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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Ebony Dagger
1587433.41.70One HandLooted Dagger
Eccentric Dagger
1306728.31.70One HandLooted Dagger
Edge of Inevitability
9933.13.50Two HandQuest Two-handed Axe
Edge of the People's Militia
176.12.90Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Edge of the Tuskarr
13828.62.90One Hand The Tides Turn One-handed Axe
Edge of Unlifted Burdens
185.02.60One Hand Practical Vengeance One-handed Axe
Edge of Winter
383311.12.10One HandCrafted One-handed Axe
Edged Bastard Sword
18136.43.10Two HandLooted, Fished Two-handed Sword
Eel Cutter
27235.22.60One Hand Here Fishie Fishie 2: Eel-Egg-Trick Boogaloo One-handed Sword
Eel Cutter
27235.22.60One Hand The Brothers Digsong 2: Eel-Egg-Trick Boogaloo One-handed Sword
Efficiency Spell Mace
4915.81.60One Hand It's Time to Oil Up One-handed Mace
Egg Smasher
308.52.60One Hand Brood of Seldarria One-handed Mace
Eldarath Staff
176.13.30Two Hand Handling the Goods Staff
31.53.30Two Hand The Future of Gnomeregan Staff
Elegant Shortsword
205.52.00One Hand One-handed Sword
Elekk Handler's Blade
113.22.00One Hand Alien Predators One-handed Sword
Elekk-Horn Crossbow
13836.83.00RangedQuest Crossbow
Elemental Dagger
1086626.81.70One HandLooted Dagger
Elexorien Blade
1026433.53.50Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Elune-Blessed Bow
2910.62.80Ranged Seen Better Days Bow
Elunite Axe
154.22.70One Hand One-handed Axe
Elunite Dagger
154.21.70One Hand Dagger
Elunite Hammer
154.22.30One Hand One-handed Mace
Elunite Sword
154.22.10One Hand One-handed Sword
Elven Wand
133.71.60Ranged Wand
Ember Wand
413612.51.80RangedLooted Wand
Emergency Hatchet
164.52.60One Hand The Short Way Home One-handed Axe
Emerine's Blade
267.31.70One Hand The Altar of Naias One-handed Sword
Emil's Brand
3211.63.10Two Hand Insane Druids Two-handed Sword
Emme's Lost Spellblade
14630.11.80One Hand Wanton Warlord Dagger
Enamelled Broadsword
1494.02.40One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Enchanted Azsharite Felbane Dagger
6019.51.80One HandUnobtainable Dagger
Enchanted Azsharite Felbane Staff
6025.02.80Two HandUnobtainable Staff
Enchanted Azsharite Felbane Sword
6019.52.00One HandUnobtainable One-handed Sword
Endurance of the Spell Warder
14638.73.00Two Hand Wanted: Magister Keldonus Staff
Energon Greatmace
28946.33.30Two Hand Elemental Energy Two-handed Mace
Engineer's Hammer
164.52.40One Hand One-handed Mace
Engraved Axe
4298844.82.60One HandLooted One-handed Axe
Engraved Axe
155.43.50Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Engraved Bow
4298857.62.70RangedLooted Bow
Engraved Broadaxe
4298857.63.50Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Engraved Crossbow
4298857.62.70RangedLooted Crossbow
Engraved Dagger
4298844.81.70One HandLooted Dagger
Engraved Dagger
1346828.41.70One HandLooted Dagger
Engraved Dagger
154.21.80One Hand Dagger
Engraved Greatsword
4298857.63.50Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Engraved Greatsword
155.42.90Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Engraved Gun
4298857.62.70RangedLooted Gun
Engraved Hammer
4298857.63.50Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Engraved Knuckles
4298844.82.60One HandLooted Fist Weapon
Engraved Mace
4298844.82.60One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Engraved Spear
4298857.63.50Two HandLooted Polearm
Engraved Staff
4298857.63.50Two HandLooted Staff
Engraved Staff
4298857.63.50Two HandLooted Staff
Engraved Sword
4298844.82.60One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Engraved Sword
154.22.40One Hand One-handed Sword
Enigmatic Wand
1547333.01.70RangedLooted Wand
Enshrined Mace
1306728.31.70One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Ensorcelled Marshfang Blade
9322.81.70One HandQuest Dagger
Etched Dagger
1747834.51.70One HandLooted Dagger
Ethereal-Etched Glaive
1086634.53.50Two HandLooted Polearm
Ethereum Phase Blade
1086626.81.90One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Ethereum Phase-Spear
1086634.51.70Two HandVendor Polearm
Evermorn Scepter
5169340.41.70One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Evermorn Spellblade
5169340.41.70One HandLooted Dagger
Evermorn Wand
5169340.41.70RangedLooted Wand
Excavation Rod
308.51.90Ranged Wand
Executioner's Sword
24198.63.40Two HandVendor Two-handed Sword
Exorcist's Wand
236.31.60Ranged Roland's Doom Wand
Expedition Repeater
9329.32.90Ranged Colossal Menace Crossbow
Expert's Bow
1026433.52.70RangedLooted Bow
Expert's Longbow
1386936.82.70RangedLooted Bow
Explosive Shotgun
373213.72.10RangedLooted Gun
Expropriator's Greataxe
37251.93.60Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Exquisite Flamberge
413616.13.00Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Extinguished Spark
1427029.21.70RangedLooted Wand
Extra Sharp Blade
9925.71.90One HandQuest One-handed Sword
Extravagant Tree Chopper
37240.32.60One Hand One-handed Axe
3710.71.70Ranged Questioning Reethe Wand
Faded Forest Axe
3728540.32.60One HandVendor One-handed Axe
Faded Forest Battlemace
3728551.93.60Two HandVendor Two-handed Mace
Faded Forest Blade
3728540.31.80One HandVendor Dagger
Faded Forest Combat Staff
3728551.93.30Two HandVendor Staff
Faded Forest Crossbow
3728551.92.90RangedVendor Crossbow
Faded Forest Dagger
3728540.31.80One HandVendor Dagger
Faded Forest Diviner's Rod
3728525.93.30Two HandVendor Staff
Faded Forest Greatsword
3728551.93.60Two HandVendor Two-handed Sword
Faded Forest Handaxe
3728540.32.60One HandVendor One-handed Axe
Faded Forest Mace
3728540.32.60One HandVendor One-handed Mace
Faded Forest Meditation Staff
3728525.93.30Two HandVendor Staff
Faded Forest Saber
3728540.32.60One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Faded Forest Scepter
3728520.21.60One HandVendor One-handed Mace
Faded Forest Smasher
3728540.32.60One HandVendor One-handed Mace
Faerie-Kind Staff
936129.33.50Two HandLooted Staff
Failed Liferocket Prototype
4518.52.80Ranged Rocket Rescue Gun
Failed Liferocket Prototype
4518.52.80Ranged Rocket Rescue Gun
Fair Touch of the Crusader
17417.31.80Ranged By Fire Be Purged Wand
Falfindel's Blaster
3111.32.80Ranged Gun
Fallen Vindicator's Blade
9311.42.00One Hand Source of the Corruption One-handed Sword
Fanged Axe
10834.53.20Two HandQuest Two-handed Axe