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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Supple Bloodbinder's Boots
158Feet Wooly Justice Leather
Supple Bloodbinder's Helm
158Head The Frozen Earth Leather
Supple Bloodbinder's Leggings
158Legs You Reap What You Sow Leather
Supple Mantle of the Bloodletter
158Shoulders Bringing Down Heb'Jin Leather
Supple Vest of the Bloodbinder
158Chest Hexed Caches Leather
Supple Vest of the Bloodletter
158Chest Rampage Leather
Supple Wristguards
158Wrists Too Much of a Good Thing Leather
Thick Bracers of Battle
158Wrists Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving! Plate
Thorny Bough of the Light
158Two Hand Stocking the Shelves Staff
Valiant Belt of Battle
158Waist Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving! Mail
Vest of Unyielding Companionship
158Chest Leather
Victorious Spellblade
158One Hand Stocking the Shelves Dagger
Vile Tome of Tenets
158Off Hand Pa'Troll Off Hand
Vindicator's Bracers of Sacrifice
158Wrists Leave No One Behind Plate
Wristguard of Healing Fingers
158Wrists Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Leather
Wristguards of Service
158Wrists Pa'Troll Mail
Bindings of Sabotage
155Hands Postponing the Inevitable Mail
Boots of the Unbowed Protector
155Feet Quickening Plate
Cured Mammoth Hide Mantle
155ShouldersQuest Leather
Executioner's Band
155FingerQuest Finger
Gauntlets of the Disturbed Giant
155Hands Postponing the Inevitable Plate
Invigorating Sabatons
155Feet Quickening Plate
Ring of Decimation
155FingerQuest Finger
Runecaster's Bracers
155WristsQuest Mail
Sandals of Mystical Evolution
155Feet Quickening Cloth
Shoulders of the Northern Lights
155ShouldersQuest Cloth
Signet of Swift Judgment
155FingerQuest Finger
Spiked Treads of Mutation
155Feet Quickening Mail
Time-Stop Gloves
155Hands Postponing the Inevitable Leather
Time-Twisted Wraps
155Hands Postponing the Inevitable Cloth
Treads of Torn Future
155Feet Quickening Leather
Tundra Pauldrons
155ShouldersQuest Plate
Tundra Tracker's Shoulderguards
155ShouldersQuest Mail
Vambraces of the Vengeance Bringer
155WristsQuest Plate
Vendetta Bindings
155WristsQuest Leather
Wraps of the San'layn
155WristsQuest Cloth
Spiritforged Legguards
155Legs Voices From the Dust Plate
Bone-Polished Iceplate Shoulders
154Shoulders Hour of the Worg Plate
Bulwark of the Tormented God
154Off HandQuest Shield
Charged Earthlink Grips
154Hands The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown Plate
Fangsever Shoulderguards
154Shoulders Hour of the Worg Leather
Furred Worgslayer Spaulders
154Shoulders Hour of the Worg Cloth
Greaves of Sanctified Dissolution
154LegsQuest Mail
Grips of Torrential Power
154Hands The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown Cloth
Handguards of Deluded Might
154Hands The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown Mail
Handguards of the Sanguine Gladiator
154Hands The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown Plate
Keen Razorfang Spaulders
154Shoulders Hour of the Worg Mail
Kilt of Deific Torment
154LegsQuest Cloth
Leggings of Forceful Purification
154LegsQuest Plate
Legguards of Dissolved Hope
154LegsQuest Plate
Pants of Purified Wind
154LegsQuest Leather
Shining Buckle Gauntlets
154Hands The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown Leather
Worg-Rendering Shoulderguards
154Shoulders Hour of the Worg Plate
Abandoned Hood
154HeadQuest Cloth
Acid-Resistant Hauberk
154ChestQuest Mail
Axe of the Warlord's Demise
154Two Hand Jin'arrak's End Two-handed Axe
Band of the Tender
154FingerQuest Finger
Beaked Dagger
154One Hand Jin'arrak's End Dagger
Bearskin Helm
154HeadQuest Leather
Bell-Ringer's Shoulderpads
154Shoulders Drak'aguul's Mallet Cloth
Belt of Keen Hearing
154Waist Put on Your Best Face for Loken Leather
Bloodbinder's Shoulderguards
154Shoulders Wooly Justice Mail
Blood-Spattered Spaulders
154ShouldersQuest Plate
Bloody Bulwark
154Off Hand Sasha's Hunt Shield
154Ranged Free at Last Gun
Boots of Internal Strife
154FeetQuest Leather
Boots of Safe Travel
154Feet Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Leather
Bracers of the Chaperon
154Wrists Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Plate
Bramble-Proof Leggings
154LegsQuest Cloth
Branch of Insightful Dreams
154Off Hand Jin'arrak's End Off Hand
Branch of the Roaming Spirit
154Two Hand Free at Last Staff
Carapace of the Fallen
154ChestQuest Plate
Chestguard of Expressed Fury
154Chest Therapy Plate
Chestplate of Untimely Rewards
154ChestQuest Plate
Coiled Leather Gauntlets
154Hands Dun-da-Dun-tah! Leather
Crackpot Spaulders
154ShouldersQuest Leather
Discarded Miner's Jerkin
154ChestQuest Leather
Discoverer's Mitts
154HandsQuest Leather
Drakuru's Ghastly Helm
154Head Subject to Interpretation Leather
Drape of Horticultural Sanitization
154Back Wolfsbane Root Back
Drape of the Possessive Soul
154BackQuest Back
Dusty Miner's Leggings
154Legs Steady as a Rock? Cloth
Ectoplasm Stained Wristguards
154Wrists Steady as a Rock? Leather
Ethereal Hood
154Head Subject to Interpretation Cloth
Fetid Loop
154Finger Doing Your Duty Finger
Flame-Tested Chestguard
154Chest Into the Breach Mail
Foreseer's Girdle
154Waist Ruuna's Request Cloth
Forge-Scarred Sandals
154Feet Into the Breach Cloth
Ghostridden Waistguard
154Waist Steady as a Rock? Mail
Girdle of Growing Vines
154Waist Wolfsbane Root Plate
Glowing Voodoo Orb
154Off Hand Jin'arrak's End Off Hand
Golem-Rider's Greaves
154LegsQuest Plate
Gossamer-Stained Grips
154Hands Ruuna's Request Mail
Grinder of Reverse Emancipation
154Two Hand Filling the Cages Two-handed Mace
Grips of Flawed Temper
154Hands Into the Breach Plate
Grounded Gloves
154HandsQuest Cloth
Hammer-Holder's Gauntlets
154Hands Drak'aguul's Mallet Plate
Handguards of Extermination
154Hands Therapy Mail
Headbinder's Crown
154HeadQuest Cloth
Helm of Rising Smoke
154Head Voices From the Dust Leather