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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
33.73.30Two HandQuest Staff
Eldarath Staff
1711.33.30Two Hand Handling the Goods Staff
Earthborn Staff
1510.23.10Two Hand Calming the Earth Staff
Dwarven Magestaff
272218.42.80Two HandLooted Staff
Dreamwalking Staff
107.23.30Two Hand War Dance Staff
Dreadwaste Meditation Staff
4371,289.33.30Two Hand Staff
Dreadwaste Diviner's Rod
4371,289.33.30Two Hand Staff
Dreadsoul Staff
23280166.33.00Two HandVendor Staff
Diviner Long Staff
524740.42.60Two HandLooted Staff
Digging Staff
1510.23.10Two Hand The Last Refugee Staff
Desecrated Staff
17077191.73.50Two HandLooted Staff
Demoniac Longstaff
966274.23.50Two HandLooted Staff
Defective Soulgem Staff
429902,393.43.00Two HandLooted Staff
Darkwood Staff
139.03.20Two Hand Deaths in the Family Staff
Darkspear Shamanic Staff
22.42.80Two Hand Proving Pit Staff
Darkspear Monk's Staff
22.42.80Two Hand Proving Pit Staff
Darkspear Druidic Staff
22.42.80Two Hand Proving Pit Staff
Cursed Staff
17478198.43.50Two HandLooted Staff
Cultist's Cauldron Stirrer
17499.22.90Two HandQuest Staff
Crystal-Etched Warstaff
11769102.23.50Two HandLooted Staff
Crystal Woodstaff
17879205.43.50Two HandLooted Staff
Cryptbone Staff
262117.62.90Two Hand Staff
Corrupted Blackwood Staff
5643.53.40Two Hand Into The Maw of Madness Staff
Conjurer's Staff
11449.13.40Two Hand Kick Them While They're Down Staff
Conifer Cone Staff
13468142.13.50Two HandLooted Staff
Composite Harpyspine Staff
14678.43.00Two Hand Lumber Hack Staff
Communal Stave
483901,979.23.00Two Hand Staff
Communal Staff
483901,979.23.00Two Hand Staff
Coldwind Scratching Pole
146156.83.00Two Hand Lumber Hack Staff
Clear Crystal Rod
2113.83.10Two Hand Staff
Channeler's Staff
201513.23.40Two Hand Staff
Ceranium Rod
2214.52.70Two Hand Staff
Cenarion Naturalist's Staff
9335.93.70Two Hand Testing the Antidote Staff
Cauldron Stirrer
1510.23.10Two Hand Staff
Cascading Water Staff
17077191.73.50Two HandLooted Staff
Calenda Fighting Stick
1116794.03.50Two HandLooted Staff
Brutal Scar-Limb
845864.63.50Two HandLooted Staff
Bronzed Staff
37784737.23.50Two HandLooted Staff
Bronzed Staff
377841,474.33.50Two HandLooted Staff
Brewing Rod
2516.82.90Two Hand Staff
289324.73.30Two Hand Quicksilver Submersion Staff
Branched Stick
13869146.83.50Two HandLooted Staff
Branch of the Roaming Spirit
154167.63.00Two Hand Free at Last Staff
Bramblethorn Greatstaff
138146.83.00Two HandQuest Staff
Bloodscalp Channeling Staff
332822.42.80Two HandLooted Staff
Blood Drinker Staff
3322.43.30Two Hand It's Ours Now Staff
Blood Drinker Staff
3322.43.30Two Hand It's Ours Now Staff
Bladefist Staff
30683380.43.50Two HandLooted Staff
Bladefist Staff
30683760.83.50Two HandLooted Staff
Binding Staff
3523.93.30Two Hand Portals of the Legion Staff
Binding Staff
3523.93.30Two Hand Portals of the Legion Staff
Big Stick
373225.73.00Two HandVendor Staff
Befouled Staff
117.83.10Two Hand A Cure In The Dark Staff
Bata Staff
1056585.93.50Two HandLooted Staff
Barbarian Staff
390851,664.23.50Two HandLooted Staff
Barbarian Staff
39085832.13.50Two HandLooted Staff
Balanced Spell Staff
139.02.20Two Hand Wanted: "Hogger" Staff
Balanced Fighting Stick
117.82.20Two Hand Staff
Avalanche Staff
18280212.63.50Two HandLooted Staff
Arcane Staff
107.22.90Two Hand Staff
Aquatic Greatstaff
13067137.63.50Two HandLooted Staff
Apocalyptic Staff
18280212.63.50Two HandLooted Staff
815762.33.50Two HandLooted Staff
Angerfang Staff
28379611.33.50Two HandLooted Staff
Angerfang Staff
28379305.63.50Two HandLooted Staff
Agamaggan's Quill
8162.33.40Two HandQuest Staff
Adjudicator's Staff
10845.02.70Two HandQuest Staff
Acrobatic Staff
342923.12.20Two HandLooted Staff
Zum'rah's Vexing Cane
494442.72.70Two HandLooted Staff
Zulian Ceremonial Staff
656027.82.60Two Hand Staff
Zabra's Misplaced Staff
1627797.23.20Two HandLooted Staff
Wort Stirring Rod
463901,642.73.20Two HandLooted Staff
Witching Stave
211618.43.60Two HandLooted Staff
Witch Doctor's Wildstaff
17976225.92.40Two HandLooted Staff
Witch Doctor's Cane
494442.72.30Two HandLooted Staff
Windweaver Staff
373232.63.10Two Hand Staff
Wind Spirit Staff
353030.23.30Two HandLooted Staff
5245.12.50Two Hand Staff
109105.02.80Two HandQuest Staff
Whiteout Staff
656055.73.10Two HandPvP (Honor) Staff
Warpstaff of Arcanum
1157057.32.40Two HandLooted Staff
Very Manly Staff
333489.23.30Two Hand The Crucible of Carnage: The Twilight Terror! Staff
Ursol's Claw
856075.23.00Two HandLooted Staff
Umbranse's Staff
5547.43.30Two Hand Umbranse's Deliverance Staff
Twisted Chanter's Staff
241920.53.40Two HandLooted Staff
Trindlehaven Staff
605551.42.10Two HandLooted Staff
Tower of Theramore
3732.63.30Two Hand Take Down Tethyr! Staff
Tower of the Infinite Mind
13879.03.00Two HandQuest Staff
Torth-Slayer's Staff
333978.53.30Two Hand Fury Unbound Staff
Torch of the Fallen Souls
13879.03.00Two Hand Staff
The Chief's Enforcer
494442.73.40Two HandLooted, Skinned Staff
The Bringer of Death
1157057.32.40Two HandLooted Staff
Tanglewood Staff
464140.43.40Two HandLooted Staff
Sun-Infused Focus Staff
1156857.32.40Two HandLooted Staff
Strength of the Treant
5144.33.70Two Hand Staff
Stoneflower Staff
454039.73.00Two HandLooted Staff
Stave of Youthful Sorrow
174108.03.10Two HandQuest Staff
Stave of Shrouded Mysteries
20080273.22.90Two HandVendor Staff
Staff of Westfall
2420.53.00Two Hand Staff
Staff of Wayward Principles
20080136.62.40Two HandLooted Staff