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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
The Sun Eater
1056831.61.60One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Wand of the Ancestors
10513.21.60Ranged The Thunderspike Wand
Crystalblade of the Draenei
1036629.91.60One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Arcane Wand of Sylvanaar
10213.01.60Ranged The Den Mother Wand
Elemental Crescent
10010029.51.60One HandVendor One-handed Axe
Guile of Khoraazi
1007029.51.60One HandVendor Dagger
Hungering Bone Cudgel
10029.51.60One HandQuest One-handed Mace
Arakkoa Divining Rod
9912.81.60Ranged A Personal Favor Wand
Calming Spore Reed
916213.61.60RangedLooted Wand
Terminal Edge
916217.01.60 Thrown
Terminal Edge
916217.01.60 Thrown
Widow's Remorse
816027.71.60One Hand One-handed Sword
Desolation Rod
8110.91.60RangedQuest Wand
Mag'hari Fighting Claw
806021.71.60One HandVendor Fist Weapon
Dalaran Bow
807027.01.60RangedVendor Bow
Wand of Qiraji Nobility
786013.81.60RangedLooted Wand
Silithid Claw
766027.61.60One HandLooted Fist Weapon
Dragon's Touch
756013.81.60RangedLooted Wand
Core Hound Tooth
706027.31.60One HandLooted Dagger
Sharpened Stilleto
696412.81.60One HandLooted, Pick Pocketed Dagger
Antenna of Invigoration
686011.81.60RangedLooted Wand
Black Amnesty
666027.21.60One HandCrafted Dagger
Hand of Edward the Odd
625726.21.60One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Dimensional Blade
595419.11.60One HandLooted, Skinned One-handed Sword
Rod of Corrosion
55509.81.60RangedLooted Wand
Lifeforce Dirk
5419.31.60One Hand Dagger
Grave Scepter
5417.41.60One Hand One-handed Mace
534827.01.60RangedLooted Bow
Doreen's Wand
538.51.60Ranged Marshal's Refuse Wand
Spiked Dagger
534810.21.60One HandLooted Dagger
524718.71.60One HandLooted Dagger
Stegodon Tusk Mace
5216.81.60One Hand How to Make Meat Fresh Again One-handed Mace
Mace of the Sin'dorei Spirit
5116.41.60One Hand Pain of the Blood Elves One-handed Mace
Rune Sword
514616.41.60One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Hammer of the Thorium Brotherhood
5018.01.60One Hand Welcome to the Brotherhood One-handed Mace
Vorpal Dagger
504516.11.60One HandLooted Dagger
Wand of Sudden Changes
508.11.60Ranged High Chief Winterfall Wand
Mana Channeling Wand
49448.91.60RangedLooted Wand
Efficiency Spell Mace
4915.81.60One Hand It's Time to Oil Up One-handed Mace
Sootsmoke Wand
497.91.60Ranged Rise, Obsidion Wand
Talon Branch
4915.81.60One Hand Enemy at our Roots One-handed Mace
Dathrohan's Mace
4717.11.60One Hand The Dreadlord Balnazzar One-handed Mace
Gift of the Elven Magi
474217.11.60One HandLooted Dagger
Impsy's Wand
467.41.60Ranged See the Invisible Wand
Shadow Hold Mace
4614.81.60One Hand The Inner Circle One-handed Mace
Blackbone Wand
46417.01.60RangedVendor Wand
Plaguerot Sprig
45408.21.60RangedLooted Wand
Wand of Arcane Potency
45408.21.60RangedLooted Wand
454016.41.60One Hand Dagger
Stinking Skull Mace
4414.01.60One Hand Add 'em to the Pile One-handed Mace
443913.01.60One HandVendor Dagger
Tok'kar's Murloc Shanker
4313.51.60One Hand Dagger
Jaina's Firestarter
42377.71.60RangedLooted Wand
Brightening Wand
417.61.60Ranged Hidden Treasures Wand
Icefury Wand
407.41.60Ranged Wand
Malicia's Scepter
3911.61.60One Hand Students of Krastinov One-handed Mace
Shiny Dirk
39346.91.60One HandLooted Dagger
Biting Axe
3811.11.60One Hand One-handed Axe
Biting Greataxe
3814.31.60Two Hand Arms of the Grimtotems Two-handed Axe
Noxious Shooter
37326.71.60RangedLooted Wand
Spider Frier
375.31.60Ranged This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup) Wand
Crescent of Forlorn Spirits
3512.51.60One Hand One-handed Axe
Soulstar Mace
3512.51.60One Hand Death to Agogridon One-handed Mace
Supposed Mace
359.91.60One Hand Making Mutiny One-handed Mace
Daring Dirk
34299.61.60One HandVendor Dagger
Venture Blaster
344.81.60Ranged Drive-By Piracy Wand
Combustible Wand
34294.51.60RangedVendor Wand
Main Gauche
34299.01.60One HandVendor Dagger
Groady Goblin Wand
324.51.60Ranged Siegebreaker Wand
Heavy Iron Knuckles
32279.01.60One HandCrafted Fist Weapon
Pot Stirrer
324.51.60Ranged Marching On Our Stomachs Wand
Research Assistant's Wand
324.51.60Ranged Prime Slime Wand
Wand of Oomph
324.51.60Ranged Prime Slime Wand
Wand of Destructive Talent
304.21.60Ranged To Battlescar! Wand
Stone Etcher
294.11.60Ranged Saving Yenniku Wand
Tethis' Skull
287.91.60One Hand Raptor Mastery One-handed Mace
Wand of Imagination
284.01.60Ranged The Mind's Eye Wand
Fish Stunner
277.61.60One Hand BEWARE OF CRAGJAW! One-handed Mace
Naraxis' Fang
27227.61.60One Hand Dagger
Battle Knife
26217.31.60One HandLooted, Fished Dagger
Gyromatic Axe
267.31.60One Hand Burn, Baby, Burn! One-handed Axe
Wand of Bought Time
263.61.60Ranged Commandeer That Balloon! Wand
Blackfathom Mace
258.81.60One Hand Twilight Falls One-handed Mace
Discontinuer's Hammer
258.81.60One Hand The Durnholde Challenge: D-1000 One-handed Mace
Searching Wand
244.21.60Ranged Researching the Corruption Wand
Lilith's Wand
243.31.60Ranged Deception and Trickery Wand
246.61.60One Hand One-handed Sword
24196.01.60One HandVendor Dagger
Warped Blade
24194.01.60Main HandLooted, Skinned, Pick Pocketed One-handed Sword
Preemptive Striker
238.21.60One Hand Blastranaar! One-handed Mace
Archivist's Lighter
233.21.60Ranged The Stolen Letters Wand
Exorcist's Wand
233.21.60Ranged Roland's Doom Wand
Durak's Wand
224.01.60Ranged Rain of Destruction Wand
217.61.60One Hand The Traitor's Destruction Dagger
21163.81.60RangedLooted Wand
Wand of Infectious Dementia
212.91.60Ranged Assault on Menethil Keep Wand
Suppressor's Wand
203.61.60Ranged Counterattack! Wand
Wind Rider Wand
203.61.60Ranged The Conquest of Azshara Wand
Brazie's Plant Light
202.81.60Ranged Lawn of the Dead Wand
205.51.60One Hand Dagger