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Name Level Source Type
Ethereal Shard
90Crafted, Created, Looted, Vendor Enchanting
Small Ethereal Shard
87 Enchanting
Greater Mysterious Essence
87Created Enchanting
Mysterious Essence
87Crafted, Created, Looted, Vendor Enchanting
Spirit Dust
86Crafted, Looted, Vendor Enchanting
Maelstrom Crystal
85 Enchanting
Sha Crystal Fragment
85 Glowing Blue Ash Enchanting
Heavenly Shard
85Crafted, Created Enchanting
Runed Elementium Rod
85Unobtainable Enchanting
Small Heavenly Shard
85 Enchanting
Greater Celestial Essence
83Created Enchanting
Runed Titanium Rod
81 Enchanting
Lesser Celestial Essence
81Created, Looted Enchanting
Hypnotic Dust
81 Enchanting
Elementium Rod
81Unobtainable Enchanting
Abyss Crystal
80Looted Enchanting
Dream Shard
80Created Enchanting
Small Dream Shard
80 Enchanting
Essence or Dust
80Crafted Enchanting
Titanium Powder
80 Enchanting
Greater Cosmic Essence
75Created Enchanting
Eternium Rod
75 Enchanting
Void Crystal
70 Enchanting
Large Prismatic Shard
70Crafted Enchanting
Lesser Cosmic Essence
70Created Enchanting
Infinite Dust
70 Enchanting
Adamantite Rod
70 Enchanting
Cobalt Rod
70Unobtainable Enchanting
Titanium Rod
70 Enchanting
Small Prismatic Shard
65Crafted Enchanting
Greater Planar Essence
65Created Enchanting
Runed Adamantite Rod
61 Enchanting
Runed Eternium Rod
61 Enchanting
Runed Fel Iron Rod
61 Enchanting
Nexus Crystal
60 Enchanting
Lesser Planar Essence
60Created Enchanting
Arcane Dust
60 Enchanting
Fel Iron Rod
60 Enchanting
Runed Arcanite Rod
58 Enchanting
Large Brilliant Shard
55 Enchanting
Greater Eternal Essence
55Created Enchanting
Illusion Dust
55 Enchanting
Arcanite Rod
55 Enchanting
Small Brilliant Shard
50 Enchanting
Lesser Eternal Essence
50Created Enchanting
Large Radiant Shard
45 Enchanting
Greater Nether Essence
45Created Enchanting
Dream Dust
45 Enchanting
Runed Truesilver Rod
40 Enchanting
Small Radiant Shard
40 Enchanting
Lesser Nether Essence
40Created, Looted Enchanting
Truesilver Rod
40 Enchanting
Large Glowing Shard
35 Enchanting
Greater Mystic Essence
Crafting Reagent
35Created Enchanting
Vision Dust
35Looted Enchanting
Runed Golden Rod
30Unobtainable Enchanting
Small Glowing Shard
30 Enchanting
Lesser Mystic Essence
30Created Enchanting
Golden Rod
30Unobtainable Enchanting
Large Glimmering Shard
25 Enchanting
Greater Astral Essence
25Created Enchanting
Soul Dust
25 Enchanting
Runed Silver Rod
20 Enchanting
Small Glimmering Shard
20 Enchanting
Lesser Astral Essence
20Created Enchanting
Silver Rod
20 Enchanting
Greater Magic Essence
15Created Enchanting
Lesser Magic Essence
10Created, Vendor Enchanting
Strange Dust
10Looted, Vendor Enchanting
Copper Rod
5Vendor Enchanting
Runed Copper Rod
5Crafted Enchanting
Blood of Sargeras
110Crafted, Created, Looted, Fished, Quest, Gathered, Mined, Skinned Elemental
101 Elemental
101 Elemental
Primal Spirit
100Looted, Quest, Vendor, Gathered, Mined, Skinned, Pick Pocketed, Garrison Mission Elemental
Sorcerous Air
100Crafted, Looted, Vendor, Garrison Mission Elemental
Sorcerous Earth
100Crafted, Looted, Vendor, Garrison Mission Elemental
Sorcerous Fire
100Crafted, Looted, Vendor, Garrison Mission Elemental
Sorcerous Water
100Crafted, Looted, Vendor, Garrison Mission Elemental
Essence of Hatred
90Created Elemental
Spirit of Harmony
90Created, Looted, Quest Elemental
Spirit of the Season
90 Elemental
Spirit of Autumn
87 Elemental
Spirit of Spring
87 Elemental
Spirit of Summer
87 Elemental
Spirit of Winter
87 Elemental
Azsharaen Sphere
85Unobtainable Elemental
Stormlord's Favor
85Unobtainable Elemental
Mote of Harmony
85Looted, PvP (Honor), Quest, Vendor, Mined, Pick Pocketed Elemental
Spark of Ragnaros
85Unobtainable Elemental
Splinter of Hate
85 Elemental
Volatile Air
83Looted, Gathered, Mined Elemental
Volatile Earth
83Looted, Mined Elemental
Volatile Fire
83Looted, Fished, Mined Elemental
Volatile Life
83Looted, Gathered Elemental
Volatile Water
83Looted, Fished Elemental
Volatile Shadow
83Unobtainable Elemental
Random Volatile Element
81Crafted, Created Elemental
Wild Transmutation
81Crafted Elemental
Nether Vortex
75Looted, Vendor Elemental