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Name Level Source Type
Stonescale Eel
45Fished Other
Stonescale Oil
50Crafted Other
Strange Tarot
25Crafted Other
Strong Flux
25Looted, Vendor Other
Thick-Shelled Clam
20Looted, Skinned, Pick Pocketed Other
Violet Pigment
40Milled Other
Virtuoso Inking Set
1Vendor Other
Weak Flux
5Looted, Vendor Other
Word of Thawing
1Looted Other
Yellow Dye
25Vendor Other
Common Parchment
40 Other
Cracked Vial
25 Other
Dry Yeast
81 Other
Flint and Tinder
5 Other
Heavy Parchment
60 Other
Melted Vial
55 Other
Noble Hops
81 Other
Resilient Parchment
80 Other
Shattered Vial
75 Other
Tainted Vial
35 Other