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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Bristleblitz Striker
15170191.93.00RangedLooted Bow
Dragon Slayer's Shortbow
162194.42.80Ranged Post-partum Aggression Bow
Roc-Feather Longbow
16277194.42.70RangedLooted Bow
Brutal Gladiator's Longbow
Season 4
15470197.23.00RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Golden Bow of Quel'Thalas
15470197.23.00RangedLooted Bow
Bow of Bone and Sinew
174198.42.80Ranged Crush Dem Vrykuls! Bow
Bow of Regression
174198.43.00RangedQuest Bow
Shrieking Bow
17478198.42.70RangedLooted Bow
Wyrmstalker's Bow
174198.42.80RangedQuest Bow
Sin'dorei Recurve Bow
16678201.33.10RangedVendor Bow
Massive Recurved Bow
17879205.42.70RangedLooted Bow
Military Compound Bow
18280212.62.70RangedLooted Bow
Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury
16470215.82.70RangedLooted Bow
Drakkari Hunting Bow
17976225.92.60RangedLooted Bow
Netherstrand Longbow
17570238.62.90RangedLooted Bow
Trophy Gatherer
18778242.73.00RangedLooted Bow
Charmed Ancient Bone Bow
1251.02.80RangedPvE (Justice), Vendor Bow
Savage Gladiator's Longbow
20080273.23.00Ranged Bow
Titanium Compound Bow
20080273.22.90RangedLooted Bow
Accursed Bow of the Elite
20080301.12.80RangedLooted Bow
Hateful Gladiator's Longbow
20080301.13.00Ranged Bow
21380340.72.80RangedLooted Bow
Deadly Gladiator's Longbow
Season 5
21380340.73.00Ranged Bow
21980360.92.90RangedLooted Bow
Crypt Fiend Slayer
21980360.93.00RangedLooted Bow
Golemheart Longbow
21980360.92.90RangedLooted Bow
Furious Gladiator's Longbow
Season 6
23280409.33.00Ranged Bow
Siren's Cry
23280409.32.80RangedLooted Bow
Furious Gladiator's Recurve
Season 6 Elite
23980438.33.00Ranged Bow
Frenzystrike Longbow
24580464.92.80Ranged Bow
Relentless Gladiator's Longbow
Season 7
24580464.93.00Ranged Bow
Rhok'shalla, the Shadow's Bane
24580464.92.80Ranged Bow
Njorndar Bone Bow
25180493.32.90RangedLooted Bow
Relentless Gladiator's Recurve
Season 7 Elite
25880528.83.00Ranged Bow
Breathstone-Infused Longbow
272542.62.80Ranged Decompression Bow
Breathstone-Infused Longbow
272542.62.80Ranged Decompression Bow
Razorwind Bow
27277542.62.70RangedLooted Bow
Njorndar Bone Bow
26480561.42.90RangedLooted Bow
Wrathful Gladiator's Longbow
Season 8
26480561.43.00RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Zod's Repeating Longbow
26480561.42.80RangedLooted Bow
Steelspark Bow
27878576.82.70RangedLooted Bow
Angerfang Bow
28379611.32.70RangedLooted Bow
Wrathful Gladiator's Recurve
Season 8 Elite
27780639.83.00Ranged Bow
Zod's Repeating Longbow
27780639.82.80RangedLooted Bow
Nethergarde Bow
28980649.42.70RangedLooted Bow
Splinterspear Bow
29581686.72.70RangedLooted Bow
Mardenholde Bow
30082719.52.70RangedLooted Bow
Bladefist Bow
30683760.82.70RangedLooted Bow
Amber Messenger
30878775.12.90RangedLooted Bow
Arrowspike Longbow
312804.62.80Ranged Fortune and Glory Bow
Irontree Bow
31284804.62.70RangedLooted Bow
318850.82.80Ranged Wrath of the Fungalmancer Bow
Rustmaul Bow
31885850.82.70Ranged Bow
War-Torn Ancient Bone Bow
1978.02.80RangedPvE (Justice), Vendor Bow
