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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Jinyu Divining Rod
40429.13.30Two HandQuest Staff
Jinyu Meditation Staff
40429.13.30Two HandQuest Staff
Kaleiki's Lost Training Staff
4508561.42.40Two HandLooted Staff
Kam's Walking Stick
272211.92.80Two Hand Staff
Kamui's Crystalline Staff of Wizardry
630100150.22.90Two Hand Staff
Karabor Starsinger Staff
522109.63.30Two Hand Darkness Falls Staff
Key to the Planes
3168125.63.30Two HandCrafted Staff
Kihrawr's Scratching Post
62199275.92.40Two Hand Staff
Kindling Stave
524724.02.90Two HandLooted Staff
Life-Staff of the Web Lair
1637222.32.40Two HandLooted Staff
Lightning Giant Staff
2008049.42.40Two HandLooted Staff
Liuyang's Lovely Longstaff
45030.73.30Two Hand The Arena of Annihilation Staff
Living Root
21169.82.90Two HandLooted Staff
Loksey's Training Stick
342915.53.10Two Hand Houndmaster Loksey Staff
Lola's Lifegiving Branch
1387121.32.40Two HandLooted Staff
Lord Valthalak's Staff of Command
605528.92.10Two Hand Staff
Lorekeeper's Staff
635830.22.90Two HandPvP (Honor) Staff
Lorekeeper's Staff
534824.52.90Two HandPvP (Honor) Staff
Lorekeeper's Staff
433820.32.90Two HandPvP (Honor) Staff
Lorekeeper's Staff
332814.92.90Two HandPvP (Honor) Staff
Lorekeeper's Staff
231810.62.90Two HandPvP (Honor) Staff
Malroc's Staff of Command
59798221.13.30Two Hand Staff
Malygos' Favor
1877824.22.40Two HandLooted Staff
Matsuba's Breadmaker
4098028.93.30Two HandLooted Staff
Mok'Morokk's Beat Stick
4019.03.30Two Hand Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk Staff
Moon Staff of Elune
209.33.30Two Hand Favored of Elune Staff
Moonshadow Stave
5224.03.70Two Hand Staff
Munificent Spire
615130.43.30Two Hand Staff
Nimboya's Mystical Staff
4621.62.30Two Hand Staff
Odo's Ley Staff
21169.82.90Two HandLooted Staff
Oronok's Ancient Scepter
10819.63.50Two Hand Staff
Portal-Ripper's Staff
630100150.22.90Two Hand Staff
Power of the Treant
3717.43.70Two Hand Forces of Nature: Mountain Giants Staff
Power of the Treant
3717.43.70Two Hand Weapons of Spirit Staff
Primal Combatant's Battle Staff
Warlords Season 1
620100136.52.00Two Hand Staff
Primal Combatant's Battle Staff
Warlords Season 1
620100136.52.00Two Hand Staff
Primal Combatant's Energy Staff
Warlords Season 1
620100136.52.00Two Hand Staff
Primal Combatant's Energy Staff
Warlords Season 1
620100136.52.00Two Hand Staff
Primal Combatant's Staff
Warlords Season 1
620100273.02.00Two Hand Staff
Primal Combatant's Staff
Warlords Season 1
620100273.02.00Two Hand Staff
Quel'dorei Channeling Rod
413619.52.80Two HandLooted Staff
Rain Poppy Staff
4248529.43.30Two HandCrafted Staff
474222.02.10Two HandLooted Staff
Resurgence Rod
3918.53.80Two Hand Staff
Riot Stick
3013.23.30Two Hand The Gnoll King Staff
Rod of the Ogre Magi
494422.82.70Two HandLooted Staff
Rod of the Sleepwalker
252011.32.80Two HandLooted Staff
Rosethorn Staff
3468527.73.30Two HandCrafted Staff
Runed Staff
3168151.23.30Two HandCrafted Staff
Savage Gladiator's Battle Staff
2008024.72.00Two Hand Staff
Savage Gladiator's Energy Staff
2008024.72.00Two Hand Staff
Savage Gladiator's Focus Staff
2008024.72.00Two Hand Staff
Savage Gladiator's Staff
2008049.42.00Two Hand Staff
Savage Gladiator's War Staff
2008024.72.00Two Hand Staff
Scar-Shell's Scintillating Staff
45061.43.30Two Hand The Arena of Annihilation Staff
Scavenged Pandaren Staff
4639031.73.50Two HandLooted Staff
Scavenged Pandaren Staff
4639063.33.50Two HandLooted Staff
Scepter of Celebras
3918.53.00Two HandCreated Staff
Sealing Heartstaff
2928024.63.30Two HandLooted Staff
Seer's Cane
1157020.52.10Two HandVendor Staff
Sempiternal Staff
1877824.22.10Two HandLooted Staff
Serpentcrest Life-Staff
1126819.42.40Two HandLooted Staff
Severin's Cane
10919.72.40Two Hand Terokk's Downfall Staff
Shadow-Walker Staff
209.33.30Two Hand The Shadow-Walker's Task Staff
Silver Inlaid Staff
3468555.43.30Two HandCrafted Staff
Slavedriver's Cane
534824.53.00Two HandLooted Staff
Snowdrift's Bladed Staff
4639063.33.20Two HandLooted Staff
Snowdrift's Bladed Staff
4358760.03.20Two HandLooted Staff
Sol's Magestaff
630100150.22.90Two HandLooted Staff
Soul Harvester
5224.03.30Two Hand Staff
Soul Releaser
3468527.72.40Two HandLooted Staff
Soul Releaser
3338327.12.40Two HandLooted Staff
544924.93.80Two HandLooted Staff
Soultwisting Staff
620100136.53.30Two Hand Staff
Spellshifter Rod
4922.82.70Two Hand Staff
Spire of Defiance
31826.13.30Two Hand The Binding Staff
Spire of Hakkar
555025.33.40Two HandLooted Staff
Spire of the Furious Construct
630100150.22.90Two Hand Staff
Spire of the Stoneshaper
565125.73.40Two HandLooted Staff
Staff of Andorhal
4019.03.30Two Hand The Reckoning Staff
Staff of Athen'a
4420.73.30Two Hand The Treasure of the Shen'dralar Staff
Staff of Balzaphon
605528.93.90Two Hand Staff
Staff of Beasts
10338.53.30Two Hand The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge Staff
Staff of Broken Hopes
4428430.13.30Two HandLooted Staff
Staff of Conjuring
20159.33.00Two HandLooted Staff
Staff of Divine Infusion
1096819.73.50Two HandLooted Staff
Staff of Draconic Pacification
33354.23.30Two Hand Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer Staff
Staff of Fiery Fate
2310.63.30Two Hand Blastranaar! Staff
Staff of Forsaken Faith
209.33.30Two Hand The Dark Cleric's Bidding Staff
Staff of Golden Worship
209.33.30Two Hand A Seer's Staff Staff
Staff of Hale Magefire
625729.83.30Two HandLooted Staff
Staff of Isolation
3468527.72.90Two HandLooted Staff
Staff of Justified Sins
209.33.30Two Hand A Boon for the Powerful Staff
Staff of Metanoia
454021.22.10Two HandUnobtainable Staff
Staff of Nobles
20159.33.20Two Hand Staff
Staff of Old Woes
3338554.22.40Two HandLooted Staff
Staff of Ox-Hoof Thunder
45061.43.30Two HandQuest, Vendor Staff
Staff of Polarities
976418.42.10Two HandLooted Staff
Staff of Sinister Claws
2008024.72.10Two HandLooted Staff
Staff of Siphoned Essences
3468527.72.10Two HandLooted Staff