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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Ricket's Beatstick
17434.51.60One Hand Demolitionist Extraordinaire One-handed Mace
Ritualist's Bloodletter
17434.51.80One HandQuest Dagger
Sapph's Cleaver
17444.43.60Two Hand The Rider of Frost Two-handed Axe
17444.43.50Two HandQuest Two-handed Mace
Shooter's Glory
17444.42.80RangedQuest Crossbow
Snowblind Butcher
17444.43.50Two Hand Bitter Departure Two-handed Sword
Staff of Interrogation
17422.23.00Two Hand In Strict Confidence Staff
Staff of Redeemed Souls
17422.23.00Two Hand The Restless Dead Staff
The Argent Resolve
17444.43.60Two Hand The Restless Dead Two-handed Sword
Thorim's Crusher
17444.43.30Two Hand Territorial Trespass Two-handed Mace
Thorim's Riding Crop
17422.23.00Two Hand Territorial Trespass Staff
Touch of Light
17417.31.80Ranged Defending The Vanguard Wand
Twisted Hooligan Whacker
17434.52.60One HandQuest One-handed Mace
Twisted Reflection
17434.51.80One Hand Bitter Departure Dagger
Vile's Poker
17434.51.70One Hand Crush Dem Vrykuls! Dagger
Vile's Uglystick
17444.43.30Two Hand Crush Dem Vrykuls! Two-handed Mace
Vrykul Crusher
17444.42.90Two Hand Crush Dem Vrykuls! Staff
Writhing Mace
17434.52.20One HandQuest One-handed Mace
Wrought-Iron Staff
17422.23.00Two Hand Crush Dem Vrykuls! Staff
Wyrmstalker's Bow
17444.42.80RangedQuest Bow
Deadly Razordarts
17426.71.90 Thrown
Fleshwerk Throwing Glaive
17426.71.60 Thrown
Razor-Sharp Ice Shards
17426.71.80 Thrown
Sharpened Hyldnir Harpoon
17426.71.60 Thrown
Weighted Throwing Axe
17426.72.00 Thrown
Dragon Slayer's Shortbow
16243.52.80Ranged Post-partum Aggression Bow
Hemet's Trophy Gun
16243.52.90Ranged Post-partum Aggression Gun
Nesingwary Brush Burner
16216.92.20Ranged Post-partum Aggression Wand
Dorian's Prybar
16226.12.40 Thrown
The Fire Extinguisher
1583.10Two Hand This Just In: Fire Still Hot! Miscellaneous
Blade of Diligence
15833.42.60One Hand A Tangled Skein One-handed Sword
Blade of Valorous Service
15833.41.80One Hand Parachutes for the Argent Crusade Dagger
Bloodletter's Blade
15833.41.70One Hand You Reap What You Sow One-handed Sword
Cleaver of Diligence
15843.03.60Two Hand A Tangled Skein Two-handed Axe
Crusader's Greatblade
15843.03.30Two Hand Stocking the Shelves Two-handed Sword
Dutybound Mace of Purity
15833.42.20One Hand A Tangled Skein One-handed Mace
Fist of Subtlety
15833.42.70One Hand Infiltrating Voltarus Fist Weapon
Frigid Crossbow
15843.01.80Ranged Wooly Justice Crossbow
High-Strung Bow
15843.03.00Ranged Stocking the Shelves Bow
Knife of the Dutybound
15833.41.70One Hand A Tangled Skein Dagger
Knuckle of Victory
15833.42.50One Hand Stocking the Shelves Fist Weapon
Staff of Diligence
15821.52.90Two Hand A Tangled Skein Staff
Staff of the Dutybound
15843.02.90Two Hand A Tangled Skein Staff
Thorny Bough of the Light
15821.52.90Two Hand Stocking the Shelves Staff
Victorious Spellblade
15833.41.80One Hand Stocking the Shelves Dagger
Axe of the Warlord's Demise
15442.52.70Two Hand Jin'arrak's End Two-handed Axe
Beaked Dagger
15433.01.80One Hand Jin'arrak's End Dagger
15442.52.90Ranged Free at Last Gun
Branch of the Roaming Spirit
15442.53.00Two Hand Free at Last Staff
Grinder of Reverse Emancipation
15442.53.50Two Hand Filling the Cages Two-handed Mace
Jagged Troll Render
15433.02.30One Hand Jin'arrak's End Fist Weapon
Liberator's Blade
