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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Superior Healing Draught
4535Looted, PvP (Honor) Potion
Superior Healing Potion
4535Crafted, Looted, Fished, Vendor, Pick Pocketed Potion
Superior Mana Draught
4535Looted, PvP (Honor) Potion
The Big One
45Crafted Explosives
Thorium Setting
45Crafted Jewelcrafting
Three of Demons
45 Quest
Thunderbrew Ale
4535Vendor Consumable
Troll-Hide Bag
45BagLooted Bag
Two of Demons
45 Quest
Ursius Flank
4545 Ursius Food & Drink
War Maul
4540Two HandVendor Two-handed Mace
War Staff
4540Two HandVendor Staff
Warsong Gulch Iron Ration
4535Vendor Consumable
Warsong Gulch Mageweave Bandage
4535Vendor Bandage
Whipper Root Tuber
4545Created Food & Drink
Wildvine Potion
4535Crafted, Looted Potion
Winter Kimchi
4545Vendor Food & Drink
Worn Dragonscale
45Looted, Skinned Leather
Zesty Clam Meat
45Looted Cooking
zzOLDGlyph of Envenom
4562Unobtainable Other
Balanced Long Bow
4540RangedLooted Bow
Crochet Pants
4540LegsLooted Cloth
Jet Black Feather
45 Spiteflayer Leather
Libram of Divinity
45 Junk
Overlinked Chain Armor
4540ChestLooted Mail
Thick Leather Tunic
4540ChestLooted Leather
Totem of Sustaining
45 Junk
Wicked Claw
45Looted Junk
Icemail Jerkin
4439ChestLooted Mail
4439Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Amberglow Talisman
44Neck Neck
Assault Band
4439FingerLooted Finger
Black Menace
44One Hand Dagger
44Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Dire Maul
44One Hand The Treasure of the Shen'dralar One-handed Mace
Discipline Rod
44One Hand One-handed Mace
Dragon's Blood Necklace
44Neck Neck
Fras Siabi's Cigar Cutter
44Two Hand The Treasure of the Shen'dralar Two-handed Axe
Furen's Boots
4439FeetLooted Cloth
Khoo's Point
4439Two HandLooted Polearm
Lucien's Boots
44Feet Leather
Orb of Lorica
44Off Hand Off Hand
Polished Jazeraint Armor
4439ChestLooted Mail
Prophetic Cane
44Off Hand Off Hand
Shackles of Punishment
44Wrists Mail
Shen'dralar Trident
44Two Hand The Treasure of the Shen'dralar Polearm
Signet of the Darkmaster
44Finger Finger
Staff of Athen'a
44Two Hand The Treasure of the Shen'dralar Staff
Sword of Omen
44One HandUnobtainable One-handed Sword
Sword of Serenity
44One Hand One-handed Sword
Vanquisher's Sword
44One Hand One-handed Sword
4439Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Ancient Greaves
4439FeetLooted Mail
Ancient Legguards
4439LegsLooted Mail
Ancient Pauldrons
4439ShouldersLooted Mail
Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior
4439NeckCrafted Neck
Augustus' Legguards
44Legs A Fate Worse Than Butchery Plate
Bat Claw Boots
44Feet Mail
Bat Claw Legguards
44Legs Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee... Mail
Belt of Corruption
44Waist Leather
Big Voodoo Mask
4439HeadCrafted Leather
Blackforge Gauntlets
4439HandsLooted Mail
Blackforge Girdle
4439WaistLooted Mail
Bloodwoven Bracers
4439WristsLooted Cloth
Blue Glittering Axe
4439One HandCrafted One-handed Axe
Bonelink Gauntlets
4439HandsLooted Mail
Bracers of the Great Sty
44Wrists A Fate Worse Than Butchery Mail
Brigade Circlet
4439HeadLooted Mail
Brigade Pauldrons
4439ShouldersLooted Mail
Brutish Armguards
4440WristsLooted Plate
Brutish Belt
4440WaistLooted Plate
Cabalist Cloak
4439BackLooted Back
Captain's Breastplate
4439ChestLooted Mail
Captain's Buckler
4439Off HandLooted Shield
Catseye Ultra Goggles
44HeadCrafted Cloth
Champion's Cape
4439BackLooted Back
Choker of the High Shaman
44Neck Neck
Chromite Barbute
4440HeadLooted Plate
Chromite Gauntlets
4440HandsLooted Plate
Chromite Greaves
4440FeetLooted Plate
Cloak of Hoarding
44Back Add 'em to the Pile Back
Collection Plate
44Off Hand Shield
Collector's Belt
44Waist Add 'em to the Pile Mail
Corpseburner's Mantle
44Shoulders Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee... Cloth
Darkmist Wizard Hat
4439HeadLooted Cloth
Duskwing Boots
44Feet Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee... Leather
Duskwing Handwraps
44Hands Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee... Leather
Embossed Plate Leggings
4440LegsLooted Plate
Falcon's Hook
4439FingerLooted Finger
Field Plate Armor
4440ChestLooted Plate
Flesh Giant Toe-Ring
44Wrists Counter-Plague Research Plate
Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Spirit
44Looted Enchanting Formula
Gossamer Cape
4439BackLooted Back
4439Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Heartrazor's Gift
44Shoulders The Twilight Skymaster Leather
Imperial Leather Spaulders
4439ShouldersLooted Leather
Imposing Shoulders
4439ShouldersLooted Leather
Judkins' Staff
44Two Hand Counter-Plague Research Staff
Khan's Cloak
4439BackLooted Back
Leather Chef's Belt
44Waist Leather