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Name Level Source Req. Skill Type
Pattern: Black Silk Pack
37Looted 185Tailoring Pattern
Pattern: Guardian Cloak
37Looted 185Leatherworking Pattern
Plans: Barbaric Iron Gloves
37 Joys of Omosh 185Blacksmithing Plans
Plans: Polished Steel Boots
37Looted 185Blacksmithing Plans
Schematic: Flash Bomb
37Looted 185Engineering Schematic
Pattern: Gem-Studded Leather Belt
37Vendor 185Leatherworking Pattern
Plans: Massive Iron Axe
37Vendor 185Blacksmithing Plans
Pattern: Spider Belt
36Looted 180Tailoring Pattern
Plans: Barbaric Iron Boots
36 Trampled Under Foot 180Blacksmithing Plans
Recipe: Major Troll's Blood Elixir
36Looted 180Alchemy Recipe
Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage
36 180First Aid Manual
Pattern: Crimson Silk Cloak
36Vendor 180Tailoring Pattern
Plans: Moonsteel Broadsword
36Vendor 180Blacksmithing Plans
Schematic: Accurate Scope
36 180Engineering Schematic
Plans: Golden Scale Shoulders
35Looted 175Blacksmithing Plans
Formula: Enchant Cloak - Lesser Stats
35 175Enchanting Formula
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Lesser Beastslayer
35Looted 175Enchanting Formula
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Lesser Elemental Slayer
35Looted 175Enchanting Formula
Pattern: Boots of the Enchanter
35Looted 175Tailoring Pattern
Pattern: Green Silk Pack
35Looted 175Tailoring Pattern
Pattern: Green Whelp Armor
35Looted 175Leatherworking Pattern
Pattern: Guardian Armor
35Looted 175Leatherworking Pattern
Plans: Barbaric Iron Helm
35 Horns of Frenzy 175Blacksmithing Plans
Plans: Jade Serpentblade
35Looted 175Blacksmithing Plans
Schematic: Bright-Eye Goggles
35Looted 175Engineering Schematic
Schematic: Large Blue Rocket
35 175Engineering Schematic
Schematic: Large Green Rocket
35 175Engineering Schematic
Schematic: Large Red Rocket
35 175Engineering Schematic
Pattern: Azure Silk Cloak
35Vendor 175Tailoring Pattern
Recipe: Barbecued Buzzard Wing
35Vendor 175Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Carrion Surprise
35Vendor 175Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Elixir of Fortitude
35Looted 175Alchemy Recipe
Recipe: Giant Clam Scorcho
35Vendor 175Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Great Rage Potion
35Vendor 175Alchemy Recipe
Recipe: Hot Wolf Ribs
35Vendor 175Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Jungle Stew
35Vendor 175Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Mystery Stew
35Vendor 175Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Roast Raptor
35Vendor 175Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Sagefish Delight
35Vendor 175Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Mithril Head Trout
30Vendor 175Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Rockscale Cod
30Vendor 175Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Soothing Turtle Bisque
30 175Cooking Recipe
Design: The Jade Eye
37Vendor 170Jewelcrafting Design
Pattern: Guardian Belt
34Looted 170Leatherworking Pattern
Formula: Enchant Bracer - Lesser Dodge
34 170Enchanting Formula
Pattern: Shadow Hood
34Looted 170Tailoring Pattern
Pattern: Thick Murloc Armor
34Looted, Vendor 170Leatherworking Pattern
Plans: Golden Iron Destroyer
