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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Recipe: Magic Resistance Potion
42 Other
Regal Gloves
4237HandsLooted Cloth
Regal Mantle
4237ShouldersLooted Cloth
Regal Wizard Hat
4237HeadLooted Cloth
Rimblat's Cloak
42Back Gathering Some Grub(s) Back
Rock Pulverizer
42Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Rohan's Mask
42Head The Assassin Leather
Send-Off Belt
42Waist Deliver the Goods Cloth
Send-Off Belt
42Waist Deliver the Goods Cloth
Shadoweave Pants
4237LegsCrafted Cloth
Shroud of Contempt
42Back The Ancient Brazier Back
Silksand Circlet
4237HeadLooted Cloth
Silksand Legwraps
4237LegsLooted Cloth
Sorcerer Pants
4237LegsLooted Cloth
Spaulders of the Disciple
42Shoulders Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof Mail
Speedbarge Bailer
42Off Hand Deliver the Goods Shield
Speedbarge Bailer
42Off Hand Deliver the Goods Shield
Steadfast Coronet
4237HeadLooted Mail
Steadfast Shoulders
4237ShouldersLooted Mail
Symbolic Greaves
4240FeetLooted Plate
Symbolic Legplates
4240LegsLooted Plate
Symbolic Pauldrons
4240ShouldersLooted Plate
Synge's Wristbands
42Wrists Two-Tusk Takedown Leather
Thinking Cap
4237Head Cloth
Trickster's Headdress
4237HeadLooted Leather
Turtle Scale Bracers
4237WristsCrafted Mail
Turtle Scale Breastplate
4237ChestCrafted Mail
Uthek's Finger
42Off Hand Off Hand
Warbringer's Armsplints
4240WristsLooted Plate
Warbringer's Belt
4240WaistLooted Plate
Warbringer's Gauntlets
4240HandsLooted Plate
Warden's Footpads
4237FeetLooted Leather
Windchaser Cloak
4237BackLooted Back
Wizzle's Wristbands
42Wrists Two-Tusk Takedown Leather
Wolf Rider's Belt
4237WaistLooted Leather
Wolf Rider's Wristbands
4237WristsLooted Leather
Worm Harvester's Legguards
42Legs Gathering Some Grub(s) Plate
Codex of Shadow Protection II
4242 Book
Deadly Scope
4230Crafted Devices
Empty Polyformic Acid Vial
42Created, Looted Consumable
Goblin Rocket Fuel
42Crafted, Looted Parts
Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 4)
4242 Book
Grimoire of Paranoia
4242 Book
Half Full Vial of Polyformic Acid
42 Consumable
Inlaid Mithril Cylinder
42Crafted, Looted Parts
Magic Resistance Potion
4232 Other
Manual: Mageweave Bandage
42 First Aid Manual
Nearly Empty Vial of Polyformic Acid
42 Consumable
Nearly Full Vial of Polyformic Acid
42 Consumable
Purple Lotus
42Created, Looted, Gathered Herb
Purple Lotus Petal
42Gathered Herb
Recipe: Goblin Rocket Fuel
42Crafted Alchemy Recipe
Restorative Potion
4232Crafted, Looted Potion
Schematic: Deadly Scope
42Vendor Engineering Schematic
Blocking Targe
4237Off HandLooted Shield
Crochet Belt
4237WaistLooted Cloth
Overlinked Chain Shoulderpads
4237ShouldersLooted Mail
Thick Leather Hat
4237HeadLooted Leather
Thick Leather Pants
4237LegsLooted Leather
Whetted Claymore
4237Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
ZZold Arcane Dust
42Unobtainable Reagent
Dazzling Longsword
4136One HandLooted One-handed Sword
The Green Tower
4136Off HandLooted Shield
Band of Vigor
4136FingerLooted Finger
Branded Leather Bracers
4136Wrists Leather
Breakwater Legguards
4136LegsLooted Mail
Brightening Wand
41Ranged Hidden Treasures Wand
Clever Hat
4136HeadLooted Leather
Crushridge Bindings
4136WristsLooted Mail
Dusty Mail Boots
4136Feet Mail
Elemental Raiment
4136ChestLooted Cloth
Energetic Rod
4136One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Energized Chestplate
4136ChestLooted Mail
Felhide Cap
4136HeadLooted Leather
Fervent Helm
4136HeadLooted Leather
Fiendish Machete
4136One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Gazlowe's Charm
4136NeckLooted Neck
Gloves of Restoration
4136HandsLooted Leather
Gloves of Shadowy Mist
4136HandsLooted Cloth
Helm of Awareness
4136HeadLooted Mail
Hidden Treasure
41Finger Hidden Treasures Finger
Inquisitor's Shawl
4136Shoulders Cloth
Lady Falther'ess' Finger
4136Ranged Wand
Lethtendris' Wand
4136RangedLooted Wand
Mantle of Lady Falther'ess
4136Back Back
Merciful Greaves
4136FeetLooted Leather
Militia Hatchet
41One Hand Hidden Treasures One-handed Axe
Quel'dorei Channeling Rod
4136Two HandLooted Staff
Razor Gauntlets
4136HandsLooted Mail
Redpath Bracers
41Wrists Hidden Treasures Plate
Ring of Demonic Guile
4136FingerLooted Finger
Ring of Demonic Potency
4136FingerLooted Finger
Riptide Shoes
4136FeetLooted Cloth
Satchel of Helpful Goods
41Quest Junk
Satyr's Bow
4136RangedLooted Bow
Shadewood Cloak
4136BackLooted Back
Speedsteel Rapier
4136One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Sword of the Magistrate
4136Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Tempest Talisman
4136NeckLooted Neck
Warpwood Bark Vest
41Chest Alzzin the Wildshaper Leather