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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Tigole's Trashbringer
12.43.00Two HandUnobtainable Two-handed Sword
Draenic Fishing Pole
13.00Two HandVendor Fishing Pole
Savage Fishing Pole
13.00Two HandVendor Fishing Pole
Pandaren Fishing Pole
13.00Two HandVendor Fishing Pole
Alliance Guild Banner - Handheld
1753.00Main Hand Miscellaneous
Alliance Lance
1773.00Main HandCreated Miscellaneous
Argent Lance
1753.00Main HandCreated Miscellaneous
Basic Fishing Pole
13.00Two HandUnobtainable Fishing Pole
Darkmoon Mallet
13.00Main Hand Miscellaneous
Darkmoon Ring
13.00Main Hand Miscellaneous
Darkmoon Ring
13.00Two Hand Miscellaneous
Fishing Pole
13.00Two HandFished, Quest, Vendor Fishing Pole
Horde Lance
1773.00Main HandCreated Miscellaneous
Monster - Staff, Velen TEMP
10.73.00Two Hand Staff
13.00Two Hand Miscellaneous
Twilight Firelance
1753.00Main HandCreated Miscellaneous
Fel Axe
10.43.00Two Hand Polearm
Worgen Shotgun
13.00Main Hand Miscellaneous
Curious Nar'thalas Student's Staff
34510030.93.10Two HandLooted Staff
Robble's Staff of Discourse
34510030.93.10Two HandLooted Staff
Kindleprotector Staff
27245.33.10Two Hand Prepping the Soil Staff
Robble's Staff of Herding
2709027.23.10Two HandLooted Staff
Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff
2648052.93.10Two HandLooted Staff
Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff
2518052.83.10Two HandLooted Staff
2458052.73.10Two HandLooted Staff
2458052.73.10Two HandLooted Staff
Reinforced Shadowstrike
2458052.73.10Two HandLooted Polearm
Reinforced Thunderstrike
2458052.73.10Two HandCreated Polearm
2328052.63.10Two HandLooted Staff
2328052.63.10Two HandLooted Staff
Reclaimed Shadowstrike
2328052.63.10Two HandLooted Polearm
Reclaimed Thunderstrike
2328052.63.10Two HandCreated Polearm
Blood Boil Lancet
2198052.53.10Two HandLooted Staff
Robble's Stabilized Staff
2057926.83.10Two HandLooted Staff
Chilly Slobberknocker
17547.33.10Two Hand The Champion of Anguish Staff
Staff of the Sorrowful Chieftain
17547.33.10Two Hand Wanted: Ragemane's Flipper Staff
Robble's Wobbly Staff
1757426.73.10Two HandLooted Staff
Stave of Youthful Sorrow
17446.33.10Two HandQuest Staff
Hardened Vine of the Mauler
17444.43.10Two HandQuest Staff
Troll Butcherer
1717446.33.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Sawed-Off Hand Cannon
1667845.83.10RangedVendor Gun
Sin'dorei Recurve Bow
1667845.83.10RangedVendor Bow
The Fire Extinguisher
1583.10Two Hand This Just In: Fire Still Hot! Miscellaneous
Warbling Crossbow
15442.53.10Ranged Filling the Cages Crossbow
Mageslayer Rifle
14638.73.10Ranged Wanted: Magister Keldonus Gun
Fury of the Raging Dragon
13842.63.10RangedQuest Gun
Skull-Forged Blunderbuss
13842.63.10Ranged Gun
Cracked Iron Staff
1257421.73.10Two HandLooted Staff
Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow
Season 1
1237044.53.10RangedVendor Crossbow
Ornate Khorium Rifle
1157041.13.10RangedCrafted Gun
Invincible Stave
9933.13.10Two HandQuest Staff
Staff of the Wild
9933.13.10Two Hand Now That We're Friends... Staff
Healer's Staff of the Forest
9631.23.10Two HandQuest Staff
Warsong Howling Axe
886134.13.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Crossbow of Imminent Doom
726035.33.10RangedLooted Crossbow
Polished Ironwood Crossbow
716035.23.10Ranged Crossbow
Polished Ironwood Crossbow
7135.23.10Ranged Crossbow
Dense War Staff
696416.53.10Two HandLooted Staff
Crackling Staff
656031.23.10Two HandVendor Staff
Whiteout Staff
656031.23.10Two HandVendor Staff
635834.03.10Two HandLooted, Skinned Polearm
635834.03.10Two Hand Polearm
Shimmering Platinum Warhammer
6330.23.10Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Malicious Axe
625729.83.10Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Massacre Sword
605528.93.10Two HandVendor Two-handed Sword
575226.13.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Heartseeking Crossbow
565125.73.10RangedLooted Crossbow
565123.23.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Glowing Brightwood Staff
544927.43.10Two HandLooted Staff
Hunting Spear
5224.03.10Two HandUnobtainable Polearm
Stout War Staff
514612.73.10Two HandLooted Staff
Blanchard's Stout
504523.23.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Staff of Lore
4819.93.10Two Hand Staff
Battlefield Destroyer
474219.53.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Sanctimonial Rod
4619.03.10Two HandUnobtainable Staff
Whetted Claymore
423710.03.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Grim Reaper
403519.03.10Two HandLooted Polearm
Windweaver Staff
373217.43.10Two Hand Staff
Metal Stave
37328.23.10Two HandLooted Staff
Archaic Defender
363116.73.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Korg Bat
363113.23.10Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Stonecutter Claymore
353012.73.10Two HandLooted, Fished Two-handed Sword
Large War Club
35307.63.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Loksey's Training Stick
342915.53.10Two HandLooted Staff
Emil's Brand
3211.63.10Two Hand Insane Druids Two-handed Sword
292412.73.10Two HandLooted Staff
Tunnel Pick
292410.63.10Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Barbarian War Axe
282310.23.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Dacian Falx
26218.63.10Two HandVendor Two-handed Sword
Bronze Warhammer
25209.03.10Two HandCrafted Two-handed Mace
Battering Hammer
23188.13.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Clear Crystal Rod
217.43.10Two Hand Staff
Zhovur Axe
207.13.10Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Riverside Staff
19146.83.10Two HandLooted Staff
Edged Bastard Sword
18136.43.10Two HandLooted, Fished Two-handed Sword
Chipped Quarterstaff
18133.83.10Two HandLooted, Pick Pocketed Staff
Blunt Claymore
17123.63.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Short-Handled Battle Axe
17123.63.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Cauldron Stirrer
155.43.10Two Hand Staff
Digging Staff
155.43.10Two Hand The Last Refugee Staff