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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Fallen Apprentice's Robe
10Chest Word from the Spire Cloth
Feckless Armbands
10Wrists Ignoring the Warnings Leather
Fine Leather Sash
10Waist Fine Linen Goods Leather
Fizzle's Gloves
10Hands Fizzled Cloth
Formula: Enchant Cloak - Minor Stats
10 Enchanting Formula
Frontier Bracer
10Wrists Protect the Frontier Leather
Gnollbreaker's Boots
10Feet Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty Leather
Gnomish All-Purpose Ray Gun
10Ranged Gun
Gol'Bolar Miner's Belt
10Waist The Public Servant Mail
Grimaxe's Black Breastplate
10Chest Grimaxe's Demise Leather
Gritroot Staff
10Two Hand Staff
Hammerfoot's Mail Leggings
10Legs A Pilot's Revenge Mail
Hawkeye Rifle
10Ranged Wildmane Cleansing Gun
Heedless Treads
10Feet Ignoring the Warnings Mail
Hewn Kodo Gloves
10Hands Preparation for Ceremony Leather
Hill's Eye Wand
10Ranged The Eyes of Ashenvale Wand
Hunter's Ink
10Crafted, Vendor Parts
Kodo Mallet
10One Hand War Dance One-handed Mace
Kurken Hide Jerkin
10Chest The Kurken's Hide Leather
10Feet The Kurken's Hide Cloth
Leggings of Brown Grass
10Legs Preparation for Ceremony Cloth
Lesser Magic Essence
10Created, Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Lilian's Staff
10Two Hand A Daughter's Embrace Staff
Long Bayonet
10One Hand Bounty on Murlocs Dagger
Mangy Claw Mitts
10Hands A Pilot's Revenge Cloth
Marshal's Light Crossbow
10Ranged Bounty on Murlocs Crossbow
McCree's Sparring Gloves
10Hands Manhunt Leather
Mechanical Wand
10Ranged Wand
Mercenary Clout
10Two Hand Behomat Two-handed Mace
Mercenary Greatsword
10Two Hand Behomat Two-handed Sword
Mercenary Stiletto
10One Hand Behomat Dagger
Mercenary Sword
10One Hand Behomat One-handed Sword
Militia Buckler
10Off Hand Shield
Monte's Scythe
10Two Hand Polearm
Mori's Cloak
10Back The Lost Pilot Back
Mori's Compass
10Off Hand The Lost Pilot Off Hand
Mori's Gear Stick
10One Hand The Lost Pilot One-handed Mace
Moss-Covered Gauntlets
10Hands Oakenscowl Mail
Museum Guard's Bracers
10Wrists Priceless Treasures Mail
Night Web Gloves
10Hands A Little Oomph Cloth
Oystein Bracers
10Wrists Three Little Pygmies Mail
Patched Pants
10Legs Cloth and Leather Armor Leather
Pattern: Red Linen Robe
10Looted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Tailoring Pattern
Plainstrider Leg Armor
10Legs Preparation for Ceremony Mail
Plans: Copper Chain Vest
10Looted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Blacksmithing Plans
Plans: Heavy Copper Longsword
10 Supplying the Front Blacksmithing Plans
Rain-Spotted Cape
10Back The Enchanted Glade Back
Ravager Chitin Tunic
10Chest Beasts of the Apocalypse! Mail
Ravager Hide Leggings
10Legs Beasts of the Apocalypse! Leather
Reaper's Buckler
10Off Hand A Little Oomph Shield
Recipe: Discolored Healing Potion
10 Alchemy Recipe
Red Linen Sash
10Waist Fine Linen Goods Cloth
Reinforced Mail Belt
10Waist Fine Linen Goods Mail
Rescue Ladder Cord
10Waist Volcanoth! Leather
Revitalizing Sandals
10Feet Cloth
Revitalizing Wristguards
10Wrists The Vengeance of Elune Cloth
Rygna-Silk Leggings
10Legs Queen-Sized Troubles Cloth
Senator's Dignified Pants
10Legs The Public Servant Leather
Shackled Bindings
10Legs The Enchanted Glade Leather
Siege Engineer's Belt
10Waist A Pilot's Revenge Leather
Silver Bar
10Crafted, Looted, Quest, Vendor Metal & Stone
Silver Ore
10Looted, Vendor, Mined Metal & Stone
Sleeping Robes
10Chest Druid of the Claw Cloth
Slippers of Mourning
10Feet A Sacred Burial Cloth
Solid Metal Club
10One Hand Bounty on Murlocs One-handed Mace
South Gate Blunderbuss
10Ranged A Pilot's Revenge Gun
Stolen Talrendis Boots
10Feet The Eyes of Ashenvale Leather
Stone Cairne Boots
10Feet Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty Mail
Stonebreaker's Gauntlets
10Hands Grimaxe's Demise Mail
Stonehallow's Arm Bands
10Wrists The Public Servant Leather
Stormwind Chain Gloves
10Hands Manhunt Mail
Studded Arm Protector
10Wrists Cloth and Leather Armor Mail
Studded Bearskin Jacket
10Chest Protect the Frontier Mail
Stunted Tree Root
10Two Hand War Dance Polearm
Sunwalker's Stunner
10Two Hand War Dance Two-handed Mace
The Slaghammer
10One Hand Seize the Ambassador One-handed Mace
Thick Ravager Belt
10Waist Beasts of the Apocalypse! Cloth
Tranquillien Scout's Bracers
10Wrists Delivery to Tranquillien Leather
Tunic of Dark Leather
10Chest Grimaxe's Demise Leather
Uncorrupted Hands
10Hands The Vengeance of Elune Leather
Urchin's Pants
10Legs Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty Cloth
Waterbearer's Robes
10Chest Wildmane Cleansing Cloth
Well-Stitched Robe
10Chest Cloth and Leather Armor Cloth
Well-Used Greatsword
10Two Hand Bounty on Murlocs Two-handed Sword
Witchdoctor Leggings
10Legs Three Little Pygmies Leather
Wolf Fur Boots
10Feet Protect the Frontier Cloth
Ace of Rogues
10 Quest
Ahn'Qiraj War Effort Supplies
10Quest Junk
Arclight Spanner
10Main HandCrafted Miscellaneous
Bag of Shiny Things
10Quest Junk
Battered Jungle Hat
10Head Bag of Fishing Treasures Head
Battle Tested Blade
10Main Hand Warlord Sriss'tiz One-handed Sword
Belbi's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles
10HeadVendor Head
Blix's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles
10HeadVendor Head
Bloodhoof Hand Axe
10Main Hand One-handed Axe
Blue Dye
10Vendor Other
Blue Sparkler
10Off HandVendor Off Hand
Blump Family Fishing Pole
10Two Hand Fishing Pole
Bolt of Linen Cloth
10Crafted, Looted, Vendor Cloth
Bracers of Shed Fur
10Wrists Fulfilling a Promise Leather