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Name Level Source Type
Giant Darkwater Clam
80Fished Other
Giant Egg
45Looted Cooking
Giant Mantis Shrimp
87Looted, Fished, Quest Cooking
Giant Sunfish
70Fished Cooking
Giant Turtle Tongue
81Looted Cooking
85Quest, Vendor Cooking
Glacial Salmon
70Fished Cooking
Glassfin Minnow
70Fished Cooking
Globe of Water
45Looted Elemental
Goblin Rocket Fuel
42Crafted, Looted Parts
Gold Power Core
30Crafted, Salvaged Parts
72Created, Looted, Gathered Herb
Goldclover Leaf
72 Herb
Golden Carp
87Looted, Fished, Quest Cooking
Golden Darter
60Looted, Fished Cooking
Golden Pigment
20 Inscription
Golden Sansam
52Created, Looted, Gathered Herb
Golden Sansam Leaf
52 Herb
34Created, Looted, Gathered Herb
Goldthorn Bramble
34 Herb
Gooey Spider Leg
25Looted Cooking
Goretusk Liver
12Looted Cooking
Gorgrond Flytrap
100Created, Looted, Vendor Herb
Gorgrond Flytrap Ichor
90 Herb
Grave Moss
22Created, Looted, Gathered Herb
Grave Moss Leaf
22Gathered Herb
101 Leather
Gray Dye
25Vendor Other
Graybelly Lobster
100 Stormheim Cooking
Graybelly Lobster
100Looted, Fished Cooking
Green Cabbage
85Looted Cooking
Green Dragonscale
50Looted, Skinned Leather
Green Dye
15Vendor Other
Green Tea Leaf
85Created, Looted, Gathered Herb
Green Whelp Scale
1Looted, Skinned Leather
50Created, Looted, Vendor, Gathered Herb
Gromsblood Leaf
50Gathered Herb
34Crafted, Looted, Vendor Parts
Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor
35Crafted Parts
Hair Trigger
71Looted, Vendor Parts
Handful of Cobalt Bolts
71Crafted, Looted, Salvaged Parts
Handful of Copper Bolts
8Crafted, Looted, Fished Parts
Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
60Crafted, Looted, Vendor Parts
Handful of Obsidium Bolts
81Crafted, Salvaged Parts
Hardened Adamantite Bar
65Crafted Metal & Stone
Hardened Adamantite Tube
70Crafted Parts
Hardened Circuitboard Plating
1Looted Parts
Hardened Elementium Bar
83Crafted Metal & Stone
Heart of Fire
45Looted, Skinned Elemental
Heart of the Wild
45Looted Elemental
83Created, Looted, Gathered Herb
Heartblossom Petal
83Gathered Herb
Heavy Blasting Powder
25Crafted, Looted, Fished, Salvaged Parts
Heavy Borean Leather
80Crafted Leather
Heavy Ghost Iron Bar
86 Metal & Stone
Heavy Grinding Stone
25Crafted Metal & Stone
Heavy Hide
30Looted, Skinned Leather
Heavy Knothide Leather
65Crafted Leather
Heavy Kodo Meat
35Looted Cooking
Heavy Leather
30Crafted, Looted, Skinned Leather
Heavy Savage Leather
83Crafted, Looted Leather
Heavy Scorpid Scale
55Looted, Skinned Leather
Heavy Silken Thread
40Vendor Cloth
Heavy Stock
25Vendor Parts
Heavy Stone
25Looted Metal & Stone
High-Explosive Gunpowder
86Crafted, Looted, Salvaged Parts
Highland Guppy
81Fished Cooking
Highmaul Hops
92Looted, Vendor Other
Highmountain Salmon
101Looted, Fished Cooking
1 Other
Huge Spotted Feltail
60Looted, Fished Cooking
Huge Venom Sac
1Looted Other
Hypnotic Dust
81 Enchanting
58Created, Looted, Vendor, Gathered Herb
Icecap Petal
58Gathered Herb
Icefin Bluefish
60Fished Cooking
Icemouth Waveskipper
70 Cooking
80Created, Looted, Gathered Herb
Icethorn Bramble
80 Herb
Iceweb Spider Silk
75Looted Cloth
Ichor of Undeath
45Looted Elemental
Icy Blasting Primers
68Crafted Parts
Icy Dragonscale
75Crafted, Created, Looted, Skinned Leather
Icy Dragonscale Fragment
75Looted, Skinned Leather
Illusion Dust
55 Enchanting
Imbued Silkweave
110Crafted Cloth
Imperial Manta Ray
70Fished Cooking
Imported Supplies
81Vendor Other
Indestructible Frame
80 Parts
Infinite Dust
70 Enchanting
Ink of Dreams
86Crafted, Vendor Inscription
Ink of the Sea
70Crafted, Vendor Inscription
Inlaid Mithril Cylinder
42Crafted, Looted Parts
Inscribed Scrollcase
60Fished Other
Instant Noodles
85Vendor Cooking
Iron Bar
30Crafted Metal & Stone
Iron Buckle
30Crafted Parts
Iron Ore
30Created, Looted, Quest, Mined Metal & Stone
Iron Ore Nugget
30 Deathguard Abraham Metal & Stone
Iron Strut
32Crafted, Looted Parts