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Name Level Source Type
Stonescale Eel
45Fished Other
Stonescale Oil
50Crafted Other
Strange Tarot
25Crafted Other
Strong Flux
25Vendor Other
Thick-Shelled Clam
20Looted, Skinned Other
Violet Pigment
40Milled Other
Virtuoso Inking Set
1Vendor Other
Weak Flux
5Vendor Other
Word of Thawing
1 Other
Yellow Dye
25Vendor Other
Common Parchment
40 Other
Cracked Vial
25 Other
Dry Yeast
81 Other
Flint and Tinder
5 Other
Heavy Parchment
60 Other
Melted Vial
55 Other
Noble Hops
81 Other
Resilient Parchment
80 Other
Shattered Vial
75 Other
Tainted Vial
35 Other