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Name Level Source Type
Small Radiant Shard
40Looted, Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Small Prismatic Shard
65Crafted, Looted, Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Small Heavenly Shard
85Looted, Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Small Glowing Shard
30Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Small Glimmering Shard
20Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Small Ethereal Shard
87Looted, Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Small Dream Shard
80Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Small Brilliant Shard
50Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Silver Filigree Flask
90 Other
Silkworm Cocoon
90Crafted Cloth
Shadoweave Cloth
70 Cloth
70Crafted, Vendor Cloth
Scroll of Wisdom
85Crafted, Looted, Quest, Vendor Parts
Scale of Onyxia
60Looted, Vendor, Skinned Leather
Sands of Time
85Vendor Other
Salvaged Iron Golem Parts
80Vendor Parts
Safety Catch Removal Kit
85Crafted Devices
Runed Truesilver Rod
40 Enchanting
Runed Titanium Rod
81 Enchanting
Runed Silver Rod
20 Enchanting
Runed Orb
80Looted, PvE (Justice), Vendor Other
Runed Golden Rod
30 Enchanting
Runed Fel Iron Rod
61 Enchanting
Runed Eternium Rod
61 Enchanting
Runed Elementium Rod
85 Enchanting
Runed Cobalt Rod
71 Enchanting
Runed Arcanite Rod
58 Enchanting
Runed Adamantite Rod
61 Enchanting
R19 Threatfinder
85Crafted Devices
Pristine Hide
85Looted, Vendor, Skinned Leather
Primordial Saronite
80Looted, PvE (Justice) Other
Primal Nether
65Looted, PvE (Justice), Vendor, Pick Pocketed Materials
Primal Mooncloth
70Crafted, Vendor Cloth
Primal Might
65Crafted Elemental
Orb of Mystery
Crafting Material
90Looted, Vendor Other
80Crafted, Vendor Cloth
80Crafted Devices
Mirror Scope
90Crafted, Vendor Devices
Mercurial Adamantite
60Crafted, Vendor Jewelcrafting
Masterfully Folded Ghost Iron
89 Metal & Stone
Magnificent Hide
90Crafted, Looted, Vendor, Skinned Leather
Lord Blastington's Scope of Doom
90Crafted, Vendor Devices
85Crafted Devices
Living Ember
80Looted Other
Lightning Steel Ingot
90Crafted, Quest Parts
Lava Core
60Looted, Skinned Other
Large Radiant Shard
45Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Large Prismatic Shard
70Crafted, Looted, Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Large Glowing Shard
35Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Large Glimmering Shard
25Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Large Brilliant Shard
55Looted, Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Khorium Scope
72Crafted Devices
Jard's Peculiar Energy Source
90Crafted, Vendor Parts
Imperial Silk
90Crafted, Looted, Vendor Cloth
High-Powered Bolt Gun
85Crafted Devices
Heavenly Shard
85Crafted, Created, Looted, PvP (Honor), PvE (Justice), Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Heartseeker Scope
80Crafted Devices
Heart of Darkness
65Looted Other
Haunting Spirit
90Looted Other
Hardened Magnificent Hide
90Crafted, Vendor Leather
Greater Darkmoon Card
70Crafted Other
Goblin-Machined Piston
80Vendor Parts
Gnomish X-Ray Specs
80Crafted Devices
Gnomish X-Ray Scope
85Crafted Devices
Gnomish Gravity Well
300Crafted Devices
Frozen Rune
80 Other
Frozen Orb
80Looted, PvE (Justice), Vendor Other
Fortune Card
70 Other
Fortune Card
40 Other
Fortune Card
40 Other
Flintlocke's Woodchucker
85Crafted, Created Devices
Figurine - King of Boars
346Looted Other
Figurine - Jeweled Serpent
346Looted Other
Figurine - Earthen Guardian
346Looted Other
Figurine - Dream Owl
346Looted Other
Figurine - Demon Panther
346Looted Other
Fiery Core
60Looted Other
Ethereal Shard
90Crafted, Created, Looted, Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Eternal Might
80Crafted Elemental
Essence of Hatred
Crafting Material
90Created Elemental
Elementium-Plated Exhaust Pipe
80Vendor Parts
Electrostatic Condenser
85Crafted Devices
80Crafted, Vendor Cloth
85Crafted, Vendor Cloth
Dream Shard
80Created, Looted, Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Dimensional Ripper - Everlook
55Crafted Devices
Dimensional Ripper - Area 52
65Crafted Devices
Darkmoon Card of the North
80Crafted Other
Darkmoon Card of Mists
90Crafted Other
Darkmoon Card of Destruction
80Crafted Other
Darkmoon Card
1Crafted Other
Crusader Orb
80Looted, PvE (Justice), Vendor Other
Charged Scale of Onyxia
60 Other
Chaos Orb
85Looted, Vendor Other
Celestial Cloth
90Crafted Cloth
Broken Blade of Heroes
38Looted Other
Blood Spirit
90Looted, PvE (Valor), Disenchanted Enchanting
Blood Scythe
60 Herb
Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope
60Crafted Devices
Balanced Trillium Ingot
90Crafted Parts