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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Cataclysmic Gladiator's Longbow
384851,573.73.00RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Ruthless Gladiator's Longbow
378851,488.13.00RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Vicious Gladiator's Longbow
372851,407.23.00Ranged Bow
Vicious Gladiator's Longbow
359851,246.73.00RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Longbow
353851,178.93.00Ranged Bow
Wrathful Gladiator's Recurve
27780639.83.00Ranged Bow
Wrathful Gladiator's Longbow
26480561.43.00RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Relentless Gladiator's Recurve
25880528.83.00Ranged Bow
Relentless Gladiator's Longbow
24580464.93.00Ranged Bow
Furious Gladiator's Recurve
23980438.33.00Ranged Bow
Furious Gladiator's Longbow
23280409.33.00Ranged Bow
Crypt Fiend Slayer
21980360.93.00RangedLooted Bow
Deadly Gladiator's Longbow
21380340.73.00Ranged Bow
Hateful Gladiator's Longbow
20080301.13.00Ranged Bow
Savage Gladiator's Longbow
20080273.23.00Ranged Bow
Trophy Gatherer
18778242.73.00RangedLooted Bow
Bow of Regression
174198.43.00RangedQuest Bow
High-Strung Bow
158173.23.00Ranged Stocking the Shelves Bow
Brutal Gladiator's Longbow
15470197.23.00RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Golden Bow of Quel'Thalas
15470197.23.00RangedLooted Bow
Black Bow of the Betrayer
15170191.93.00RangedLooted Bow
Bristleblitz Striker
15170191.93.00RangedLooted Bow
Vengeful Gladiator's Longbow
14670183.63.00RangedPvP (Honor), Vendor Bow
Longbow of the Ruby Rider
146156.83.00Ranged Wanton Warlord Bow
Serpent Spine Longbow
14170175.63.00RangedLooted Bow
Ancient Amani Longbow
13270162.23.00Ranged Bow
Melmorta's Twilight Longbow
11268109.73.00RangedLooted Bow
Wrathtide Longbow
10570128.53.00RangedLooted Bow
Brunnhildar Bow
857563.43.00RangedVendor Bow
605551.43.00RangedLooted Bow
Voone's Twitchbow
605551.43.00Ranged Bow
Screeching Bow
534845.93.00RangedLooted Bow
Baelog's Shortbow
403535.73.00RangedLooted Bow
Sin'dorei Recurve Bow
16678201.33.10RangedVendor Bow
Stout Oak Longbow
8061.63.30RangedQuest Bow