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Name Level Req. Level Source Type
Shiny Fish Scales
1Looted, Pick Pocketed Reagent
Fish Oil
1Looted, Skinned, Pick Pocketed Reagent
Light Feather
1Looted Reagent
Gateway Control Stone
1Vendor Reagent
Earth Totem
4 Reagent
Soul Shard
10Created Reagent
Fire Totem
10 Reagent
Vanishing Powder
15Crafted, Vendor Reagent
Thieves' Tools
1515Created Reagent
Frost Vial
15 Reagent
Rune of Teleportation
20 Reagent
Flash Powder
20 Reagent
Water Totem
20 Reagent
Instant Toxin
2424 Reagent
Symbol of Divinity
30 Reagent
Stranglethorn Seed
30 Reagent
30 Reagent
Air Totem
30 Reagent
Scented Candle
36 Reagent
Rune of Portals
40 Reagent
Ashwood Seed
40 Reagent
Creeping Torment
40 Reagent
ZZold Arcane Dust
42 Reagent
Holy Candle
48 Reagent
Wild Root
50 Reagent
Wild Berries
50 Reagent
Hornbeam Seed
50 Reagent
Infernal Stone
55 Reagent
Corpse Dust
55 Reagent
Arcane Powder
56 Reagent
Wild Thornroot
60 Reagent
Symbol of Kings
60 Reagent
Sacred Candle
60 Reagent
Ironwood Seed
60 Reagent
Demonic Figurine
60 Reagent
Wild Quillvine
70 Reagent
Flintweed Seed
70 Reagent
Devout Candle
70 Reagent
Starleaf Seed
79 Reagent
Wild Spineleaf
80 Reagent
Dust of Disappearance
81Crafted, Vendor Reagent
Tome of the Clear Mind
86Crafted, Vendor Reagent