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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Night Web Crossbow
5Ranged Night Web's Hollow Crossbow
20Looted, Vendor Other
Nightfin Soup
3535Crafted Food & Drink
Nightmare Seed
7060 Nightmare Vine Herb
Nightmare Shard
1 Quest
Nightmare Vine
70Looted, Vendor, Gathered Herb
Nightsaber Fang
1Looted Quest
Nightstalker Leg
1 Tainted Nightstalker Quest
Nimboya's Laden Pike
1Created Consumable
Nimboya's Pike
1 Quest
Nissa's Remains
1 Nissa Agamand Quest
Nitro Boosts
75 Item Enhancement
1 Quest
Nitro-Potassium Bananas
1 Quest
Nixx's Pledge of Secrecy
1 Quest
Nixx's Signed Pledge
1Created Quest
No Belt
1Waist Quest
No Boots
1Feet Quest
No Bracers
1Wrists Quest
No Cloak
1Back Quest
No Gloves
1Hands Quest
No Helmet [NO Geoset]
1Head Quest
No Pants (No Legs)
1Legs Quest
No Robe
1Chest Quest
No Shirt
1Shirt Quest
No Shoes
1Feet Quest
No Shoulders [NO Geoset]
1Shoulders Quest
No Tabard
1Tabard Quest
Noblegarden Chocolate
55 Brightly Colored Egg Food & Drink
Noblegarden Egg
1Vendor Consumable
Noble's Elementium Signet
1FingerVendor Finger
Noble's Monocle
1HeadLooted Head
Noggenfogger Elixir
4535Created, Vendor Elixir
Noggle's Satchel
1 Noggle's Satchel Quest
Nolkai's Box
17 Junk
Nomadic Belt
5Waist Leather
Nomadic Bracers
5Wrists Leather
Nomadic Gloves
5Hands Leather
Nomadic Vest
5Chest Leather
Nondescript Letter
1 Quest
Noodle Cart Kit
9090Crafted Food & Drink
Noodle Soup
85Vendor Food & Drink
Noosegrip Gauntlets
14Hands Mail
Norgannon's Core
1 Quest
Norgannon's Core
1 Athan Quest
Norgannon's Shell
1 Archivist Mechaton Quest
Nori's Mug
1 Quest
North Sea Shark Meat
1Looted Quest
Northern Barbfish
1 Northern Barbfish Quest
Northern Egg
70Looted, Vendor Cooking
Northern Icelip
72 Cooking
Northern Ivory
1Looted Quest
Northern Salmon
1Created Quest
Northern Spices
80Looted, Vendor Other
Northern Stew
7070Crafted Food & Drink
Northrend Honey Mead
1Vendor Food & Drink
Northrend Meat 01
70 Cooking
Northrend Meat 03
70 Cooking
Northrend Meat 04
70 Cooking
Northrend Meat 05
70 Cooking
Northrend Meat 06
70 Cooking
Northrend Meat 07
70 Cooking
Northrend Meat 08
70 Cooking
Northrend Meat 09
70 Cooking
Northrend Meat 10
70 Cooking
Northrend Meat 11
70 Cooking
Northrend Meat 12
70 Cooking
Northrend Mystery Gem Pouch
80 Junk
Northridge Lumber
1 Northridge Lumber Quest
Northshire Abbot's Cinch
2WaistQuest Cloth
Northshire Abbot's Robe
3ChestQuest Cloth
Northshire Abbot's Shoes
2FeetQuest Cloth
Northwatch Manacles
1 Quest
Northwatch Supply Crate
1 Northwatch Supply Crate Quest
Northwind Cleft Key
1Looted Quest
Notched Rib
1Looted Quest
Notched Sprocket
1 Notched Sprocket Quest
Note from the Grand Admiral
177 Scarlet Onslaught Trunk Quest
Noth's Special Brew
6555Quest Potion
Novice's Pants
1LegsStarting Item Cloth
Novice's Robe
1ChestStarting Item Cloth
Novice's Robe
1ChestStarting Item Cloth
Novice's Serpent Brew
3520Vendor Food & Drink
Novice's Tiger Brew
3520Vendor Food & Drink
Nugget Slug
1 Tool Bucket Quest
Nurguni's Supplies
1 Quest
Nutty Brew-Bun
9090Vendor Food & Drink
Nyxondra's Egg
1 Nyxondra's Egg Quest
Oathstone of Ysera's Dragonflight
4848Created Quest
Obelisk of Deception
1Vendor Consumable
Obelisk of Deception
1Vendor Consumable
Obsidian Ashes
1 Greater Obsidian Elemental Quest
Obsidian Hatchling
30Looted, Vendor Companion Pets
Obsidian Piston
1 Quest
Obsidian Power Core
1Looted Quest
Obsidian Power Source
1 Quest
Obsidian Warbeads
1Looted Quest
Obsidian-Flecked Chitin Fragment
1Looted Junk
Obsidian-Flecked Mud
1 Obsidian-Flecked Mud Quest
Obsidium Bar
81Crafted, Vendor Metal & Stone