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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Waistguard of Salvaged Happiness
318Waist Small Comforts Mail
Waistguard of Twilight Finality
318Waist Last of Her Kind Mail
Water-Drill Treads
318Feet Any Portal in a Storm Cloth
Wax-Filled Hood
318Head Siren's Song Leather
Weapon-Bearer Bracers
318Wrists Somethin' for the Boys Plate
Weeping Scar Cover
318Head Nightmare Plate
Whirlpool Bracers
318Wrists Any Portal in a Storm Leather
Widener's Bracers
318Wrists A Fiery Reunion Mail
World-Queller Focus
318Trinket Once More Into The Fire Trinket
Wound-Binder Chestguard
318Chest Total War Plate
Wound-Heart Bracers
318Wrists Dark Assassins Plate
Woundseal Leggings
318Legs Nightmare Leather
Wyrmhunter Spaulders
318Shoulders Blackout Plate
Za'brox's Lucky Tooth
318TrinketQuest Trinket
Za'brox's Lucky Tooth
318TrinketQuest Trinket
Blackblood Freedom Standard
318 Junk
Exhausted Flashgrowth Mote
318 Junk
Garona's Spare Star
318 Thrown
Relic of the Waywalker
318 Junk
Relic of the Waywalker
318 Junk
Shore-Cleansing Standard
318 Junk
Spearwarden's "Lucky" Charm
318 Junk
Spearwarden's Unlucky Charm
318 Junk
Winged Axe
318 Thrown
Band of the Dead End
316Finger A Long Way from Home Finger
Band of the One Hundred and One
316Waist Followers and Leaders Cloth
Caliph's Band
316Finger Vengeance for Orsis Finger
Cloak of Itesh
316Back A Long Way from Home Back
Crystal Shimmer Cloak
316Back Wayward Child Back
Greaves of Orsis
316Legs Vengeance for Orsis Plate
High Priestess' Signet
316Finger Followers and Leaders Finger
Leggings of the Lost Child
316Legs Wayward Child Leather
Leggings of the Vortex Pinnacle
316Legs A Long Way from Home Mail
Pauldrons of Unholy Rituals
316Shoulders Followers and Leaders Plate
Stonecore Belt
316Waist Wayward Child Leather
Token of Gratitude
316Neck Vengeance for Orsis Neck
Ashes of Youth
316Looted Junk
Book of Dark Prophecies
316 Junk
Captured Lightning
316 Junk
Etched Horn
316 Junk
Manual of the Planes
316 Junk
Runed Dragonscale
316 Junk
Stalagmite Dragon
316 Junk
Aeronaut's Helm
312Head Tailgunner! Mail
Ankh-Inscribed Bracers
312Wrists A Favor for the Furrier Plate
Arrowspike Longbow
312Ranged Fortune and Glory Bow
Asp-Clasp Bracers
312Wrists Minions of Al'Akir Mail
Bandit Scourge Bracers
312Wrists The Bandit Warlord Leather
Bracers of the Dark Pyramid
312Wrists Venomblood Antidote Plate
Bracers of the Verdant Cradle
312Wrists The Curse of the Tombs Leather
Brainrot Grips
312Hands A Disarming Distraction Leather
Bullet-Pierced Chestplate
312Chest Fashionism Plate
Caimas' Spaulders
312Shoulders The Pit of Scales Plate
Canopic Chestplate
312Chest Fire From the Sky Plate
Cartouche-Inscribed Spaulders
312Shoulders The Element of Supplies Mail
Cenotaph Choker
312Neck Minions of Al'Akir Neck
Charbelching Wand
312Ranged Riding Shotgun! Wand
Chestguard of the Bleak Scarab
312Chest Ancient Weapons Leather
Chestguard of Vigorous Motivation
312Chest Make Yourself Useful Leather
Colossus Smasher Breastplate
312Chest Fortune and Glory Plate
Confiscated Dog Tags
312Neck Fire From the Sky Neck
Corrupted Eggshell Drape
312Back The Root of the Corruption Back
Drape of the Mortal Guardians
312Back Back
False-Face Mask
312Head The Great Escape Plate
Femurbreak Stompers
312FeetQuest Plate
Flenser's Leggings
312Legs A Favor for the Furrier Mail
Gauntlets of Ahmtul
312Hands I'll Do It By Hand Mail
Gauntlets of Delicate Aim
312Hands Battlezone Plate
Gauntlets of the Obelisk
312Hands The Great Escape Mail
Girdle of the Rescuer
312Waist The Pit of Scales Cloth
Gloves of the Stela
312Hands Minions of Al'Akir Plate
Grave Protector Shoulderplates
312Shoulders Punish the Trespassers Plate
Great General's Crown
312Head Salhet the Tactician Plate
Guardian-Killer Waistplate
312Waist I'll Do It By Hand Plate
Hamatep Legguards
312Legs Tanotep's Son Mail
Harrison's Climbing Hook
312Ranged Fortune and Glory Wand
Helm of Broken Bones
312HeadQuest Mail
Helm of the Siltwater Slayer
312Head Trespassers in the Water Plate
Heptu Headguard
312Head The Bandit Warlord Mail
Hevna's Eye Socket
312Waist The Root of the Corruption Plate
Hood of the Scorpion
312Head The Scepter of Orsis Leather
Ihsenn's Staff of Terror
312Two Hand The Bandit Warlord Staff
Impeccable Uniform Gauntlets
312Hands Fashionism Cloth
Kavem's Trimmed Chestguard
312Chest Kavem the Callous Mail
Keythief Handwraps
312Hands Kavem the Callous Cloth
Knife of the Venomous Asp
312One Hand The Element of Supplies Dagger
Leggings of Feline Command
312Legs Salhet the Tactician Mail
Leggings of the Unforgiving Tomb
312Legs Punish the Trespassers Leather
Leggings of the Vir'naal
312Legs Shroud of the Makers Cloth
Legplates of Heilopolis
312Legs The Element of Supplies Plate
Mar'at Belt
312Waist Venomblood Antidote Leather
Marshseeker Gloves
312Hands Tanotep's Son Leather
Mirror-Polished Boots
312Feet The Great Escape Leather
Misappropriated Girdle of Khartut
312Waist The Curse of the Tombs Plate
Mongoose-Hide Waistguard
312Waist Make Yourself Useful Mail
Officer's Formal Baton
312Two Hand The Great Escape Staff
Orsis Polearm
312Two Hand The Scepter of Orsis Polearm
Pearl-Handled Long Gun
312Ranged Kavem the Callous Gun
Pit Heart Bracers
312Wrists The Pit of Scales Mail
Powderburned Spaulders
312Shoulders Fire From the Sky Leather