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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Thrill of Battle
680 Blood Relic
Thundering Impact
680 Storm Relic
Thunderpeak Breastplate
680Chest Can't Hold a Candle To You Plate
Thunderpeak Faceguard
680Head The Three Plate
Thunderpeak Greatbelt
680Waist Demon Detainment Plate
Thunderpeak Greatboots
680Feet The Three Plate
Thunderpeak Greathelm
680Head The Underking Plate
Thunderpeak Handguards
680Hands Spray and Prey Plate
Thunderpeak Shoulderguards
680Shoulders The Underking Plate
Tombweed Bloom
680 Life Relic
Torch of Competition
680 Fire Relic
Torment Ender's Chestguard
680Chest Set Them Free Leather
Torment Ender's Chestguard
680Chest Set Them Free Leather
Treads of the Receding Nightmare
680Feet Enter the Nightmare Leather
Troll Auxillary Chainmail
680Chest Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Mail
Unflinching Grit
680 Iron Relic
Violet Guardian's Corona
680Head Purple Pain Cloth
Violet Guardian's Cowl
680Head Purple Pain Leather
Violet Guardian's Faceguard
680Head Purple Pain Plate
Violet Guardian's Helm
680Head Purple Pain Mail
Voras' Silk Drape
680BackLooted Back
Wall Watcher's Coif
680Head Ending the New Beginning Mail
Warmth of Uriah
680Trinket Demon Detainment Trinket
Whitewater Amice
680Shoulders The Underking Mail
Whitewater Boots
680Feet The Three Mail
Whitewater Chestwrap
680Chest Can't Hold a Candle To You Mail
Whitewater Gloves
680Hands Spray and Prey Mail
Whitewater Headguard
680Head The Underking Mail
Whitewater Helmet
680Head The Three Mail
Whitewater Links
680Waist Demon Detainment Mail
Whitewater Safety Blanket
680Back Moozy's Adventure Back
Wristwraps of the Grieving Prophet
680Wrists Bringer of the Light Cloth
7th Legion Battlemage Amice
680Shoulders Greymane's Gambit Cloth
7th Legion Battlemage Wraps
680Wrists Greymane's Gambit Cloth
Academy Belt
680Waist Hit the Books Leather
Academy Chain
680Waist Hit the Books Mail
Academy Cord
680Waist Hit the Books Cloth
Academy Girdle
680Waist Hit the Books Plate
Adventurer's Excellent Circlet
680Head They Have A Pitlord Cloth
Apostate's Hauberk
680Chest Our Very Bones Mail
Armbands of Unrelenting Anguish
680Wrists The Nightmare Lord Mail
Armplates of Unrelenting Anguish
680Wrists The Nightmare Lord Plate
Azure Champion's Pauldrons
680Shoulders Runas the Shamed Plate
Band of Demonic Guile
680Finger The Scythe of Souls Finger
Band of Ingression
680Finger Arkethrax Finger
Band of Malorne's Chosen
680Finger Huln's War - The Nathrezim Finger
Band of Sablehide
680Finger Shriek No More Finger
Bands of Unrelenting Anguish
680Wrists The Nightmare Lord Leather
Belt of the Eternally Tortured
680Waist Accessories of the Cursed Leather
Black Rose Amice
680Shoulders The Splintered Fleet Cloth
Black Rose Hood
680Head A Grim Trophy Cloth
Black Rose Wristwraps
680Wrists The Splintered Fleet Cloth
Blackfeather Gloves
680Hands Dances With Ravenbears Leather
Blackfeather Grips
680Hands Dances With Ravenbears Mail
Blackfeather Handguards
680Hands Dances With Ravenbears Plate
Blackfeather Handwraps
680Hands Dances With Ravenbears Cloth
Blighthound Master's Greaves
680Feet A Grim Trophy Mail
Blighthound Master's Hood
680Head A Grim Trophy Leather
Bloodbeard's Seal
680Finger To Light the Way Finger
Bonefeather Talisman
680Neck Shriek No More Neck
Bookbinding Wraps
680Hands Hit the Books Leather
Boots of the Broken
680Feet Nobundo's Last Stand Leather
Britches of Elemental Protection
680Legs Nobundo's Last Stand Leather
Cape of Azure Fury
680Back Saving Stellagosa Back
Charged Stormwing Belt
680WaistQuest Mail
Charged Stormwing Robes
680ChestQuest Cloth
Cleansed Poison Idol
680Trinket Ormgul the Pestilent Trinket
Combatant's Halo
680Head Round 1, Fight! Cloth
Cooper's Bindings
680Wrists Challiane Vineyards Leather
Corsair's Britches
680Legs Making the World Safe for Profit Leather
Cuffs of Unrelenting Anguish
680Wrists The Nightmare Lord Cloth
Dark Ranger Shoulderguards
680Shoulders The Splintered Fleet Mail
Dark Ranger Wristguards
680Wrists The Splintered Fleet Mail
Darkfiend Dreadbringer Horn
680Trinket Tears for Fears Trinket
Deathstalker Shoulderplates
680Shoulders The Splintered Fleet Plate
Deathstalker Vambraces
680Wrists The Splintered Fleet Plate
Deep Squatter's Belt
680Waist Guhruhlruhlruh Mail
Deep Squatter's Sash
680Waist Guhruhlruhlruh Cloth
Deep Squatter's Waistguard
680Waist Guhruhlruhlruh Leather
Deep Squatter's Waistguard
680Waist Guhruhlruhlruh Plate
Defiance of the Stalwart Survivors
680Trinket Back from the Dead Trinket
Demon Warder Helm
680Head Reignite the Wards Plate
Demon Warding Halo
680Head Reignite the Wards Cloth
Drape of the Undying Raider
680Back To Light the Way Back
Dread-Rider Cuffs
680Wrists The Splintered Fleet Leather
Dread-Rider Shoulders
680Shoulders The Splintered Fleet Leather
Dreadsworn Armplates
680Wrists A Gift for Greymane Plate
Dreadsworn Breastplate
680Chest What the Bonespeakers Buried Plate
Dreadsworn Chestguard
680ChestQuest Plate
Dreadsworn Gauntlets
680HandsQuest Plate
Dreadsworn Greatbelt
680Waist Dances With Ravenbears Plate
Dreadsworn Greaves
680Feet Regal Remains Plate
Dreadsworn Legplates
680Legs Regal Remains Plate
Dreadsworn Shoulderplates
680Shoulders A Gift for Greymane Plate
Dreadsworn Waistguard
680Waist Shadows in the Mists Plate
Dreadsworn Wristguards
680Wrists Bjornharta Plate
Drogstitch Belt
680Waist Wrathshard Leather
Drogstitch Bracers
680Wrists Tamer Takedown Leather
Drogstitch Breeches
680Legs Wrathshard Leather
Drogstitch Footwraps
680Feet Ormgul the Pestilent Leather