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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Cragpool Band
27Finger BEWARE OF CRAGJAW! Finger
Craig's Steel
27One Hand To Steal From Thieves Dagger
Craig's Steel
27One Hand Attack on the Tower Dagger
Darn Legguards
27Legs The Queen and Her Court Mail
Deftkin Belt
27Waist Je'neu of the Earthen Ring Leather
Dervish Belt
2722WaistLooted Leather
Dervish Bracers
2722WristsLooted Leather
Dokebi Bracers
2722WristsLooted Leather
Draftsman Boots
27Feet Leather
Dragonmaw Chain Boots
2722Feet Mail
Drakeskin Leggings
27Legs The Traitor Orc Leather
Driftmire Shield
27Off Hand Je'neu of the Earthen Ring Shield
Dwarven Magestaff
2722Two HandLooted Staff
Earthen Leather Shoulders
2722ShouldersCrafted Leather
Emblazoned Cloak
2722BackLooted Back
Engineer's Cloak
27Back Back
Extra Credit Boots
27Feet Call to Arms Leather
Fighter Broadsword
2722One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Fire Hardened Buckler
27Off Hand Shield
Fish Stunner
27One Hand BEWARE OF CRAGJAW! One-handed Mace
Fisherman's Belt
27Waist BEWARE OF CRAGJAW! Leather
Fisherman's Gloves
Flamethrower's Gloves
27Hands Ashes to Ashes Mail
Genavie's Leggings
27Legs To Steal From Thieves Cloth
Greenweave Branch
2722Off HandLooted Off Hand
Greenweave Leggings
2722LegsLooted Cloth
Greenweave Robe
2722ChestLooted Cloth
Greenweave Vest
2722ChestLooted Cloth
Grim Mace
27Two Hand To Steal From Thieves Two-handed Mace
Heart Ring
2722FingerLooted Finger
Heavy Ogre War Axe
2722Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Highland Mace
27Two Hand Attack on the Tower Two-handed Mace
Husk of Naraxis
2722Chest Mail
Irongoat Legguards
Ivycloth Mantle
2722ShouldersLooted Cloth
Juggernaut Leggings
27Legs Mail
Kazon's Maul
2722Two Hand Kazon Two-handed Mace
Krom'gar Legionnaire's Chain Bracers
27WristsVendor Mail
Krom'gar Legionnaire's Hide Wraps
27WristsVendor Leather
Krom'gar Legionnaire's Leather Bracers
27WristsVendor Leather
Krom'gar Legionnaire's Linen Bracers
27WristsVendor Cloth
Krom'gar Legionnaire's Mesh Bracers
27WristsVendor Mail
Lambent Scale Boots
2722FeetLooted Mail
Lambent Scale Breastplate
2722ChestLooted Mail
Lambent Scale Gloves
2722HandsLooted Mail
Lambent Scale Pauldrons
2722ShouldersLooted Mail
Lambent Scale Shield
2722Off HandLooted Shield
Lesser Wizard's Robe
2722ChestCrafted Cloth
Lightstep Boots
27Feet Attack on the Tower Mail
Lordaeron-Made Breastplate
27Chest Alina's Reward Mail
Lurking Belt
27Waist Call to Arms Leather
Mistspray Vest
27Chest The Real Threat Leather
Naraxis' Fang
2722One Hand Dagger
Nightwind Belt
2722WaistVendor Cloth
Ogremage Staff
2722Two Hand Staff
Orc Crusher
27Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Overlord's Favor
27Neck Ashes to Ashes Neck
Panther Armor
27Chest Leather
Pathfinder Cloak
2722BackLooted Back
Precision Bow
2722RangedLooted Bow
Prelacy Cape
27Back Back
Radiant Silver Armguards
27Wrists The Traitor Orc Mail
Raincaller Cloak
2722BackLooted Back
Ramshackle Bracers
27Wrists Call to Arms Cloth
Rose Mantle
27Shoulders Cloth
Sacrificial Robes
2722ChestLooted Cloth
Sandals of Satisfaction
27Feet Alina's Reward Cloth
Sanguine Mantle
2722ShouldersLooted Cloth
Screecher Belt
27Waist Leather
Sentry's Gloves
2722HandsLooted Mail
Shadow Weaver Leggings
2722Legs Nightbane Shadow Weaver Leather
Silent Huntress
27Ranged The Real Threat Bow
Silvered Bronze Gauntlets
2722HandsCrafted Mail
Silver-Thread Boots
2722FeetLooted Cloth
Silver-Thread Cuffs
2722WristsLooted Cloth
Silver-Thread Sash
2722WaistLooted Cloth
Skeletal Longsword
2722One Hand One-handed Sword
27One Hand The Real Threat Dagger
Slaver's Chainmail
27Chest Speaking with Nezzliok Mail
Slayer's Cape
2722BackLooted Back
Soft Willow Cape
27Back Je'neu of the Earthen Ring Back
Spare Part Leggings
27Legs Spare Parts Up In Here! Mail
Spiked Chain Leggings
2722LegsLooted Mail
Spiked Chain Shoulder Pads
2722ShouldersLooted Mail
Spiked Chain Slippers
2722FeetLooted Mail
Spritekin Cloak
27Back Back
Spy-Mistress' Necklace
Steelarrow Crossbow
2722Ranged Crossbow
Strategy Guide
27Off Hand Rumble in the Lumber... Mill Off Hand
Superior Gloves
2722HandsLooted Leather
Superior Shoulders
2722ShouldersLooted Leather
Talongrip Dagger
27One Hand The Queen and Her Court Dagger
Tempered Bracers
27Wrists Mail
Thwarter's Boots
27Feet Rumble in the Lumber... Mill Leather
Treads of Unforgotten Pain
27Feet To Steal From Thieves Mail
Trelane's Leggings
27Legs Attack on the Tower Cloth
Vest of Ashes
27Chest Ashes to Ashes Leather
Ward of the Vale
27Off Hand Shield
Watcher's Cinch
2722WaistLooted Cloth
Windshear Axe
27One Hand Rumble in the Lumber... Mill One-handed Axe