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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Lesser Mystic Wand
31268.11.80RangedCrafted Wand
29247.61.80RangedLooted Wand
27228.61.90RangedLooted Wand
Dire Wand
26216.81.70RangedLooted Wand
Burning Wand
25205.91.80RangedVendor Wand
Dusk Wand
25205.91.70RangedVendor Wand
Charred Razormane Wand
23185.31.80Ranged Wand
21167.11.70RangedLooted Wand
21167.11.60RangedLooted Wand
Gloom Wand
21164.81.80RangedVendor Wand
Cookie's Stirring Rod
20156.81.80RangedLooted Wand
Opaque Wand
20155.11.80RangedLooted, Fished Wand
Smoldering Wand
20154.61.60RangedVendor Wand
Banshee Rod
18134.61.80RangedLooted Wand
Greater Magic Wand
18134.61.80RangedCrafted Wand
Blazing Wand
17124.41.80RangedLooted, Fished Wand
Shadow Wand
1493.71.80RangedLooted, Fished Wand
Fire Wand
1273.31.80RangedLooted, Fished Wand
Lesser Magic Wand
1052.81.80RangedCrafted Wand
Blazecaster's Wand
414771.81.70RangedQuest Wand
Gardener's Wand
399671.11.70Ranged Gardener Fran and the Watering Can Wand
Waterkeeper's Wand
399671.11.70Ranged Balance Wand
Chilton Wand
539.50.50Ranged Wand
Beach-Sweeper Wand
318315.51.60Ranged Landgrab Wand
Darklight Torch
318315.51.80Ranged Portal Overload Wand
Shackle-Shatter Wand
318315.51.60Ranged Insurrection Wand
Charbelching Wand
312298.41.80Ranged Riding Shotgun! Wand
Harrison's Climbing Hook
312298.41.90Ranged Fortune and Glory Wand
Basilisk Eye Wand
305279.51.60Ranged Rock Bottom Wand
Goldrinn's Purifier
272208.71.60Ranged Sweeping the Shelf Wand
Lordbane Scepter
272208.71.90Ranged Disrupting the Rituals Wand
Rage of Lo'Gosh
272208.71.60Ranged Sweeping the Shelf Wand
Scribe's Quill
272208.71.90Ranged Piece of the Past Wand
Scribe's Quill
272208.71.90Ranged Piece of the Past Wand
Encrusted Zombie Finger
17483.11.80RangedQuest Wand
Iceshrieker's Touch
17483.11.60RangedQuest Wand
Touch of Unlife
17483.11.80RangedQuest Wand
Wand of Chilled Renewal
17483.11.80RangedQuest Wand
Fair Touch of the Crusader
17476.31.80Ranged By Fire Be Purged Wand
Frail Bone Wand
17476.31.80Ranged The Rider of the Unholy Wand
Olakin's Enchanted Torch
17476.31.80Ranged By Fire Be Purged Wand
Touch of Light
17476.31.80Ranged Defending The Vanguard Wand
Nesingwary Brush Burner
16274.82.20Ranged Post-partum Aggression Wand
Twig of Happy Reminders
14660.32.10Ranged Mystery of the Infinite Wand
Wand of Blinding Light
14660.31.60Ranged The Cleansing Of Jintha'kalar Wand
Wand of Purifying Fire
14660.31.80Ranged The Cleansing Of Jintha'kalar Wand
Branch of Everlasting Flame
13856.51.80RangedQuest Wand
Dowsing Rod
13856.51.90Ranged The Nefarious Clam Master... Wand
Regal Sceptre
13856.51.60RangedQuest Wand
Rod of the Crimson Keeper
13856.51.60Ranged Springing the Trap Wand
Root of the Everlasting
13856.51.60Ranged Seeds of the Blacksouled Keepers Wand
Wand of the Keeper
13856.51.60Ranged The Nefarious Clam Master... Wand
Whelpling-Skull Zapper
13856.51.70RangedQuest Wand
Illidari Rod of Discipline
11437.81.80Ranged Subdue the Subduer Wand
Hotshot Cattle Prod
11136.21.70Ranged When the Cows Come Home Wand
Jeweled Rod
10940.41.80Ranged Terokk's Downfall Wand
Nethekurse's Rod of Torment
10940.41.80Ranged Turning the Tide Wand
Rod of Dire Shadows
10940.41.80Ranged The Will of the Warchief Wand
Wand of the Seer
10940.41.80Ranged Turning Point Wand
Rejuvenating Scepter
10834.61.80Ranged Ar'kelos the Guardian Wand
Unearthed Enkaat Wand
10834.61.70Ranged Mark V is Alive! Wand
Wand of the Ancestors
10533.01.60Ranged The Thunderspike Wand
Nesingwary Safari Stick
10336.81.80Ranged The Ultimate Bloodsport Wand
Arcane Wand of Sylvanaar
10231.51.60Ranged The Den Mother Wand
Ogre Handler's Shooter
10231.51.70Ranged Bleeding Hollow Supply Crates Wand
Wand of Happiness
10231.51.70Ranged Corki's Gone Missing Again! Wand
Arakkoa Divining Rod
9930.01.60Ranged A Personal Favor Wand
Talonbranch Wand
9628.51.70Ranged Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil Wand
Survivalist's Wand
9327.61.80Ranged Colossal Menace Wand
Desolation Rod
8124.01.60RangedQuest Wand
Dark Augur's Wand
8023.71.70RangedQuest Wand
Wand of Biting Cold
6320.71.80RangedQuest Wand
6220.41.80Ranged Wand
Smokey's Fireshooter
6017.91.90Ranged Wand
Doreen's Wand
5315.81.60Ranged Marshal's Refuse Wand
5217.31.90Ranged Wand
Scrying Wand
5016.71.80Ranged Wand
Cairnstone Sliver
5015.01.80Ranged Wand
Nature's Breath
5015.01.80Ranged Wand
Wand of Sudden Changes
5015.01.60Ranged High Chief Winterfall Wand
Sootsmoke Wand
4914.71.60Ranged Rise, Obsidion Wand
Charged Lightning Rod
4613.71.80Ranged Wand
Chillnail Splinter
4613.71.80Ranged Wand
Impsy's Wand
4613.71.60Ranged See the Invisible Wand
Brightening Wand
4114.11.60Ranged Hidden Treasures Wand
Dancing Flame
4013.71.80Ranged Wand
Icefury Wand
4013.71.60Ranged Wand
Nether Force Wand
4013.71.80Ranged Wand
Ragefire Wand
4013.71.80Ranged Wand
Burning Sliver
4011.21.80Ranged Wand
Crawling Wand
4011.21.70Ranged ... and Bugs Wand
Gnomish Zapper
4011.21.80Ranged Wand
Goblin Igniter
4011.22.00Ranged Wand
Rod of Sorrow
3910.71.90Ranged Wand
Fizzle's Zippy Lighter
3810.31.80Ranged Wand
Kodo Brander
3810.31.90Ranged Wand
379.91.70RangedQuest Wand
Flash Wand
379.91.80Ranged Wand
Spider Frier
379.91.60Ranged This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup) Wand
Captain Rackmore's Tiller
369.51.80Ranged Wand