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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Fireball Treads
325Feet Gnomebliteration Mail
Girdle of the Ancient One
325Waist Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum Mail
Gloves of Gnomebliteration
325Hands Gnomebliteration Plate
Harrison's Insignia of Panache
325Trinket Firing Squad Trinket
Helm of Vicious Direction
325Head Plate
Kata-Mary Crown
325Head Gnomebliteration Cloth
Leggings of Promise
325Legs Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum Cloth
Leggings of Valorous Defense
325Legs Cloth
Martial Sandals
325Feet Leather
Necklace of the Dead City
325Neck The Fall of Neferset City Neck
Nimble Command Shoulderguards
325Shoulders Mail
Pharoah's Burial Spaulders
325Shoulders Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum Plate
Schnottz's Medallion of Command
325Trinket Firing Squad Trinket
Spaulders of Rolling Incineration
325Shoulders Gnomebliteration Leather
Statue Climbers
325Feet Do the Honors Plate
Talisman of Sinister Order
325Trinket Firing Squad Trinket
Wrap of the Fallen City
325Chest The Fall of Neferset City Leather
Halted Clock
325Looted Junk
Amulet of Reconstruction
318Neck The World Pillar Fragment Neck
Axe of Earthly Sundering
318Two Hand The Hero Returns Two-handed Axe
Blacksoul Polearm
318Two Hand The Binding Polearm
Dimension Spike
318One Hand The Binding Dagger
Fungus-Stained Legplates
318Legs Wrath of the Fungalmancer Plate
Leggings of Fragmented Hope
318Legs The Middle Fragment Leather
Mushroom Stompers
318Feet Wrath of the Fungalmancer Cloth
Pillarbind Waistguard
318Waist The Middle Fragment Cloth
Riftrent Waraxe
318One Hand The Binding One-handed Axe
Shoulderpads of Reconstruction
318Shoulders The Middle Fragment Mail
Spire of Defiance
318Two Hand The Binding Staff
318Ranged Wrath of the Fungalmancer Bow
Stonebinder's Cloak
318Back The World Pillar Fragment Back
Worldbinder Signet
318Finger The World Pillar Fragment Finger
Aledrinker Shoulderpads
318Shoulders Anything But Water Leather
Alefire Bracers
318Wrists Total War Leather
Awestruck Bracers
318Wrists Unfamiliar Waters Plate
Barrel Opener
318One Hand Fight Like a Wildhammer One-handed Mace
Barrel-Belly Gauntlets
318Hands A Steady Supply Leather
Beach-Sweeper Wand
318Ranged Landgrab Wand
Beak's Torn Feedbag
318Head Finding Beak Cloth
Belt of Bloody Dreams
318Waist Dragonmaw Takedown Leather
Belt of Smashed Feathers
318Waist Crushing the Wildhammer Leather
Blackscale Wraps
318Hands Naga Reinforcements Leather
Blade-Dodging Girdle
318Waist Unfamiliar Waters Leather
Blood-Bind Sandals
318Feet Dangerous Compassion Cloth
Blood-Soaked Ale Mug
318Trinket Once More Into The Fire Trinket
Blundy's Breastplate
318Chest Fight Like a Wildhammer Plate
Bracers of False Night
318Wrists Dressed to Kill Mail
Bracers of Final Memories
318Wrists Last of Her Kind Cloth
Bracers of Gleaming Shards
318Wrists A Little on the Side Plate
Bracers of the Fallen Fathom-Lord
318Wrists Blast Him! Cloth
Bracers of the Lost Leader
318Wrists Twilight Skies Mail
Brewtaster Bracers
318Wrists Anything But Water Mail
Bubble-Brew Hood
318Head A Steady Supply Cloth
Buildingblast Bracers
318Wrists Call in the Artillery Leather
Camp-Cleaner Chestguard
318Chest Somethin' for the Boys Leather
Cartographer's Chestguard
318Chest Quality Construction Leather
Chill-Tail Waistguard
318Waist Naga Reinforcements Mail
Clan-Heart Shoulders
318Shoulders The Loyalty of Clan Mullan Cloth
Cloak of Grand Leadership
318Back Pressing Forward Back
Cloak of Valorous Direction
318Back Pressing Forward Back
Commander's Stompers
318Feet Pressing Forward Plate
Conch-Sound Waistguard
318Waist Blast Him! Mail
Coregrip Gauntlets
318Hands Any Portal in a Storm Plate
Corruption Resistant Gloves
318Hands Magmalord Falthazar Cloth
Crazed Pilot's Gloves
318Hands Quality Construction Plate
Crushchest Leggings
318Legs Precious Goods Leather
Cult-Hide Spaulders
318Shoulders Dressed to Kill Leather
Dame's Scaled Greaves
318Legs Distract Them for Me Mail
Dame's Scaled Greaves
318Legs Distract Them for Me Mail
Dark-Eye Ring
318Finger Eye Spy Finger
Darklight Torch
318Ranged Portal Overload Wand
Dead-Dwarf Shoulderpads
318Shoulders Crushing the Wildhammer Mail
Deepdigger Helm
318Head Portal Overload Mail
Diamond Clutching Gloves
318Hands Paint it Black Cloth
Dragonheart Bracers
318Wrists Dangerous Compassion Leather
Dragonmender Waistguard
318Waist Breach in the Defenses Cloth
Dragonwing Leggings
318Legs Blackout Cloth
Drape of Lost Valuables
318Back Small Comforts Back
Dunwald's Finest Bindings
318Wrists A Steady Supply Plate
Eye of Despair
318Neck Eye Spy Neck
Eye of Reversal
318Neck Eye Spy Neck
Fencer's Nimblefingers
318Hands Dark Assassins Leather
Fire-Dodged Shoulderpads
318Shoulders Small Comforts Leather
Flameproof Treads
318Feet Magmalord Falthazar Leather
Flarefire Bracers
318Wrists Call in the Artillery Leather
Flashseal Sandals
318Feet Draconic Mending Cloth
Fleshburned Robes
318Chest Mercy for the Bound Cloth
Flintlocke's Chuckshooter
318Ranged Aiming High Gun
Forge-Hold Gloves
318Hands Somethin' for the Boys Cloth
Friendfinder Treads
318Feet Finding Beak Mail
Gate-Breaker Treads
318Feet Pressing Forward Plate
Gatecrasher Shoulderguards
318Shoulders Call in the Artillery Plate
Gatekeeper's Helm
318Head Precious Goods Plate
Gateshattering Hauberk
318Chest The Wrong Sequence Plate
Gateshattering Hauberk
318Chest The Wrong Sequence Plate
Gatesmashing Gauntlets
318Hands Pressing Forward Mail
Giltstone Necklace
318Neck A Little on the Side Neck
Grips of the Damned Mind
318Hands Water of Life Plate
Grips of the Damned Mind
318Hands Water of Life Plate
Gryphon-Seeker Waistplate
318Waist Finding Beak Plate