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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Buzzer Blade
201513.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Goblin Screwdriver
201513.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Keeshan's Dagger
2013.51.80One Hand Triumphant Return Dagger
SI:7 Special Issue Dagger
2013.51.80One Hand A Royal Reward Dagger
Wicked Dagger
201513.51.80One Hand Dagger
Big Bronze Knife
201510.11.90One HandCrafted Dagger
Harpy Skinner
2010.11.80One Hand Dagger
Hook Dagger
201510.11.80One HandLooted, Fished Dagger
Relic Blade
2010.11.80One Hand Dagger
Scaling Knife
2010.11.80One Hand The Tides Turn Against Us Dagger
2010.11.60One Hand Dagger
19149.61.80One Hand Dagger
Leafblade Dagger
199.61.90One Hand REUSE Dagger
Venom Web Fang
19149.61.80One HandLooted Dagger
19148.71.80One HandVendor Dagger
Chanting Blade
181312.31.80One Hand Dagger
Fang of Adarogg
181312.31.80One HandLooted Dagger
Dawnweaver's Dagger
189.21.80One Hand Practical Vengeance Dagger
Hollowfang Blade
18139.21.80One Hand Dagger
Kris of Orgrimmar
189.21.80One Hand Dagger
Scissor Blade
189.21.80One Hand Shear Will Dagger
Scrimshaw Dagger
189.21.80One Hand Dagger
Serrated Knife
189.21.60One Hand Dagger
Spinner Fang
18139.21.80One Hand Dagger
Small Dagger
18135.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Bachelor's Dagger
1711.71.80One Hand Mutiny, Mon! Dagger
Sacrificial Blade
178.71.80One Hand Demon Seed Dagger
Slicer Blade
17128.71.80One Hand Harvest Reaper Dagger
War Knife
17128.71.70One HandLooted, Fished Dagger
Wildkin Claw Dagger
178.71.80One Hand Aroom's Farewell Dagger
Amani Sacrificial Dagger
17127.82.00One HandLooted Dagger
Talon of Vultros
161111.22.00One Hand Vultros Dagger
16117.41.80One HandVendor Dagger
Threshadon Fang
16115.01.80One HandLooted, Skinned Dagger
House Wrynn Dagger
1510.61.80One Hand Rise of the Brotherhood Dagger
Cerellean's Dagger
157.81.80One Hand Remembrance of Auberdine Dagger
Elunite Dagger
157.81.70One Hand Dagger
Engraved Dagger
157.81.80One Hand Dagger
Giant Tarantula Fang
15107.81.80One Hand Dagger
Haggard's Dagger
157.81.70One Hand Dagger
Heirloom Dagger
157.81.70One Hand Dagger
Long Crawler Limb
15107.81.60One HandLooted Dagger
Ritual Blade
15107.81.80One Hand Dagger
Survival Knife
157.81.80One Hand Curbing the Plague Dagger
Thun'grim's Dagger
157.81.70One Hand Dagger
Umbral Dagger
157.81.70One Hand Dagger
Whiteclaw Dagger
157.81.80One Hand Remembrance of Auberdine Dagger
Wild Howl Dagger
157.81.80One Hand Fall Back! Dagger
Marshalling Point
1410.11.80One Hand The Battle for Gilneas City Dagger
Arcanist's Dagger
147.41.70One Hand Windrunner Village Dagger
Curved Dagger
1497.41.60One HandLooted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Dagger
Curvewood Dagger
147.41.80One Hand Dagger
Marek's Dagger
147.41.80One Hand Dagger
Fisherman Knife
1494.41.80One HandLooted, Pick Pocketed Dagger
Craftsman's Dagger
137.01.70One Hand Dagger
Stonesplinter Dagger
1387.01.80One Hand Dagger
Compact Fighting Knife
126.51.80One Hand Supervisor Fizsprocket Dagger
Heartache Dagger
126.51.80One Hand The Fastest Way to His Heart Dagger
Heartache Dagger
126.51.80One Hand She Loves Me, She Loves Me NOT! Dagger
Ceremonial Knife
125.51.80One Hand Dagger
Carving Knife
1166.01.60One HandLooted, Fished Dagger
Greely's Spare Dagger
116.01.70One Hand The Gallywix Labor Mine Dagger
Jagged Dagger
116.01.80One Hand Dagger
Kobold Sticker
116.01.80One Hand "I TAKE Candle!" Dagger
Small Hand Blade
1166.01.80One Hand Dagger
Woodchipper Dagger
116.01.80One Hand Arborcide Dagger
Copper Dagger
1165.01.80One HandCrafted Dagger
Sharp Kitchen Knife
115.01.80One Hand Dagger
Ambassador's Duplicitous Dagger
105.51.60One Hand Seize the Ambassador Dagger
Blade of Cunning
105.52.00One Hand Snatch and Grab Dagger
Darrington's Dirk
105.51.80One Hand A Daughter's Embrace Dagger
Jeweled Dagger
1055.51.60One Hand Dagger
Long Bayonet
105.51.70One Hand Bounty on Murlocs Dagger
Mercenary Stiletto
105.51.80One Hand Behomat Dagger
Pruning Knife
104.61.60One Hand Mossy Tumors Dagger
Ranger's Pocketknife
104.61.80One Hand The Spearcrafter's Hammer Dagger
Small Green Dagger
1054.61.80One Hand Dagger
Dire Slasher
95.01.80One Hand Dagger
Bloodstained Knife
944.11.60One Hand Dagger
Quilboar Sticker
94.11.80One Hand Raggaran's Fury Dagger
Spy Poker
83.81.80One Hand Infrared = Infradead Dagger
833.81.80One HandVendor Dagger
Camping Knife
73.41.80One HandQuest Dagger
Dagger of the Hozen
73.41.80Off Hand Do No Evil Dagger
Jade Hilted Dagger
73.41.80One Hand Stronger Than Bone Dagger
Scuffed Dagger
723.41.50One Hand Dagger
Sharpened Letter Opener
722.31.70One HandLooted Dagger
Godfrey's Dagger
63.11.80One Hand Unleash the Beast Dagger
Simple Dagger
63.11.80One HandLooted, Fished, Vendor Dagger
Dagger of Silent Flame
52.81.80One Hand The Passion of Shen-zin Su Dagger
Exodar Dagger
52.81.60One Hand Blood Elf Spy Dagger
Forsaken Dagger
52.81.60One Hand No Better Than the Zombies Dagger
Primitive Hand Blade
52.81.70One Hand Dagger
Rigging Slicer
52.81.70One Hand Dagger
Sunstrider Dagger
52.81.70One Hand Aggression Dagger
Thistlewood Dagger
52.81.70One Hand Webwood Corruption Dagger
Whittling Knife
52.81.80One Hand Dagger
Anvilmar Knife
42.61.60One Hand The Troll Menace Dagger
Arcane Forged Dirk
42.61.60One HandVendor Dagger
Dagger of the Master
42.61.80Off Hand Only the Worthy Shall Pass Dagger