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Name Level Source Type
Rough Dynamite
10Crafted Explosives
Rough Copper Bomb
14Crafted Explosives
Small Seaforium Charge
20Crafted Explosives
Coarse Dynamite
20Crafted Explosives
Ez-Thro Dynamite
25Crafted Explosives
Large Copper Bomb
26Crafted Explosives
Small Bronze Bomb
29Crafted Explosives
Heavy Dynamite
30Crafted, Vendor Explosives
Explosive Sheep
30Crafted Explosives
Big Bronze Bomb
33Crafted Explosives
Solid Dynamite
35Crafted, Vendor Explosives
Iron Grenade
35Crafted Explosives
Flash Bomb
37Crafted Explosives
Goblin Land Mine
39Crafted Explosives
Large Seaforium Charge
40Crafted Explosives
Ez-Thro Dynamite II
40Crafted, Quest Explosives
Goblin Sapper Charge
41Crafted Explosives
Mithril Frag Bomb
43Crafted Explosives
Big Iron Bomb
43Crafted, Vendor Explosives
The Big One
45Crafted, Vendor Explosives
Dense Dynamite
45Crafted Explosives
Hi-Explosive Bomb
47Crafted Explosives
Thorium Grenade
52Crafted Explosives
Powerful Seaforium Charge
55Crafted Explosives
Dark Iron Bomb
57Crafted Explosives
Fel Iron Bomb
60Crafted, Vendor Explosives
Arcane Bomb
60Crafted Explosives
The Bigger One
65Crafted, Vendor Explosives
Frost Grenade
65Crafted Explosives
Adamantite Grenade
65Crafted, Vendor Explosives
Super Sapper Charge
68Crafted Explosives
Gnomish Flame Turret
70Crafted Explosives
Elemental Seaforium Charge
70Crafted Explosives
Cobalt Frag Bomb
71Crafted Explosives
The Naked Bomb
75 Explosives
Saronite Grenade
75 Explosives
Saronite Bomb
75 Box of Bombs Explosives
Global Thermal Sapper Charge
75Crafted Explosives
Box of Bombs
75Crafted Explosives
Explosive Decoy
80Crafted Explosives
Barrel o' Fun
80 Explosives
Volatile Seaforium Blastpack
81Crafted Explosives
Locksmith's Powderkeg
85Crafted Explosives
Big Daddy
85Crafted Explosives
G91 Landshark
90Crafted, Looted Explosives
Iron Horde Trip Mines [WIP]
91 Explosives
Mecha-Blast Rocket
100Crafted, Looted Explosives
Blackrock Seaforium
100 Explosives
Gazlowe's Gargantuan Grenade
100Vendor Explosives
Bizmo's Big Bang Boom Bomb
100Vendor Explosives