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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Greaves of the Golden King
9090LegsLooted, Vendor Plate
Legplates of the Holy Warrior
9090LegsLooted, Vendor Plate
Legplates of the Lich Lord
9090LegsLooted, Vendor Plate
Mantle of the Golden King
9090ShouldersLooted, Vendor Plate
Reach of the Golden King
9090HandsLooted, Vendor Plate
Shoulderguards of the Lich Lord
9090ShouldersLooted, Vendor Plate
Shoulderplate of the Holy Warrior
9090ShouldersLooted, Vendor Plate
Titanic Breastplate
9060Chest Plate
Treads of the Lich Lord
9090FeetLooted, Vendor Plate
Wristguards of the Holy Warrior
9090WristsLooted, Vendor Plate
Replica Shado-Pan Helmet
9090HeadVendor Plate
Bloodscale Belt
9060WaistLooted Plate
Bloodscale Bracers
9060WristsLooted Plate
Bloodscale Breastplate
9060ChestLooted Plate
Bloodscale Gauntlets
9060HandsLooted Plate
Bloodscale Helm
9060HeadLooted Plate
Bloodscale Legguards
9060LegsLooted Plate
Bloodscale Pauldrons
9060ShouldersLooted Plate
Bloodscale Sabatons
9060FeetLooted Plate
Bog Walker's Belt
90Waist Jyoba's Report Plate
Circle's Stalwart Helmet
90Head Saving the Sporeloks Plate
Fel Iron Plate Belt
9061WaistCrafted Plate
Fel Iron Plate Gloves
9061HandsCrafted Plate
Lightbearer's Gauntlets
90Hands Marking the Path Plate
Stalwart Girdle
90WaistQuest Plate
Vindicator's Cinch
90Waist An Unnatural Drought Plate
Aldor Heavy Belt
9070WaistVendor Plate
Heavy Draenic Bracers
9070WristsVendor Plate
Heavy Draenic Breastplate
9070ChestVendor Plate
Avenger's Breastplate
8860Chest Avenger's Breastplate Plate
Conqueror's Breastplate
8860Chest Conqueror's Breastplate Plate
Dreadnaught Bracers
8860WristsLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Dreadnaught Gauntlets
8860HandsLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Dreadnaught Helmet
8860HeadLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Dreadnaught Legplates
8860LegsLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Dreadnaught Waistguard
8860WaistLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Gauntlets of Annihilation
8860HandsLooted Plate
Redemption Girdle
8860WaistBlack Market AH Plate
Redemption Handguards
8860HandsLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Redemption Headpiece
8860HeadLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Redemption Legguards
8860LegsBlack Market AH Plate
Redemption Wristguards
8860WristsLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Wristguards of Castigation
8860Wrists Plate
Battlemaster's Breastplate
88ChestQuest Plate
Bog Pauldrons
8861Shoulders Bog Lurker Plate
Breastplate of Blade Turning
8861ChestLooted Plate
Breastplate of Retribution
88ChestQuest Plate
Gauntlets of Purification
8861HandsLooted Plate
Ironblade Gauntlets
8861HandsLooted Plate
Nagascale Legplates
8861Legs Coilfang Emissary Plate
Darkcrest Belt
8759WaistLooted Plate
Darkcrest Bracers
8759WristsLooted Plate
Darkcrest Breastplate
8759ChestLooted Plate
Darkcrest Gauntlets
8759HandsLooted Plate
Darkcrest Helm
8759HeadLooted Plate
Darkcrest Legguards
8759LegsLooted Plate
Darkcrest Pauldrons
8759ShouldersLooted Plate
Darkcrest Sabatons
8759FeetLooted Plate
Flintlocke's Piloting Pants
87Legs In Case of Emergency... Plate
Refuge Armor
87Chest A Damp, Dark Place Plate
Dreadnaught Pauldrons
8660ShouldersLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Dreadnaught Sabatons
8660FeetBlack Market AH Plate
Redemption Boots
8660FeetBlack Market AH Plate
Redemption Spaulders
8660ShouldersLooted, Black Market AH Plate
PH Plate Ramparts Reward
86Head Plate
Belt of the Grand Crusader
8560WaistLooted Plate
Girdle of the Mentor
8560Waist Plate
Leggings of the Grand Crusader
8560Legs Plate
Plated Abomination Ribcage
8560Chest Plate
Spaulders of the Grand Crusader
8560Shoulders Plate
Boots of the Decimator
8560FeetLooted Plate
Fleshripper's Bladed Chestplate
85Chest Plate
Gilded Crimson Chestplate
85ChestQuest Plate
Ironsole Clompers
8560FeetLooted Plate
Jade Warrior Pauldrons
85ShouldersQuest Plate
Legion Helm
8560Head Vorakem Doomspeaker Plate
Light-Touched Breastplate
8560ChestLooted, Skinned Plate
Tenacious Defender
8560WaistLooted Plate
Ango'rosh Belt
8458WaistLooted Plate
Ango'rosh Breastplate
8458ChestLooted, Skinned Plate
Ango'rosh Gauntlets
8458HandsLooted Plate
Ango'rosh Helm
8458HeadLooted Plate
Ango'rosh Legguards
8458LegsLooted Plate
Ango'rosh Pauldrons
8458ShouldersLooted Plate
Ango'rosh Sabatons
8458FeetLooted Plate
Ango'rosh Vambraces
8458WristsLooted Plate
Underworld Helm
84Head Beneath Thrallmar Plate
Icebane Helmet
8360Head Plate
Icebane Pauldrons
8360Shoulders Plate
Legplates of Carnage
8360Legs Plate
Nax PH Crit Plate Shoulders
8360Shoulders Plate
Wristguards of Vengeance
8360Wrists Plate
Demon-Forged Chestguard
8260Chest Mekthorg the Wild Plate
Avenger's Crown
8160Head Avenger's Crown Plate
Avenger's Legguards
8160Legs Avenger's Legguards Plate
Belt of the Fallen Emperor
8160WaistLooted Plate
Conqueror's Crown
8160Head Conqueror's Crown Plate
Conqueror's Legguards
8160Legs Conqueror's Legguards Plate
Royal Qiraji Belt
8160WaistLooted Plate
Fire Scarred Breastplate
81ChestQuest Plate