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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
BKP "Sparrow" Smallbore
332822.41.70RangedLooted Gun
Moonsight Rifle
292419.81.70RangedCrafted Gun
Bent-Barrel Rifle
20579191.51.80RangedLooted, Pick Pocketed Gun
Plugged Rifle
17574152.41.80RangedLooted Gun
Frost-Encrusted Rifle
12574106.71.80RangedLooted Gun
Dalaran Rifle
807059.71.80RangedVendor Gun
Rusted Musket
696431.61.80RangedLooted, Pick Pocketed Gun
Primed Musket
575226.61.80RangedLooted, Pick Pocketed Gun
Precisely Calibrated Boomstick
484346.71.80RangedLooted Gun
Flash Rifle
3725.71.80Ranged Gun
Lovingly Crafted Boomstick
241916.01.80RangedCrafted Gun
Hunter's Muzzle Loader
191412.51.80RangedLooted, Fished Gun
Rifle of the Stoic Guardian
14170175.61.90RangedLooted Gun
Farmer Dalson's Shotgun
5643.51.90Ranged Gun
Shrapnel Blaster
4029.01.90Ranged Gun
Dwarven Fishing Pole
1912.51.90Ranged Gun
Skorn's Rifle
128.51.90Ranged The Demon Scarred Cloak Gun
Light Hunting Rifle
53.71.90Ranged Gun
Armor Plated Combat Shotgun
20080301.12.00RangedCrafted Gun
The Boomstick
11570114.62.00RangedLooted Gun
Wrathfire Hand-Cannon
11268109.72.00RangedLooted Gun
Toxin Injector
816087.92.00Ranged Gun
Oiled Blunderbuss
292411.92.00RangedLooted Gun
Compact Shotgun
1389.02.00RangedLooted, Fished Gun
Dark Iron Rifle
11.72.00Ranged Gun
Rowan's Rifle of Silver Bullets
26480561.42.10RangedLooted Gun
Explosive Shotgun
373225.72.10RangedLooted, Fished Gun
BKP 42 "Ultra"
363123.12.10RangedVendor Gun
Shoddy Blunderbuss
22178.72.10RangedLooted, Skinned Gun
Hunter's Boomstick
1498.52.10RangedVendor Gun
Mama's Insurance
11194.02.20Ranged Declawing Doomclaw Gun
Aldor Guardian Rifle
706052.22.20RangedVendor Gun
Sharpshooter Harquebus
605546.72.20RangedLooted, Fished Gun
Dirty Blunderbuss
18137.22.20RangedLooted, Pick Pocketed Gun
Cheap Blunderbuss
1385.42.20RangedLooted, Pick Pocketed Gun
Ornate Blunderbuss
945.42.20RangedVendor Gun
Solid Blunderbuss
33.02.20RangedVendor Gun
Shell Launcher Shotgun
585349.82.30RangedLooted Gun
Percussion Shotgun
504538.92.30RangedLooted Gun
Ricochet Blunderbuss
484337.32.30RangedLooted Gun
Chesterfall Musket
332827.92.30Ranged Scarlet Disciple Gun
Double-Barreled Shotgun
272222.42.30RangedLooted Gun
Privateer Musket
2013.22.30Ranged Gun
Rough Boomstick
1057.22.30RangedCrafted Gun
Old Blunderbuss
22.82.30RangedStarting Item, Vendor Gun
Consortium Blaster
11570114.62.40RangedVendor Gun
Felsteel Boomstick
10870103.42.40RangedCrafted Gun
Rust-Covered Blunderbuss
723.02.40RangedLooted Gun
Hemet's Elekk Gun
10395.72.50Ranged The Ultimate Bloodsport Gun
Deadeye's Piece
8061.62.50RangedQuest Gun
Core Marksman Rifle
656061.52.50RangedCrafted Gun
Burnside Rifle
565143.52.50RangedLooted Gun
Thorium Rifle
524740.42.50RangedCrafted Gun
Smoothbore Gun
393427.92.50RangedLooted Gun
Large Bore Blunderbuss
211612.52.50RangedVendor Gun
Daryl's Hunting Rifle
1610.82.50Ranged Gun
Whamo Kablamo
84.92.50Ranged Cluster Cluck Gun
Crossfire Carbine
372851,407.22.60Ranged Gun
Dreamhunter's Carbine
26480561.42.60RangedLooted Gun
Dreamhunter's Carbine
25180493.32.60RangedLooted Gun
K3 Pachyderm Prevention Device
174198.42.60Ranged Ample Inspiration Gun
Barrel-Blade Longrifle
12070146.12.60Ranged Gun
Bloodwarder's Rifle
109105.02.60RangedQuest Gun
Blessed Qiraji Musket
796084.02.60Ranged Imperial Qiraji Armaments Gun
Blastershot Launcher
706068.72.60RangedLooted Gun
Xorothian Firestick
625753.12.60Ranged Gun
342929.02.60RangedLooted Gun
Long-Barreled Musket
332813.42.60RangedLooted Gun
Lil Timmy's Peashooter
211618.42.60RangedLooted Gun
Deadly Blunderbuss
211613.82.60RangedCrafted Gun
Owlsight Rifle
2013.22.60Ranged Gun
Pellet Rifle
724.42.60RangedLooted, Fished Gun
Immaculate Pandaren Gun
516905,383.42.70Ranged Heroic Cache of Treasures Gun
Scavenged Pandaren Gun
463903,285.42.70RangedLooted Gun
Engraved Gun
429882,393.42.70RangedLooted Gun
Inlaid Gun
416872,120.32.70RangedLooted Gun
Rigid Gun
403861,878.52.70RangedLooted Gun
Barbarian Gun
390851,664.22.70RangedLooted Gun
Bronzed Gun
377841,474.32.70RangedLooted Gun
Polished Gun
364831,306.12.70RangedLooted Gun
Rustmaul Gun
31885850.82.70Ranged Gun
Irontree Gun
31284804.62.70RangedLooted Gun
Bladefist Gun
30683760.82.70RangedLooted Gun
Mardenholde Gun
30082719.52.70RangedLooted Gun
Splinterspear Gun
29581686.72.70RangedLooted Gun
Nethergarde Gun
28980649.42.70RangedLooted Gun
Angerfang Gun
28379611.32.70RangedLooted Gun
Steelspark Gun
27878576.82.70RangedLooted Gun
Razorwind Gun
27277542.62.70RangedLooted Gun
Harsh-Winter Rifle
18280212.62.70RangedLooted Gun
Precipice Longrifle
17879205.42.70RangedLooted Gun
Prison Warden's Shotgun
17575218.02.70RangedLooted Gun
Stocky Shotgun
17478198.42.70RangedLooted Gun
Muzzled Musket
17077191.72.70RangedLooted Gun
Mammoth Gun
16676185.32.70RangedLooted Gun
Tundra Rifle
16275179.22.70RangedLooted Gun
Trapper's Rifle
15874173.22.70RangedLooted Gun
Noisy Blaster
15473167.62.70RangedLooted Gun
Haggard Gun
15072162.12.70RangedLooted Gun
Tuskarr Boomstick
14671156.82.70Ranged Gun