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Name Level Req. Level Source Type
Aogexon's Fang
1Looted Other
Alexandros' Soul Shard
1 Unsealed Chest Junk
Shadowfrost Shard
1Looted Junk
Seething Cinder
1Looted Junk
Broken Small Throwing Knife
3 Junk
Broken Crude Throwing Axe
3Unobtainable Junk
Earth Totem
4 Reagent
Squashed Rabbit Carcass
5 Junk
Rabbit's Foot
5Looted, Skinned Junk
Numbered Rod
5 Lead Cannoneer Zierhut Miscellaneous
Needle and Thread
5 Torturer LeCraft Junk
Forest Spider Webbing
5Looted Junk
Defective Gear
5Looted, Salvaged Junk
Winna's Kitten Carrier
5 Junk
5Created, Looted, Vendor Holiday
Huge Snowball
5Looted Holiday
Holiday Spices
5Vendor Holiday
Fake Mistletoe
5 Junk
Bloodthistle Petal
5 Bloodthistle Plant Junk
Bloated Smallfish
5Fished Other
Alcohol-Free Brewfest Sampler
5Created Junk
Broken Boot Knife
83 Junk
Broken Weighted Throwing Axe
83 Junk
Broken Balanced Throwing Dagger
83 Junk
Blood Elf Communication
85 Blood Elf Bandit Junk
Battered Chest
8Fished Junk
Dirty Trogg Cloth
9Looted Junk
Tin Powder
10 Junk
Threshadon Ambergris
10Looted Junk
Rough Vulture Feathers
10Looted Junk
Copper Powder
10 Junk
Bent Copper Tube
10Created, Looted, Fished, Vendor Junk
Soul Shard
10Created Reagent
Sayge's Fortune #27
1010 Junk
Sayge's Fortune #25
1010 Junk
Sayge's Fortune #23
1010 Junk
Pack of Fishing Supplies
10Fished, Quest Junk
Orcish Orphan Whistle
10Created Junk
Human Orphan Whistle
10Created Junk
Fire Totem
10 Reagent
Bag of Shiny Things
10Quest Junk
Ahn'Qiraj War Effort Supplies
10Unobtainable, Quest Junk
The Sun King's Command
1414 Junk
Sunhawk Missive
14Looted Junk
Partially Digested Meat
15Looted, Skinned Junk
Mutilated Rat Carcass
15 Junk
Haute Club Membership Card
15Looted Junk
Gnoll Spittle
15Looted Junk
Crisp Spider Meat
15Looted Junk
Chunk of Flesh
15 Junk
Vanishing Powder
15Crafted, Vendor Reagent
Tightly Sealed Trunk
15Looted, Fished Junk
Thieves' Tools
1515Created Reagent
Small Chest
15Fished Junk
Dented Crate
15Fished Other
Covert Ops Pack
15 Junk
Cannary's Cache
15 Junk
Bloated Oily Blackmouth
155 Other
Bloated Mud Snapper
155Fished Other
22 Pound Catfish
15Fished Junk
19 Pound Catfish
15Fished Junk
17 Pound Catfish
15Fished Junk
15 Pound Mud Snapper
15Fished Junk
12 Pound Mud Snapper
15Looted, Fished Junk
10 Pound Mud Snapper
15Fished Junk
Nolkai's Band
16 Nolkai's Box Junk
Great Goretusk Snout
16Looted Junk
Certificate of Thievery
16 Junk
Broken Sharp Throwing Axe
1611 Junk
Broken Keen Throwing Knife
1611 Junk
Nolkai's Box
17 Junk
Damp Note
1717 Blackfathom Tide Priestess Junk
A Sack of Coins
18 Junk
Zhevra Leather
20Looted Junk
Rune of Teleportation
20 Reagent
Maple Seed
20 Junk
Hot Spices
20 Junk
Flash Powder
20Looted Reagent
Fist-Sized Spinneret
20Looted Junk
Dust of Decay
20Looted Junk
Water Totem
20 Reagent
Small Locked Chest
20Fished Junk
Reins of the Spotted Nightsaber
2020 Mount
Kodo Mount
2020 Mount
Glowing Cat Figurine
20 Ghost Saber Junk
Faded Wizard Hat
20 Farewell, Minnow Junk
Clockwork Box
20Crafted, Looted Junk
Battered Junkbox
20Looted, Pick Pocketed Junk
Ahn'Qiraj War Effort Supplies
20Unobtainable, Quest Junk
Preserved Holly
2020Looted, Quest Holiday
Preserved Brewfest Hops
2020Vendor Holiday
Ornate Bronze Lockbox
20Looted Junk
Old Ironjaw
20Fished Junk
Old Crafty
20Fished Junk
White Ram
2020Vendor Mount
White Kodo
2020Vendor Mount
Whistle of the Violet Raptor
2020Vendor Mount
Whistle of the Turquoise Raptor
2020Vendor Mount
Whistle of the Emerald Raptor
2020Vendor Mount
Unpainted Mechanostrider
2020Vendor Mount