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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Practice Sword
722.53.20Two HandLooted, Fished Two-handed Sword
Pellet Rifle
722.52.60RangedLooted, Fished Gun
Long Knife
71.92.10One Hand The Dwarven Spy One-handed Sword
Light Hammer
721.91.70Main Hand One-handed Mace
Kobold Mining Mallet
721.92.30Main Hand One-handed Mace
Kobold Excavation Pick
721.92.40Main HandLooted One-handed Axe
Jade Hilted Sword
72.53.60Two Hand Stronger Than Bone Two-handed Sword
Jade Hilted Dagger
71.91.80One Hand Stronger Than Bone Dagger
Jade Crossbow
72.52.90Ranged Stronger Than Bone Crossbow
Granny's Mallet
71.92.60One Hand Grandma's Cat One-handed Mace
Gnarled Short Staff
72.52.80Two HandQuest Staff
Flanged Mace
721.92.00Main HandLooted, Fished One-handed Mace
Farmer's Shovel
722.53.70Two Hand Tirisfal Farmer Two-handed Mace
Dagger of the Hozen
71.91.80Off Hand Do No Evil Dagger
721.91.80One HandVendor One-handed Mace
Camping Knife
71.91.80One HandQuest Dagger
Bloodhawk Claymore
72.52.90Two Hand The Dwarven Spy Two-handed Sword
Alchemist's Wand
71.01.80Ranged Wand
Withered Staff
831.83.00Two HandLooted Staff
Weighted Throwing Axe
831.81.90 Thrown
Feeble Sword
831.42.00One HandLooted, Pick Pocketed One-handed Sword
Cracked Shortbow
831.82.30RangedLooted Bow
Beaten Battle Axe
831.83.10Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Balanced Throwing Dagger
831.81.70 Thrown
Worgen Slaying Sword
82.83.30Two Hand Annihilate the Worgen Two-handed Sword
Wood Chopper
832.83.30Two HandLooted, Fished Two-handed Axe
Whirling Axe
82.83.50Two Hand Warchief's Revenge Two-handed Axe
Whamo Kablamo
82.82.50Ranged Cluster Cluck Gun
Walking Stick
832.82.50Two HandVendor Staff
Touch of Dawn
81.11.60Ranged Thunderhorn Cleansing Wand
832.21.80One HandVendor Dagger
Spy Poker
82.21.80One Hand Infrared = Infradead Dagger
Small Tomahawk
832.21.80One Hand One-handed Axe
Skull Hatchet
832.22.00Main Hand Rockjaw Skullthumper One-handed Axe
Raider Shortsword
832.22.50Main Hand One-handed Sword
Long Bo Staff
832.82.50Two HandLooted, Fished Staff
Light Crossbow
832.82.50RangedVendor Crossbow
Large Axe
832.82.80Two HandVendor Two-handed Axe
Hornwood Recurve Bow
832.82.10RangedVendor Bow
Goblin Masher
82.82.60Two Hand Supervisor Fizsprocket Staff
Frostmane Shortsword
832.22.00Main Hand One-handed Sword
Frostmane Club
832.22.00Main Hand One-handed Mace
Cyclone Staff
82.82.90Two Hand Warchief's Revenge Staff
Broken Plunger
82.22.40One Hand Cluster Cluck One-handed Mace
832.82.60Two HandLooted, Fished Two-handed Mace
Mini B.C. Eliminator
83.12.70Ranged Town-In-A-Box: Under Attack Gun
Hatchling Prodder
83.13.20Two Hand Surrender or Else! Staff
Chicken Chopper
82.42.70One Hand The Biggest Egg Ever One-handed Axe
Rusty Hatchet
941.62.10Main HandLooted, Skinned One-handed Axe
Cracked Sledge
942.03.30Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Carpenter's Mallet
941.61.70Main HandLooted One-handed Mace
Worn Ranger's Bow
93.12.10Ranged The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll Bow
Wooden Warhammer
943.13.00Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Wooden Mallet
943.12.60Two HandVendor Two-handed Mace
Vile Fin Oracle Staff
943.12.90Two Hand Staff
Vile Fin Battle Axe
943.13.10Two Hand Two-handed Axe
942.41.70One HandVendor One-handed Axe
Stone Gnoll Hammer
942.42.10Main HandLooted One-handed Mace
Slightly Used Ranger's Blade
92.42.50Main Hand The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll One-handed Sword
Short Sabre
942.41.90Main Hand One-handed Sword
Rusted Claymore
943.13.10Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Rockjaw Blade
942.42.10Main Hand One-handed Sword
Quilboar Sticker
92.41.80One Hand Raggaran's Fury Dagger
Ornate Blunderbuss
943.12.20RangedVendor Gun
Lumberjack Axe
942.42.60Main HandLooted, Fished One-handed Axe
Hunting Rifle
943.12.70RangedLooted, Fished Gun
942.42.10One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Frostmane Hand Axe
942.42.00Main Hand One-handed Axe
Double-Bladed Axe
943.13.20Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Copper Shortsword
942.42.10Main HandCrafted One-handed Sword
Copper Mace
942.42.20Main HandCrafted One-handed Mace
Copper Axe
942.41.90Main HandCrafted One-handed Axe
Bloodstained Knife
942.41.60One Hand Dagger
Billy Club
942.42.20Main HandLooted, Fished One-handed Mace
The Hammer
92.72.40One Hand A Goblin in Shark's Clothing One-handed Mace
Staff of Earned Tranquility
93.53.20Two Hand Neither Human Nor Beast Staff
Sharp Edge of Balance
92.71.80One Hand Neither Human Nor Beast One-handed Axe
Oomlot Staff
93.52.80Two Hand Send a Message Staff
Hammer of Controlled Fury
93.53.30Two Hand Neither Human Nor Beast Two-handed Mace
Dire Slasher
92.71.80One Hand Dagger
Cry of the Wolf
93.52.80Ranged Neither Human Nor Beast Gun
Blackwood Recurve Bow
943.52.70Ranged Bow
Well-Used Sword
102.62.10Main Hand One-handed Sword
The Shell Cracker
103.42.60Two Hand Show Gnomercy Two-handed Mace
The Discipline Stick
103.42.60Two Hand Show Gnomercy Staff
Studded Blackjack
1052.61.80Main Hand One-handed Mace
Strong Fishing Pole
1053.00Two HandFished, Vendor Fishing Pole
Stonesplinter Blade
1052.62.00Main Hand Stonesplinter Scout One-handed Sword
Staats' Fishing Pole
103.00Two Hand A Taste for Grouper Fishing Pole
Smooth Metal Staff
103.42.90Two Hand The Spearcrafter's Hammer Staff
Small Green Dagger
1052.61.80One Hand Dagger
Seafarer's Blade
103.42.80Two Hand Show Gnomercy Two-handed Sword
Rodentia Shortsword
1052.62.30Main Hand One-handed Sword
Ranger's Pocketknife
102.61.80One Hand The Spearcrafter's Hammer Dagger
Pruning Knife
102.61.60One Hand Mossy Tumors Dagger
McWeaksauce's Meat Tenderizer
102.62.00Main HandQuest One-handed Mace
Living Branch
103.42.70Two Hand Eversong Green Keeper Staff
Jonathan's Fishing Pole
103.00Two Hand Fishing Pole
Frostmane Staff
1053.43.10Two Hand Staff
Frostbit Staff
1053.42.70Two HandLooted Staff