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Name Level Req. Level Source Type
Desecrated Leggings
6060 Junk
Desecrated Legplates
6060 Junk
Desecrated Pauldrons
6060 Junk
Desecrated Robe
6060 Junk
Desecrated Sandals
6060 Junk
Desecrated Shoulderpads
6060 Junk
Desecrated Spaulders
6060 Junk
Desecrated Tunic
6060 Junk
Desecrated Waistguard
6060 Junk
Desecrated Wristguards
6060 Junk
Imperial Qiraji Armaments
6060Looted Junk
Imperial Qiraji Regalia
6060Looted Junk
Animist's Caress
6060 Animist's Caress Junk
Death's Embrace
6060 Death's Embrace Junk
Falcon's Call
6060 Falcon's Call Junk
Hoodoo Hex
6060 Hoodoo Hex Junk
Presence of Might
6060 Presence of Might Junk
Presence of Sight
6060 Presence of Sight Junk
Prophetic Aura
6060 Prophetic Aura Junk
Syncretist's Sigil
6060 Syncretist's Sigil Junk
Ancient Qiraji Artifact
6060Looted Junk
Primal Hakkari Idol
6058 Junk
Burning Legion Missive
158 Warbringer Arix'Amal Junk
Fel Iron Shells
157 Junk
Broken Flightblade Throwing Axe
6055 Junk
Ice Guard
6055 Junk
Savage Guard
6055Quest Junk
Shadow Guard
6055 Junk
Impact Shot
155 Junk
Wicked Arrow
155 Junk
Brann Bronzebeard's Lost Letter
5654Looted Junk
154 Junk
Mind-numbing Poison III
5252 Junk
Thorium Shells
152 Junk
Ice Threaded Arrow
151 Junk
Ice Threaded Bullet
151 Junk
Lesser Arcanum of Resilience
6050 Libram of Resilience Junk
Winterfall Ritual Totem
5050Looted Junk
Crippling Poison
5050 Junk
Rockshard Pellets
147 Junk
Deadwood Ritual Totem
4545Looted Junk
Mithril Gyro-Shot
144 Junk
Elune's Lantern
4040 Elune's Blessing Junk
Undelivered Parcel
4040 Junk
Water-Damaged Ship Schedule
4040 Junk
Accurate Slugs
140 Junk
Jagged Arrow
140 Junk
Mind-Numbing Poison
3838 Junk
Explosive Arrow
137 Junk
Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs
137 Junk
Broken Gleaming Throwing Axe
4035 Junk
Broken Wicked Throwing Dagger
4035 Junk
Precision Arrow
135Looted Junk
Reins of the Nightsaber
3030 Junk
Crafted Solid Shot
130 Junk
Small Scroll
2828 Junk
Small Scroll
2828Looted Junk
Charred Glyph
2525Vendor Junk
Charred Glyph
2525Vendor Junk
Charred Glyph
2525Vendor Junk
Charred Glyph
2525Vendor Junk
Crystal Basilisk Spine
125 Crystal Spine Basilisk Junk
Razor Arrow
125 Junk
Solid Shot
125 Junk
Broken Heavy Throwing Dagger
2722 Junk
Damp Note
1717 Blackfathom Tide Priestess Junk
The Sun King's Command
1414 Junk
Smooth Pebble
113 Sparklematic-Wrapped Box Junk
Broken Keen Throwing Knife
1611 Junk
Broken Sharp Throwing Axe
1611 Junk
Sayge's Fortune #23
1010 Junk
Sayge's Fortune #25
1010 Junk
Sayge's Fortune #27
1010 Junk
Heavy Shot
110 Junk
Sharp Arrow
110 Junk
Blood Elf Communication
85 Blood Elf Bandit Junk
Crafted Light Shot
15 Junk
Broken Balanced Throwing Dagger
83 Junk
Broken Weighted Throwing Axe
83 Junk
Broken Boot Knife
83 Junk
Stash of Dusty Music Rolls
100Quest Junk
Greblin's Profit Sharing Dividends
100 Junk
Son of the Beast's Massive Fang
100Looted Junk
Goblin Emergency Continuance Kit
96Looted Junk
Tangle of Fishing Hooks
96Looted Junk
Sky Crystal
90Created Junk
90Looted Junk
Exploratron 2000 Spare Parts
90Looted Junk
Giant Kaliri Egg
90Looted Junk
Iron Horde Weapon Cache
90Looted Junk
Shan'ze Ritual Stone
90Created, Looted, Quest Junk
Frostdeep Minnow
90Looted, Fished Junk
Lunarfall Carp
90Fished Junk
Tattered Historical Parchments
90Looted Junk
Ancient War Maps
90 Fortuitous Coffer Junk
Arcane Golem User's Guide
90Looted Junk
Battered Armor Fragments
90Looted, Pick Pocketed Junk
Battered Wolfskull Helm
90Looted Junk
Bent Camshaft
90Looted, Salvaged Junk
Bleached Bones
90Looted Junk