Hard Ale
7570Created Consumable
Thundering Charm
3525Looted Other
Thunder's Plunder
8575Vendor Consumable
Tiger Brew of Adversity
5540Vendor Food & Drink
Tiger Brew of Fallen Blossoms
8070Vendor Food & Drink
Tiger Brew of Meditation
7560Vendor Food & Drink
Tiger Brew of Pilgrimage
6550Vendor Food & Drink
Tiger Brew of Serenity
8580Vendor Food & Drink
Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream
1515Vendor Food & Drink
Timeless Essence of the Black Dragonflight
1Quest, Vendor Consumable
Timeless Tea
8685Vendor Food & Drink
Toasted Fish Jerky
8685Crafted, Looted, Quest, Vendor Food & Drink
Toasted Smorc
1Created, Quest Consumable
Tol Barad Coconut Rum
35Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Tome of Flame
1 Tome of Flame Consumable
Tome of Thomas Thomson
1 Consumable
Tooth Pick
1Looted, Vendor Consumable
Torment of the Worgen
1Looted Other
Torn Zandalari Journal
1Looted Consumable