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Name Level Req. Level Source Type
Underbelly Banquet
1Vendor Other
Undead Male Mask
1Looted, Vendor Other
Undead Female Mask
1Looted, Vendor Other
Undead Battle-Training Stone
1Looted Other
Uncatalogued Species
160 Package of Identified Plants Other
Unbestowed Friendship Bracelet
1 Other
Unbending Potion
110100Crafted, Looted Potion
Ukor's Burden
1 Other
1 Other
Twin Fish Platter
8787Crafted Food & Drink
Twilight Research Notes
1Looted Other
Twilight Recruitment Papers
1 Twilight Recruit Other
Twilight Pick
1 Other
Twilight Documents
1Looted Other
Twilight Communique
1 Crate of Scrolls Other
Twice-Baked Sweet Potato
1 Pilgrim's Bounty Food & Drink
Turtle Meat Scrap
1 Wyrmhorn Turtle Other
Turnip Punching Bag
85 Leaders Among Breeders Other
Turkey Shooter
1 Pilgrim's Bounty Other
Turkey Caller
1Quest Other
Tundra Berries
6565Vendor Food & Drink
Tugboat Bobber
1 Darkmoon Island Other
Tua'kea's Breathing Bladder
1 Other
Trusty Copper Racer
1Looted, Vendor Other
Troubles From Without
1Looted Other
Tropical Sunfruit
7575Vendor Food & Drink
Trophy Wolf
85Unobtainable Other
Trophy Fox
85Unobtainable Other
Troop C
1 Other
Troop C
1 Other
Troop C
1 Other
Troop C
1 Other
Troop C
1 Other
Troop C
1 Other
Troop C
1 Other
Troop C
1 Other
Troll Tartare
55Vendor Food & Drink
Troll Male Mask
1Looted, Vendor Other
Troll Female Mask
1Looted, Vendor Other
Trogg Ale
175 Other
Triple-Distilled Brew
8585Vendor Food & Drink
Tricky Treat
1Looted, Quest, Vendor Other
1 Other
Traveler's Pet Supplies
100Quest Other
Transmorphic Tincture
1Crafted, Looted Other
Trail-Worn Scroll
1 Other
1 Other
Tracker Snacks
7070Crafted Food & Drink
Toy Cat Head Bobber
1 Other
Tournament Brew
1Created Other
Tough Jerky
1Looted, Fished, Vendor, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Tough Hunk of Bread
1Looted, Quest, Vendor, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Tortoise Jerky
8585Quest, Vendor Food & Drink
Torn Zandalari Journal
1Looted Other
Torment of the Worgen
1Looted Other
Torment of the Worgen
1Looted Other
Tooth Pick
1Looted, Vendor Other
Tome of Thomas Thomson
1 Other
Tome of Flame
1 Tome of Flame Other
Tol Barad Coconut Rum
35Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Toasted Smorc
1Created, Quest, Vendor Other
Toasted Fish Jerky
8685Crafted, Looted, Quest, Vendor Food & Drink
110105Vendor Food & Drink
Tiny Little Grabbing Apparatus
10098Vendor Other
Timeless Tea
8685Vendor Food & Drink
Timeless Essence of the Black Dragonflight
1Unobtainable, Quest, Vendor Other
Tikari & K.A.Y.T.
1 Blingtron 5000 Gift Package Food & Drink
Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream
1515Vendor Food & Drink
Tiger Brew of Serenity
8580Vendor Food & Drink
Tiger Brew of Pilgrimage
6550Vendor Food & Drink
Tiger Brew of Meditation
7560Vendor Food & Drink
Tiger Brew of Fallen Blossoms
8070Vendor Food & Drink
Tiger Brew of Adversity
5540Vendor Food & Drink
Tideskorn Mead Ale
110100Vendor Food & Drink
Thuni's Patented Drinking Fluid
10595Vendor Food & Drink
Thundertotem Rice Cake
10595Vendor Food & Drink
Thunder's Plunder
8575Vendor Other
Thundering Charm
3525Looted Other
Thunderbrew's Hard Ale
7570Created Other
Thunderbrew Stout
5545Vendor Other
Thunderbrew Ale
4535Vendor Other
Thunderbelly Mead
100100Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Thunder Bluff Portal Shard
1 Other
Thunder Ale
1Vendor Food & Drink
Thunder 45
3525Quest, Vendor Other
Throwing Starfish
1Created Other
Thrice-Spiced Crunchy Stew
55Vendor Food & Drink
Thrallmar Favor
60Created, Quest, Vendor Other
Thoughtful Post
1Vendor Other
Thornling Seed
4039Looted Other
Thorium Grenade
52Crafted Explosives and Devices
Thorim's Sigil
1Looted Other
Thorim's Sigil
1Looted Other
Thonk's Spyglass
1 Other
Tholo's Horn
1 Other
Thistle Tea
5Crafted, Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Thirteen Grain Loaf
10090Vendor Food & Drink
Third Year Blue
110100 The Fruit of Our Efforts Food & Drink
1 Other
Thick-Cut Bacon
9090 Food & Drink