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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Helm of Spirit Links
154Head Subject to Interpretation Mail
Helm of the Furbolg Purifier
154HeadQuest Mail
Herbalist's Pauldrons
154Shoulders Wolfsbane Root Leather
Hide-Lined Chestguard
154ChestQuest Mail
Hoarder's Necklace
154NeckQuest Neck
Injured Trapper's Cloak
154BackQuest Back
Insignia of Bloody Fire
154TrinketQuest Trinket
Instigator's Gloves
154HandsQuest Cloth
Iron-Shatter Leggings
154Legs Into the Breach Leather
Jagged Troll Render
154One Hand Jin'arrak's End Fist Weapon
Kilt of Peaceful Reclamation
154Legs Therapy Cloth
Leggings of Anger Management
154Legs Therapy Leather
Legguards of Refuted Feudalism
154LegsQuest Mail
Legguards of Swift Pursuit
154LegsQuest Mail
Legguards of Unerring Navigation
154Legs Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Mail
Liberator's Blade
154Two Hand Free at Last Two-handed Sword
Load-Bearing Girdle
154Waist Dun-da-Dun-tah! Plate
Mace of Helotry
154One Hand Filling the Cages One-handed Mace
Mendicant's Charm
154TrinketQuest Trinket
Mildly Tarnished Ring
154Finger Doing Your Duty Finger
Patched Trapper Pauldrons
154ShouldersQuest Mail
Patchhide Pants
154LegsQuest Leather
Path-Cutter's Cord
154Waist Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Cloth
Pauldrons of the Prophet
154Shoulders Ruuna's Request Leather
Plane-Shifted Boots
154Feet Voices From the Dust Mail
Polished Staghorn Helm
154Head Drak'aguul's Mallet Mail
Pruning Pendant
154Neck Wolfsbane Root Neck
Raiment of the Caged Beast
154ChestQuest Cloth
Rancid Signet
154Finger Doing Your Duty Finger
Robe of Expurgation
154ChestQuest Cloth
Rusty Cave Stompers
154FeetQuest Plate
Sabatons of Crushed Humanity
154FeetQuest Plate
Sandals of Quick Escape
154Feet Dun-da-Dun-tah! Cloth
Scepter of Passionate Reprisal
154Off Hand Sasha's Hunt Off Hand
Seal of the Slumbering Wolf
154Finger Anatoly Will Talk Finger
Serrated Cold-Iron Slicer
154One Hand Jin'arrak's End One-handed Sword
Shackles of Sanity
154WristsQuest Leather
Shocksteel Shoulderguards
154Shoulders Steady as a Rock? Plate
Short-Circuiting Boots
154FeetQuest Mail
Shoulderpads of Imminent Disaster
154Shoulders Put on Your Best Face for Loken Mail
Skull-Reshaper's Helm
154HeadQuest Plate
Snaptooth Legplates
154LegsQuest Plate
Solstice Signet
154Finger Anatoly Will Talk Finger
Spaulders of Foresight
154Shoulders Put on Your Best Face for Loken Cloth
Specially Treated Robes
154ChestQuest Cloth
Spike of Renounced Autonomy
154One Hand Filling the Cages Dagger
Spire of Soaring Rumination
154Two Hand Free at Last Staff
Spiritforged Helm
154Head Subject to Interpretation Plate
Staff of Righteous Vengeance
154Two Hand Sasha's Hunt Staff
Sword of the Caged Mind
154One Hand Filling the Cages One-handed Sword
Talon of Freedom
154One Hand Free at Last Fist Weapon
Talon of Hatred
154TrinketQuest Trinket
Tatjana's Pendant
154Neck Anatoly Will Talk Neck
Thane-Reaper's Signet
154FingerQuest Finger
Therapeutic Cloak
154Back Therapy Back
Thought-Purifying Protector
154Head Ruuna's Request Plate
Trailbreaker's Spaulders
154ShouldersQuest Mail
Tunic of the Rectified Thane
154ChestQuest Leather
Vengeful Spirit Beads
154Neck Voices From the Dust Neck
Waistguard of Expedient Procurement
154Waist Drak'aguul's Mallet Leather
Warbling Crossbow
154Ranged Filling the Cages Crossbow
Wax-Coated Chestguard
154ChestQuest Leather
Wayfinder's Bracers
154WristsQuest Cloth
Waywalker's Girdle
154WaistQuest Plate
Whip-Stitched Wristguards
154Wrists Dun-da-Dun-tah! Mail
Whispering Stompers
154Feet Put on Your Best Face for Loken Plate
Wispy Shoulderpads
154Shoulders Voices From the Dust Cloth
Wolfslayer's Crest
154Off Hand Sasha's Hunt Shield
Worgslayer's Ring
154FingerQuest Finger
Wristguard of the Tormented Soul
154WristsQuest Mail
Yoke Slasher
154One Hand Filling the Cages One-handed Sword
Band of the Eternal Champion
152FingerQuest Finger
Band of the Eternal Defender
152FingerQuest Finger
Band of the Eternal Restorer
152FingerQuest Finger
Band of the Eternal Sage
152FingerQuest Finger
Amulet of the Tranquil Mind
151Neck Disarmament Neck
Necklace of Fragmented Light
151Neck Disarmament Neck
Razor-Blade Pendant
151Neck Disarmament Neck
Woven Steel Necklace
151Neck Disarmament Neck
Idol of Arcane Terror
150Unobtainable Junk
Idol of Perspicacious Attacks
150 Junk
Idol of Pure Thoughts
150 Junk
ObsoleteSigil of Pestilential Touch
150 Junk
ObsoleteSigil of the Glorious Mistake
150 Junk
Sigil of Arthritic Binding
150 Junk
Sigil of the Frozen Conscience
150 Junk
Totem of the Bay
150 Junk
Venture Co. Flame Slicer
150 Junk
Venture Co. Libram of Protection
150 Junk
Venture Co. Libram of Retribution
150 Junk
Venture Co. Lightning Rod
150Unobtainable Junk
Epic Bland Dagger
146One HandUnobtainable Dagger
Amulet of Constrained Power
146Neck Disarmament Neck
Belt of Vengeful Purification
146WaistQuest Leather
Bindings of the Forceful Vanquisher
146Wrists Do Unto Others Cloth
Cuffs of the Decapitator
146Wrists Do Unto Others Leather
Girdle of Forceful Annihilation
146WaistQuest Plate
Hundred Tooth Necklace
146Neck Disarmament Neck
Implacable Zombie Crushers
146FeetQuest Plate
Links of Righteous Persecution
146WaistQuest Mail