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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Gemstone Dagger
403522.31.80One Hand Dagger
Searing Dagger
4022.31.80One Hand Identifying the Brood Dagger
Hypnotic Blade
342922.31.80One Hand Dagger
Torturing Poker
342922.31.70One Hand Dagger
The Lost Kris of Zedd
686022.81.80One HandLooted Dagger
Wushoolay's Poker
686022.81.60One Hand Dagger
Satyr's Lash
353023.21.80One HandLooted Dagger
Scorn's Focal Dagger
353023.21.80One Hand Dagger
Swinetusk Shank
353023.21.80One HandLooted Dagger
353023.21.80One HandLooted Dagger
353023.21.80One HandLooted Dagger
Silent Hunter
4123.21.80One Hand Dagger
Fang of Venoxis
656023.71.80One Hand Dagger
656023.71.70One HandPvP (Honor) Dagger
656023.71.70One HandPvP (Honor) Dagger
Sorcerous Dagger
656023.71.80One HandLooted Dagger
Absorption Dagger
815724.01.70One HandLooted Dagger
Razor Blade
423724.11.70One HandLooted Dagger
443924.11.60One HandVendor Dagger
Howling Blade
363124.11.80One Hand Skhowl Dagger
Sharpened Stilleto
696424.31.60One HandLooted Dagger
Tuning Knife
845824.91.70One HandLooted Dagger
373225.11.80One Hand Dagger
Tok'kar's Murloc Shanker
4325.11.60One Hand Dagger
Combustion Dagger
875925.81.70One HandLooted Dagger
Sacrificial Kris
443925.91.80One HandLooted Dagger
Fang of the Mystics
706026.41.80One Hand Dagger
Kris of Unspoken Names
706026.41.80One Hand Kris of Unspoken Names Dagger
Siphoning Dagger
906026.71.70One HandLooted Dagger
Charstone Dirk
393426.71.80One HandLooted Dagger
The Ziggler
393426.71.70One HandLooted Dagger
Ceremonial Elven Blade
4526.71.80One Hand Dagger
Fiendish Skiv
4526.71.90One Hand Dagger
Chillwind Dagger
4027.51.80One Hand Alas, Andorhal Dagger
Dagger of Andorhal
4027.51.80One Hand The Reckoning Dagger
Stonevault Shiv
403527.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Ensorcelled Marshfang Blade
9327.61.70One HandQuest Dagger
Lightning Dagger
936127.61.70One HandLooted Dagger
474228.11.80One HandLooted Dagger
Martek's Knife
4728.11.80One Hand The Day that Deathwing Came: What Really Happened Dagger
Shattering Dagger
966228.51.70One HandLooted Dagger
Business Finisher
4828.71.80One Hand Sandscraper Dagger
Dagger of the Ides
4828.71.80One Hand You Too, Brute? Dagger
Scout's Blade
433829.31.70One HandPvP (Honor) Dagger
Sentinel's Blade
433829.31.70One HandPvP (Honor) Dagger
Sharp Scorpid Barb
5029.91.80One Hand Stocking Up Dagger
Sharp Scorpid Barb
5029.91.80One Hand Stocking Up Dagger
Vorpal Dagger
504529.91.60One HandLooted Dagger
Black Menace
4429.91.80One Hand Dagger
Blade of Trapped Knowledge
886130.01.80One HandLooted Dagger
Soul-Drain Dagger
996330.01.70One HandLooted Dagger
Fang of Korialstrasz
766030.21.80One Hand Dagger
Blade of Eternal Darkness
393430.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Dagger of Suffering
5130.51.80One Hand Pride of the Highborne Dagger
Dagger of Wretched Spectres
5130.51.80One Hand Pain of the Blood Elves Dagger
Ebon Shiv
514630.51.80One HandCrafted Dagger
Kubit's Dagger
5130.51.80One Hand Enough Damage For One Day Dagger
Kubit's Dagger
5130.51.80One Hand Enough Damage For One Day Dagger
Blade of the New Moon
454030.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Coldrage Dagger
454030.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Darkmoon Dirk
454030.51.80One Hand Demons Deck Dagger
4530.51.80One Hand Dagger
Distracting Dagger
454030.51.80Off HandLooted Dagger
454030.51.80One Hand Dagger
454030.51.60One Hand Dagger
Claw of Chromaggus
776030.91.80One HandLooted Dagger
Amplifying Blade
1026431.51.70One HandLooted Dagger
Grand Marshal's Mageblade
786031.62.00One HandPvP (Honor) Dagger
High Warlord's Spellblade
786031.62.00One HandPvP (Honor) Dagger
Replica Grand Marshal's Mageblade
786031.62.00One HandVendor Dagger
Replica High Warlord's Spellblade
786031.62.00One HandVendor Dagger
Balnazzar's Horn
4731.71.80One Hand The Dreadlord Balnazzar Dagger
Gift of the Elven Magi
474231.71.60One HandLooted Dagger
474231.71.90One HandLooted Dagger
946332.11.70One HandVendor Dagger
Revered Mother's Crysknife
9432.11.80One Hand The Big Bone Worm Dagger
Zangartooth Shortblade
946332.11.80One HandLooted Dagger
Gahz'rilla Fang
494432.91.80One HandLooted Dagger
494432.91.80One HandLooted Dagger
1056533.01.70One HandLooted Dagger
Talbuk Sticker
10533.01.80One Hand Talbuk Mastery Dagger
Thunderlord Scalpel
10533.01.80One Hand The Thunderspike Dagger
Vibro Dagger
10533.01.80One Hand Cutting Your Teeth Dagger
Midnight Haze
816033.81.80One Hand Dagger
Hunt Tracker Blade
5734.11.80One Hand Dagger
Gut Ripper
454034.11.80One HandLooted Dagger
Elemental Dagger
1086634.61.70One HandLooted Dagger
524734.71.60One HandLooted Dagger
Glacial Spike
5234.71.80One Hand Dagger
Hookfang Shanker
524734.71.80One HandLooted Dagger
Azure Lightblade
10035.11.80One HandQuest Dagger
534835.31.80One HandLooted Dagger
Scout's Blade
534835.31.70One HandPvP (Honor) Dagger
Sentinel's Blade
534835.31.70One HandPvP (Honor) Dagger
Beasthunter Dagger
6035.91.70One Hand Dagger
Enchanted Azsharite Felbane Dagger
6035.91.80One Hand Dagger
Lifeforce Dirk
5435.91.60One Hand Dagger
Permafrost Dagger
1116736.21.70One HandLooted Dagger
Dire Nail
555036.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Julie's Dagger
555036.51.80One HandLooted Dagger