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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Staff of the Friar
252011.32.60Two HandLooted Staff
Thruk's Heavy Duty Fishing Pole
252011.33.50Two HandLooted Staff
Novice's Staff
25204.53.30Two HandVendor Staff
Long Staff
25208.13.00Two HandVendor Staff
Twisted Chanter's Staff
241910.93.40Two HandLooted Staff
Advisor's Gnarled Staff
231810.62.90Two HandPvP (Honor) Staff
Lorekeeper's Staff
231810.62.90Two HandPvP (Honor) Staff
Nightbane Staff
23188.12.70Two Hand Murloc Warrior Staff
Staff of Horrors
23188.13.40Two HandLooted Staff
Cedar Walking Stick
23184.92.80Two HandLooted Staff
Living Root
21169.82.90Two HandLooted Staff
Odo's Ley Staff
21169.82.90Two HandLooted Staff
Witching Stave
21169.83.60Two HandLooted Staff
Defias Mage Staff
20159.32.80Two Hand Oasis Snapjaw Staff
Emberstone Staff
20159.33.00Two HandLooted Staff
Staff of Conjuring
20159.33.00Two Hand Burning Blade Bruiser Staff
Staff of Nobles
20159.33.20Two Hand Staff
Channeler's Staff
20157.13.40Two Hand Staff
Lesser Staff of the Spire
20157.13.40Two HandLooted Staff
Gnarled Staff
20156.42.90Two HandVendor Staff
Gnarled Hermit's Staff
19146.82.80Two Hand Geopriest Gukk'rok Staff
Medicine Staff
19146.82.50Two HandLooted, Fished Staff
Riverside Staff
19146.83.10Two HandLooted Staff
Heartboiler Staff
18138.53.20Two HandLooted Staff
Riverpaw Mystic Staff
18136.43.00Two HandLooted Staff
Chipped Quarterstaff
18133.83.10Two HandLooted Staff
Foamspittle Staff
17126.13.20Two HandLooted Staff
Quarter Staff
16115.22.70Two HandVendor Staff
Sturdy Quarterstaff
1384.82.80Two HandLooted, Fished Staff
Rough Wooden Staff
1272.63.30Two HandLooted, Vendor Staff
Driftwood Branch
1053.43.40Two Hand Staff
Frostbit Staff
1053.42.70Two Hand Rockjaw Bonesnapper Staff
Frostmane Staff
1053.43.10Two Hand Staff
Vile Fin Oracle Staff
943.12.90Two Hand Staff
Long Bo Staff
832.82.50Two HandLooted Staff
Walking Stick
832.82.50Two HandVendor Staff
Withered Staff
831.83.00Two HandLooted Staff
Farmer's Broom
632.23.50Two Hand Tirisfal Farmhand Staff
Dreadwaste Diviner's Rod
43729.83.30Two Hand Staff
Dreadwaste Meditation Staff
43729.83.30Two Hand Staff
Kyparitic Staff
43759.53.30Two Hand The Horror Comes A-Rising Staff
Torch of Dawn
42928.83.30Two Hand Last Toll of the Yaungol Staff
Torch of Dusk
42957.63.30Two Hand Last Toll of the Yaungol Staff
Torch of Noon
42928.83.30Two Hand Last Toll of the Yaungol Staff
Jinyu Combat Staff
40458.33.30Two HandQuest Staff
Jinyu Divining Rod
40429.13.30Two HandQuest Staff
Jinyu Meditation Staff
40429.13.30Two HandQuest Staff
Instructor's Staff
38426.43.30Two Hand The Rumpus Staff
Staff of Inner Focus
38426.43.30Two Hand The Rumpus Staff
Tian Monastic Staff
38452.83.30Two Hand The Rumpus Staff
Fogcutter Staff
37251.93.30Two Hand Unleash Hell Staff
Skyfire Medic's Staff
37225.93.30Two Hand Unleash Hell Staff
Staff of Rolling Thunder
37225.93.30Two Hand Paint it Red! Staff
Staff of Rolling Thunder
37225.93.30Two Hand Staff
Staff of the Mist Navigator
37251.93.30Two Hand Staff
Staff of the Mist Navigator
37251.93.30Two Hand Paint it Red! Staff
Staff of the Skymagi
37225.93.30Two Hand Unleash Hell Staff
Trench Medic's Staff
37225.93.30Two Hand Paint it Red! Staff
Trench Medic's Staff
37225.93.30Two Hand Staff
Staff of the Hozen
72.53.30Two Hand Do No Evil Staff
Acolyte Staff
41.62.40Two Hand Staff
Mana Gathering Staff
41.63.20Two HandVendor Staff
Short Staff
41.63.20Two HandVendor Staff
Staff of the Master
41.63.30Two Hand Only the Worthy Shall Pass Staff
Tyrande's Staff
41.62.40Two Hand Staff
Crooked Staff
31.33.30Two Hand Staff
Stave Icecrown Raid D02 Green
12.42.40Two HandUnobtainable Staff
Garden Pitchfork
10.83.50Two HandVendor Staff
Garden Scythe
10.83.50Two HandVendor Staff
Garden Shovel
10.83.50Two HandVendor Staff
Apprentice's Staff
10.72.90Two HandVendor Staff
Bent Staff
10.73.30Two Hand Staff
Farmer's Broom
10.73.50Two HandVendor Staff
Farmer's Hoe
10.73.60Two HandVendor Staff
Farmer's Shovel
10.73.70Two HandVendor Staff
Handcrafted Staff
10.72.90Two Hand Staff
Monster - Staff, Velen TEMP
10.73.00Two Hand Staff
Plain Wooden Staff
10.72.50Two HandVendor Staff
Trainee's Staff
10.73.30Two Hand Weapon Rack Staff
Training Staff
10.72.90Two Hand Staff
Monster - Staff, Wooden Handle Rounded Head High Red Flame
10.43.40Two Hand Staff
Well-Worn Bat
10.43.40Two Hand Foreman Kaleiki Staff
Formidable Spire
655189.43.30Two Hand Formidable Armament Staff
Grandiose Spire
645172.43.30Two Hand Grandiose Armament Staff
Turbulent Spire
630150.23.30Two HandLooted Staff
Munificent Spire
615130.43.30Two Hand Munificent Armament Staff
Staff of Trials
610124.73.30Two HandQuest Staff
Void-Warped Oshu'gun Spellstaff
605119.03.30Two HandQuest Staff
Void-Warped Oshu'gun Staff
605238.13.30Two HandQuest Staff
Gorian Arcanist Spellstaff
598111.53.30Two HandQuest Staff
Talon Guard Staff
593106.33.30Two Hand When All Is Aligned Staff
Admiral Taylor's Staff of Wisdom
57589.83.30Two HandQuest Staff
Telmor Crystal Staff
563160.63.30Two Hand The Final Piece Staff
Telmor Soupriest Staff
56380.33.30Two Hand The Final Piece Staff
Tormented Spire
56077.93.30Two Hand Tormented Armament Staff
Abandoned Dark Iron Staff
53662.43.30Two HandQuest Staff
Ogron Slayer's Greatstaff
53662.43.30Two Hand Fair Warning Staff
Spectral Spire
52556.23.30Two Hand Staff
Karabor Starsinger Staff
522109.63.30Two Hand Darkness Falls Staff
Frostwolf Augury Staff
51049.13.30Two Hand For the Horde! Staff