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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Bloodied Prison Shank
1367017.12.00One HandFished Dagger
Blades of the Sable Cross
2458027.01.80Unobtainable Thrown
Bladefist Knives
3068330.61.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Blade of Life's Inevitability
1547025.52.00Unobtainable Thrown
Blacksteel Throwing Dagger
555013.71.80Unobtainable Thrown
Bent-Barrel Rifle
2057926.81.80RangedLooted, Pick Pocketed Gun
Beaten Battle Axe
831.83.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Beak of the Merciless One
27227.21.70Unobtainable Thrown
Beak of the Merciless One
27227.21.70Unobtainable Thrown
Battered Shiv
2057920.81.60One HandLooted Dagger
Battered Mallet
19144.02.90Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Barbed Shrike
815716.81.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Barbarian Knives
3908531.91.70Unobtainable Thrown
Balanced War Axe
595414.72.50Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Balanced Throwing Dagger
831.81.70Unobtainable Thrown
Balanced Stone Dirk
9317.61.80Unobtainable Thrown
Balanced Long Bow
454011.11.80RangedLooted Bow
Avenging Blades
1086620.71.80Unobtainable Thrown
Assassin's Throwing Axe
635815.93.00Unobtainable Thrown
Assassin's Shuriken
1207021.51.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Arakkoa Talon-Axe
1086620.71.70Unobtainable Thrown
Angerfang Knives
2837927.51.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Ancient Pandaren Woodcutter
878713.12.60Main Hand One-handed Axe
Amani Throwing Axe
936117.61.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Abandoned Greatsword
1257421.72.90Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
6.0 Weapon - Axe_2H_Gorehowl_D_01_HD (Remake) (GROM HELLSCREAM ONLY)
10.42.80Two Hand Two-handed Axe
1 Handed Horde Axe
10.32.00One Hand One-handed Axe
1 Handed Alliance Sword
10.32.80One Hand One-handed Sword
"Monster - Dagger, Ornate Spikey Base"
10.31.80One Hand Dagger
464118.02.80Two HandVendor Two-handed Sword
Worn Wood Chopper
10.72.90Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Worn Shortbow
21.02.30RangedVendor Bow
Worn Ranger's Bow
93.12.10Ranged The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll Bow
Worn Mace
10.51.90Main Hand One-handed Mace
Worn Greatsword
10.72.90Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Worn Dirk
10.51.60Off Hand Dagger
Worn Dagger
10.51.60One Hand Dagger
Worn Ceremonial Tomahawk
71.92.60One Hand The Restless Earth One-handed Axe
Worn Battleaxe
10.72.90Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Worn Axe
10.52.00Main Hand One-handed Axe
Worgen Slaying Sword
82.83.30Two Hand Annihilate the Worgen Two-handed Sword
Wooden Warhammer
943.13.00Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Wooden Mallet
943.12.60Two HandVendor Two-handed Mace
Wood Chopper
832.83.30Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Wolvar Shortbow
706526.62.40RangedVendor Bow
Whittling Knife
51.51.80One Hand Dagger
Whirling Axe
82.83.50Two Hand Warchief's Revenge Two-handed Axe
Whamo Kablamo
82.82.50Ranged Cluster Cluck Gun
Well-Used Sword
102.62.10Main Hand One-handed Sword
Weathered Crossbow
21.02.50Ranged Crossbow
Warder's Spear
10.72.90Two Hand Polearm
Warder's Shortbow
21.02.30Ranged Bow
Warder's Dagger
20.81.60One Hand Dagger
Warder's Axe
20.82.00Main Hand One-handed Axe
War Staff
454017.43.30Two HandVendor Staff
War Maul
454017.43.30Two HandVendor Two-handed Mace
War Hammer
353011.93.50Two HandVendor Two-handed Mace
Wand of Onyx
757010.41.80RangedVendor Wand
Wand of Jade
757010.41.80RangedVendor Wand
Wand of Crystal
757010.41.80RangedVendor Wand
Wand of Amber
757010.41.80RangedVendor Wand
Walking Stick
832.82.50Two HandVendor Staff
Vile Fin Oracle Staff
943.12.90Two Hand Staff
Vile Fin Battle Axe
943.13.10Two Hand Vile Fin Muckdweller Two-handed Axe
Velania's Walking Stick
62.23.10Two Hand Arcane Instability Staff
Tyrande's Staff
41.62.40Two Hand Staff
Two-Handed Sword
722.52.90Two HandVendor Two-handed Sword
Twilight Firelance
1753.00Main HandCreated Miscellaneous
Tuskarr Fishing Spear
757026.82.00Two HandVendor Polearm
34299.02.50Main HandVendor One-handed Mace
Trogg Hand Axe
41.22.00Main Hand Rockjaw Raider One-handed Axe
Trogg Dagger
31.01.80One HandLooted Dagger
Trogg Club
1162.92.00Main Hand One-handed Mace
Training Staff
10.72.90Two Hand Staff
Trainee's Sword
10.73.60Two Hand Weapon Rack Two-handed Sword
Trainee's Staff
10.73.30Two Hand Weapon Rack Staff
Trainee's Spellblade
10.52.60One Hand One-handed Sword
Trainee's Mace
10.52.60One Hand One-handed Mace
Trainee's Handwrap
10.52.60Off Hand Fist Weapon
Trainee's Handwrap
10.52.60One Hand Fist Weapon
Trainee's Dagger
10.51.80One Hand Dagger
Trainee's Dagger
10.51.80Off Hand Dagger
Trainee's Crossbow
10.72.90Ranged Weapon Rack Crossbow
Trainee's Axe
10.52.60One Hand One-handed Axe
Touch of Dawn
81.11.60Ranged Thunderhorn Cleansing Wand
Torch of Flame
292.90One Hand Miscellaneous
942.41.70One HandVendor One-handed Axe
Timeworn Staff
51.93.30Two Hand From the Shadows Staff
Thistlewood Staff
51.93.10Two Hand Webwood Corruption Staff
Thistlewood Maul
51.51.90Main Hand Webwood Corruption One-handed Mace
Thistlewood Dagger
51.51.70One Hand Webwood Corruption Dagger
Thistlewood Bow
51.92.30Ranged Bow
Thistlewood Blade
51.52.20Main Hand Webwood Corruption One-handed Sword
Thistlewood Axe
51.93.50Two Hand Two-handed Axe
The Shell Cracker
103.42.60Two Hand Show Gnomercy Two-handed Mace
The Discipline Stick
103.42.60Two Hand Show Gnomercy Staff
Tarnished Bastard Sword
31.33.20Two Hand Two-handed Sword
1494.63.20Two HandVendor Two-handed Axe
Sword of the Hozen
71.92.60One Hand Do No Evil One-handed Sword
Sword of the Burning Spirit
51.93.60Two Hand The Passion of Shen-zin Su Two-handed Sword