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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Wand of Shimmering Scales
159711.80RangedLooted Wand
Wand of Shimmering Scales
1591.80RangedLooted Wand
The Fire Extinguisher
1583.10Two Hand This Just In: Fire Still Hot! Miscellaneous
Voodoo Wand
158741.70RangedLooted Wand
Nexus Shrike
158741.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Brutal Gladiator's Baton of Light
Season 4
154701.90RangedPvP (Honor), Vendor Wand
Brutal Gladiator's Piercing Touch
Season 4
154701.90RangedPvP (Honor), Vendor Wand
Brutal Gladiator's Touch of Defeat
Season 4
154701.90RangedPvP (Honor), Vendor Wand
Wand of Cleansing Light
154701.80RangedLooted Wand
Wand of the Demonsoul
154701.80RangedLooted Wand
Enigmatic Wand
154731.70RangedLooted Wand
Blade of Life's Inevitability
154702.00Unobtainable Thrown
Brutal Gladiator's War Edge
Season 4
154701.90Unobtainable Thrown
Venture Co. Throwing Axe
154731.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Venture Battle Wand
150742.10RangedPvP (Honor) Wand
Melted Wand
150721.70RangedLooted Wand
Sharpened Throwing Gizmo
150741.60Unobtainable Thrown
Sure-Fire Shuriken
150721.70Unobtainable Thrown
Threatening Darts
150721.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Vengeful Gladiator's Baton of Light
Season 3
146701.90RangedPvP (Honor), Vendor Wand
Vengeful Gladiator's Piercing Touch
Season 3
146701.90RangedPvP (Honor), Vendor Wand
Vengeful Gladiator's Touch of Defeat
Season 3
146701.90RangedPvP (Honor), Vendor Wand
Twig of Happy Reminders
1462.10Ranged Mystery of the Infinite Wand
Wand of Blinding Light
1461.60Ranged The Cleansing Of Jintha'kalar Wand
Wand of Purifying Fire
1461.80Ranged The Cleansing Of Jintha'kalar Wand
Runed Shuriken
146711.70Unobtainable Thrown
Vengeful Gladiator's War Edge
Season 3
146701.90Unobtainable Thrown
Extinguished Spark
142701.70RangedLooted Wand
Tuskarr's Piercers
142701.70Unobtainable Thrown
Naaru-Blessed Life Rod
141701.80RangedLooted Wand
Wand of Prismatic Focus
141701.80RangedLooted Wand
Twisted Blades of Zarak
141701.80Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Branch of Everlasting Flame
1381.80RangedQuest Wand
Dowsing Rod
1381.90Ranged The Nefarious Clam Master... Wand
Regal Sceptre
1381.60RangedQuest Wand
Rod of the Crimson Keeper
1381.60Ranged Springing the Trap Wand
Root of the Everlasting
1381.60Ranged Seeds of the Blacksouled Keepers Wand
Vicious Wand
138691.70RangedLooted Wand
Wand of the Keeper
1381.60Ranged The Nefarious Clam Master... Wand
Whelpling-Skull Zapper
1381.70RangedQuest Wand
Condor-Bone Star
1381.80Unobtainable Thrown
Crystalline Star
1381.80Unobtainable Thrown
Reaching Star
138691.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Merciless Gladiator's Touch of Defeat
Season 2
136701.90RangedPvP (Honor), Vendor Wand
Merciless Gladiator's War Edge
Season 2
136701.80Unobtainable Thrown
Luminescent Rod of the Naaru
134701.80RangedLooted Wand
Wand of the Forgotten Star
134701.80RangedLooted Wand
Darkened Wand
134681.70RangedLooted Wand
Howling Throwing Knives
134681.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Serpentshrine Shuriken
134701.80Unobtainable Thrown
Carved Witch Doctor's Stick
132701.80RangedVendor Wand
Touch of Victory
130701.90Ranged Wand
Pearled Wand
130671.70RangedLooted Wand
Eredar Wand of Obliteration
125701.80RangedLooted Wand
Shuriken of Negation
125701.20Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Gladiator's Touch of Defeat
Season 1
123701.90RangedPvP (Honor) Wand
Gladiator's War Edge
Season 1
123701.90Unobtainable Thrown
Flawless Wand
120701.70RangedLooted Wand
Assassin's Shuriken
120701.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Dragonscale Wand
117691.70RangedLooted Wand
Dreghood Throwing Axe
117691.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Blue Diamond Witchwand
115701.80RangedLooted Wand
Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy
115701.80RangedLooted Wand
Cerulean Crystal Rod
115701.80RangedVendor Wand
Nether Core's Control Rod
115701.80RangedLooted Wand
Nether Core's Control Rod
1151.80RangedLooted Wand
Nexus Torch
1151.80RangedLooted Wand
Nexus Torch
115701.80RangedLooted Wand
Distracting Blades
115702.00Unobtainable Thrown
115681.60Unobtainable Thrown
Xavian Stiletto
115701.80Unobtainable Thrown
Draenethyst Wand
114681.70RangedLooted Wand
Illidari Rod of Discipline
1141.80Ranged Subdue the Subduer Wand
Heartseeker Knives
114681.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Soul-Wand of the Aldor
112681.80RangedLooted Wand
Wand of the Netherwing
112681.80RangedLooted Wand
Sethekk Feather-Darts
112681.60Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Hotshot Cattle Prod
1111.70Ranged When the Cows Come Home Wand
111671.70RangedLooted Wand
111671.70Unobtainable Thrown
The Black Stalk
110701.80RangedLooted Wand
Felsteel Whisper Knives
110702.20Unobtainable Thrown
Jeweled Rod
1091.80Ranged Terokk's Downfall Wand
Nethekurse's Rod of Torment
1091.80Ranged Turning the Tide Wand
Rod of Dire Shadows
1091.80Ranged The Will of the Warchief Wand
Wand of the Seer
1091.80Ranged Turning Point Wand
Scout's Throwing Knives
1092.20Unobtainable Thrown
Nobility Torch
108661.70RangedLooted Wand
Rejuvenating Scepter
1081.80Ranged Ar'kelos the Guardian Wand
Starheart Baton
108661.90RangedVendor Wand
Unearthed Enkaat Wand
1081.70Ranged Mark V is Alive! Wand
Arakkoa Talon-Axe
108661.70Unobtainable Thrown
Avenging Blades
108661.80Unobtainable Thrown
Mark V's Throwing Star
1081.70Unobtainable Thrown
The Sharp Cookie
108661.80Unobtainable Thrown
Solitaire Wand
105651.70RangedLooted Wand
Vanguard Baton of Light
1051.90Ranged Wand
Wand of the Ancestors
1051.60Ranged The Thunderspike Wand
Razor-Edged Boomerang
105651.70Unobtainable Thrown
Nesingwary Safari Stick
1031.80Ranged The Ultimate Bloodsport Wand