34Looted, Fished 170Blacksmithing Plans
Plans: Golden Scale Leggings
34Looted 170Blacksmithing Plans
Pattern: Barbaric Leggings
34Vendor 170Leatherworking Pattern
Pattern: Dusky Leather Leggings
33Looted 165Leatherworking Pattern
Pattern: Green Silk Armor
33Looted 165Tailoring Pattern
Pattern: Raptor Hide Belt
33Vendor 165Leatherworking Pattern
Pattern: Raptor Hide Harness
33Vendor 165Leatherworking Pattern
Plans: Iron Counterweight
33Looted 165Blacksmithing Plans
Schematic: Portable Bronze Mortar
33Looted 165Engineering Schematic
Pattern: Enchanter's Cowl
33Vendor 165Tailoring Pattern
Recipe: Fire Protection Potion
33Vendor 165Alchemy Recipe
Recipe: Shadow Oil
33 165Alchemy Recipe
Schematic: Goblin Jumper Cables
33Looted, Vendor 165Engineering Schematic
Design: Jade Pendant of Blasting
36Looted, Pick Pocketed 160Jewelcrafting Design
Plans: Barbaric Iron Breastplate
32 Barbaric Battlements 160Blacksmithing Plans
Plans: Barbaric Iron Shoulders
32 On Iron Pauldrons 160Blacksmithing Plans
Plans: Green Iron Shoulders
32Looted 160Blacksmithing Plans
Schematic: Discombobulator Ray
32Looted 160Engineering Schematic
Plans: Hardened Iron Shortsword
32Vendor 160Blacksmithing Plans
Recipe: Cranberry Chutney
32 Bountiful Cookbook 160Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Cranberry Chutney
32 Bountiful Cookbook 160Cooking Recipe
Plans: Silvered Bronze Leggings
31Looted 155Blacksmithing Plans
Pattern: Barbaric Bracers
31Vendor 155Leatherworking Pattern
Pattern: Dark Silk Shirt
31Vendor 155Tailoring Pattern
Pattern: Green Leather Armor
31Vendor 155Leatherworking Pattern
Plans: Solid Iron Maul
31Vendor 155Blacksmithing Plans
Schematic: Ice Deflector
31 155Engineering Schematic
Design: Blazing Citrine Ring
35 150Jewelcrafting Design
Design: Heavy Golden Necklace of Battle
35Vendor 150Jewelcrafting Design
Pattern: Barbaric Gloves
30Looted 150Leatherworking Pattern
Pattern: Robes of Arcana
30 Venture Co. Geologist 150Tailoring Pattern
Pattern: Truefaith Gloves
30Looted 150Tailoring Pattern
Plans: Green Iron Gauntlets
30Looted 150Blacksmithing Plans
Plans: Iron Shield Spike
30Looted 150Blacksmithing Plans
Formula: Minor Mana Oil
30Vendor 150Enchanting Formula
Pattern: Heavy Leather Ball
30Vendor 150Leatherworking Pattern
Recipe: Elixir of Ogre's Strength
30Looted 150Alchemy Recipe
Recipe: Free Action Potion
30Vendor 150Alchemy Recipe
Recipe: Heavy Crocolisk Stew
30Vendor 150Cooking Recipe
Recipe: Tasty Lion Steak
30 150Cooking Recipe
Schematic: Blue Firework
30Vendor 150Engineering Schematic
Schematic: Green Firework
30Vendor 150Engineering Schematic
Schematic: Red Firework
30Vendor 150Engineering Schematic
Formula: Enchant Gloves - Fishing
29 Scargil 145Enchanting Formula
Formula: Enchant Gloves - Herbalism
29 Flesh Eater 145Enchanting Formula
Formula: Enchant Gloves - Herbalism
29Looted 145Enchanting Formula
Formula: Enchant Gloves - Mining
29 145Enchanting Formula
Pattern: Hands of Darkness
29Looted 145Tailoring Pattern
Pattern: Heavy Earthen Gloves
29Looted 145Leatherworking Pattern
Plans: Green Iron Boots
29Looted 145Blacksmithing Plans
Plans: Mighty Iron Hammer
29Looted 145Blacksmithing Plans
Schematic: Moonsight Rifle
29Looted 145Engineering Schematic
Pattern: Azure Silk Gloves
29Vendor 145Tailoring Pattern