Big Bendy Blasting Bow
333978.52.80Ranged The Crucible of Carnage: The Twilight Terror! Bow
Ravenheart Longbow
33385978.52.90RangedLooted Bow
Amber Messenger
346851,104.52.90RangedLooted Bow
Overpowered Chicken Splitter
346851,104.52.80RangedCrafted Bow
Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Longbow
353851,178.93.00Ranged Bow
Mandokir's Tribute
353851,178.92.90RangedLooted Bow
Voodoo Hunting Bow
353851,178.92.90Ranged The Hex Lord's Fetish Bow
Themios the Darkbringer
359851,246.72.90RangedLooted Bow
Vicious Gladiator's Longbow
Season 9
359851,246.73.00RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Polished Bow
364831,306.12.70RangedLooted Bow
Themios the Darkbringer
372851,407.22.90RangedLooted Bow
Vicious Gladiator's Longbow
Season 9 Elite
372851,407.23.00Ranged Bow
Bronzed Bow
377841,474.32.70RangedLooted Bow
Ironfeather Longbow
378851,488.12.90Ranged The Path to the Dragon Soul Bow
Ruthless Gladiator's Longbow
Season 10
378851,488.13.00RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Windrunner's Bow
378851,488.12.90RangedLooted Bow
Arathar, the Eye of Flame
384851,573.73.00RangedLooted Bow
Cataclysmic Gladiator's Longbow
Season 11
384851,573.73.00RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth
Raid Finder
390851,664.23.00Ranged Bow
Barbarian Bow
390851,664.22.70RangedLooted Bow
Ruthless Gladiator's Longbow
Season 10 Elite
391851,679.73.00Ranged Bow
Arathar, the Eye of Flame
397851,776.33.00RangedLooted Bow
Marista Bow
3991,809.72.90Ranged Balance Bow
Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth
403851,878.53.00RangedLooted Bow
Rigid Bow
403861,878.52.70RangedLooted Bow
Cataclysmic Gladiator's Longbow
Season 11 Elite
410852,005.13.00Ranged Bow
Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth
416852,120.33.00RangedLooted Bow
Inlaid Bow
416872,120.32.70RangedLooted Bow
Engraved Bow
429882,393.42.70RangedLooted Bow
Restrung Voodoo Bow
429902,393.43.00RangedLooted Bow
Shado-Pan Ranger's Bow
4292,393.42.90Ranged Last Toll of the Yaungol Bow
Bow of the Rikkitun
4372,578.62.90Ranged The Horror Comes A-Rising Bow
Ennadee's Twirling Longbow
450852,910.62.90RangedLooted Bow
Tempestuous Longbow
450892,910.63.00RangedLooted Bow
Dreadful Gladiator's Longbow
Season 12
457903,106.83.00Ranged Bow
Tempestuous Longbow
463903,285.43.00RangedLooted Bow
Malevolent Gladiator's Longbow
Season 12
470903,506.93.00RangedPvP (Conquest), Vendor Bow
Malevolent Gladiator's Longbow
Season 13
470903,506.93.00RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Fang Kung, Spark of Titans
Raid Finder
476903,708.53.00RangedLooted Bow
Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm
476903,708.53.00RangedLooted Bow
Mogu Sportsman's Bow
476903,708.52.90Ranged Ancient Mogu Guardian Bow
Fang Kung, Spark of Titans
489904,186.03.00RangedLooted Bow
Featherdraw Longbow
489904,186.03.00RangedVendor Bow
Malevolent Gladiator's Longbow
Season 12 Elite
490904,225.23.00RangedVendor Bow
Tyrannical Gladiator's Longbow
Season 13 Elite
498904,552.23.00Ranged Bow
Tyrannical Gladiator's Longbow
Season 14
498904,552.23.00Ranged Bow