15442.53.60Two Hand Free at Last Two-handed Sword
Mace of Helotry
15433.02.20One Hand Filling the Cages One-handed Mace
Serrated Cold-Iron Slicer
15433.01.60One Hand Jin'arrak's End One-handed Sword
Spike of Renounced Autonomy
15433.01.80One Hand Filling the Cages Dagger
Spire of Soaring Rumination
15421.33.00Two Hand Free at Last Staff
Staff of Righteous Vengeance
15442.52.90Two Hand Sasha's Hunt Staff
Sword of the Caged Mind
15433.01.60One Hand Filling the Cages One-handed Sword
Talon of Freedom
15433.02.70One Hand Free at Last Fist Weapon
Warbling Crossbow
15442.53.10Ranged Filling the Cages Crossbow
Yoke Slasher
15433.02.60One Hand Filling the Cages One-handed Sword
Epic Bland Dagger
14634.51.80One Hand Dagger
14630.11.80One Hand Wanted: Magister Keldonus Dagger
Battered Magnataur Dualblade
14638.73.80Two Hand Wanton Warlord Two-handed Axe
Battlement Enforcer's Axe
14638.73.30Two HandQuest Two-handed Axe
Battleworn Magnataur Crusher
14638.73.60Two HandQuest Two-handed Mace
Bloodsmeared Brutalizer
14630.12.60One Hand Wanted: Magister Keldonus One-handed Axe
Bloodtinged Spellblade
14630.11.80One HandQuest Dagger
Carved Dragonbone Mace
14630.12.20One Hand Conversing With the Depths One-handed Mace
Chilled Headsmasher
14638.73.50Two Hand Conversing With the Depths Two-handed Mace
Claw of the Undead Ravager
14630.11.80One Hand The Cleansing Of Jintha'kalar Fist Weapon
Coldwind Scratching Pole
14638.73.00Two Hand Lumber Hack Staff
Compact Explosive Delivery Device
14630.11.80One Hand Lumber Hack Dagger
Composite Harpyspine Staff
14619.43.00Two Hand Lumber Hack Staff
Crossbow of the Hardened Ranger
14638.72.80RangedQuest Crossbow
Dagger of the Returning Past
14630.11.80One Hand Mystery of the Infinite Dagger
Daschal's Discarded Shiv
14630.11.80One HandQuest Dagger
Emme's Lost Spellblade
14630.11.80One Hand Wanton Warlord Dagger
Endurance of the Spell Warder
14619.43.00Two Hand Wanted: Magister Keldonus Staff
Frostbite Warstaff
14619.43.00Two Hand Conversing With the Depths Staff
Gleaming Iceblade
14630.12.50One Hand Conversing With the Depths One-handed Sword
Imported Ironshod Crossbow
14638.72.80Ranged Conversing With the Depths Crossbow
Infused Dragonbone Splinter
14630.11.80One Hand Lumber Hack Dagger
Joint-Severing Quickblade
14630.11.70One Hand The Cleansing Of Jintha'kalar One-handed Sword
Keen Woodland Shank
14630.11.80One HandQuest Dagger
Keldonus' Missing Spellshard
14630.11.80One Hand Wanted: Magister Keldonus Dagger
Longbow of the Ruby Rider
14638.73.00Ranged Wanton Warlord Bow
Mace of the Fallen Raven Priest
14630.12.20One HandQuest One-handed Mace
Mace of the Violet Guardian
14630.11.70One HandQuest One-handed Mace
Mageslayer Rifle
14638.73.10Ranged Wanted: Magister Keldonus Gun
Magister's Bane
14638.73.50Two Hand Wanted: Magister Keldonus Two-handed Sword
Mana Infused Claw
14630.12.40One HandQuest Fist Weapon
Moonrest Garden Stave
14619.43.00Two HandQuest Staff
Mounted Boneshredder
14638.73.30Two Hand Lumber Hack Two-handed Axe
Reactive Waraxe
14630.12.70One Hand Lumber Hack One-handed Axe
Scourgeslayer's Shank
14630.11.80One Hand The Cleansing Of Jintha'kalar Dagger
Shortblade of the Ruby Ally
14630.11.70One Hand Wanton Warlord Dagger
Siege Captain's Gun
14638.72.80RangedQuest Gun
Spiked Coldwind Club
14630.12.60One HandQuest One-handed Mace
Staff of Ruby Wood
14619.43.00Two HandQuest Staff